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Landing pages are a vital element of any marketing campaign since they help you convert visitors to paying customers effectively.

A recent static shows us that you’ve only 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page. Hence, you need tools that empower you to create stunning webpages without hassle.

If you wish to grow your online business with easy to build and conversion-focused landing pages, you’re at the right spot.

This blog will share how Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders for your marketing campaigns. At the same time, I'll share my Unbounce discount code with you to help you save some bucks.

Unbounce is an incredible website page builder that also offers to create pop-ups and sticky bars. What's more — you don't even require a developer to do it for you!

So if you're looking to ignite your marketing campaigns, stick till the end!

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Whether you're a business owner or a marketer, this Unbounce pricing is budget-friendly. Moreover, with impeccable customer support and 99.95% server uptime, this landing page builder will be the best bang for your buck.

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Unbounce Discount Code

You will find many websites claiming Unbounce coupon codes, like these:

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However, these are not true. Unbounce is not offering coupon codes, but you can get an amazing cut using my code for discount. When you use my link to sign up on Unbounce, you'll get a 25% Off + FREE Trial for 14 days!

Unbounce Discount Pricing

Let’s take a look at the Unbounce pricing, which will help you decide which one is right for you.

  1. Launch: With $80USD / month. You get one connected domain, up to 500 conversions, and up to 20,000 visitors in this package. This is perfect for you if you’re only getting started or are a small business owner.
  2. Optimize: $120USD / month. You get three connected domains, up to 1,000 conversions, and up to 30,000 visitors. At the same time, you get tools like A/B testing and Smart Traffic that is not there in the Launch package. This is when you’ve outgrown the first package and are ready to roll out big marketing campaigns.
  3. Accelerate: $200USD / month. You get seven connected domains, up to 2,000 conversions, and up to 40,000 visitors. This is apt if your agency is on a roll!
  4. Scale: $300USD / month. You get 15 connected domains, up to 3,000 conversions, and up to 50,000 visitors. This is perfect if your business is skyrocketing!

In the packages mentioned above, you get 25% off for the first three months if you use my link.

About Unbounce

Unbounce is a Canadian company founded in 2009. The solution was born to eliminate one of the biggest marketing teams’ problems – creating, testing, and launching landing pages.

With its drag and drop webpages builder, pop-ups and sticky bars, and no coding wisdom, you'll find the ball rolling in no time.

The word literally means no bounce rates (Unbounce).

Therefore, it offers you the flexibility to create professional-looking pages so you can focus on more integral things like writing copies, building marketing strategies and more.

Beyond this, you get over 100 ready to deploy, conversion-focused templates.

These templates are crafted with the help of AI to analyze 64,000 landing pages with over 74 million visitors.

If I had to explain it in the simplest terms, I would say: Unbounce is a platform where you can pick a template, drag and drop elements to your convenience, throw some images, text, and CTA, and you’re done!

Finally, you get a 14-day free Unbounce trial.

How To Use The Unbounce Discount Code

  1. Head to my link to get the code for a discount.  Clicking on this link will direct you to a new tab where you can begin. Then, click on the My 14-days free trial button.
  2. After opting for free 14 days, you’ll be required to pick a plan. I recommend going for the annual membership to get a steep reduction.
  3. Finally, you’ll be navigated to a webpage where you can sign up. Use your email or Gmail to do so. After you successfully register, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Voila! You’re signed up for creating high-conversion pages.

Unbounce Free Trial

Unbounce allows you to start creating without paying a dime. For 14 days, you can create a high conversion landing page along with pop-ups and sticky bars.

Trial periods are the best since they allow you to test the solution before you invest in them.

After free days, you won’t feel like leaving Unbounce because of their unique features.

Once your subscription begins, you can get 25% off for the first three months if you use my code.

Unbounce 30 Day Trial

You may find a 30 day trial period of Unbounce somewhere on the internet. But, that was a long time back. Now, it has discontinued this offering and replaced it with 14 days.

Click on the link to start your 14 days now and get a discounted price when the trial ends.

Unbounce Coupon Code FAQs

Now that we have seen some excellent benefits of this robust landing page builder, you would have some questions popping in your head.

Let’s address them.

Q1. What does Unbounce do?

This drag and drop webpage builder elevates your marketing efforts by aiding webpage creation in the most straightforward manner possible.

You can create beautiful pages that convert and don’t require any coding knowledge.

It offers over 100 templates to kickstart your creativity.  Moreover, with its drag and drop builder, you can customize every element on the website.

Unbounce is made by keeping beginners and busy marketers in mind. It is cost-effective but does not give you a hard time. It has a low learning curve and promises high converting pages.

Q2. Why should you use Unbounce?

  • It saves you time and cost.
  • You can create stunning landing pages without a designer.
  • It’s a DIY webpage builder.
  • With A/B testing, you can make informed decisions and better marketing choices.
  • Integrates with KISSMetrics, MailChimp, Salesforce, and more.

Q3. Does Unbounce offer coupon codes?

The platform does not offer coupon code, but you can use my discount code to get 25% off in the first three months. Moreover, you get a 14-day trial, which lets you test the solution before making the big call.

Q4. What are the Unbounce Pricing plans?

Its pricing has a new face! It offers four packages that you can opt into depending on your level of expertise.

  • Launch:$80USD / month.
  • Optimize: $120USD / month.
  • Accelerate: $200USD / month.
  • Scale: $300USD / month.

Reasons to Try Unbounce

1. High-conversion campaign

When you have visitors on your webpage, you want to ensure they can effortlessly take the desired actions. However, building a revenue-generating landing page is not a cakewalk. That’s when Unbounce comes with its library of over 100 templates that give you a kickstart.

2. A/B testing

Testing campaigns is in the blood of a marketer. Testing gives you a clear winner that will go out to a broader audience and guarantee results. To make sure you’re not shooting in the dark, Unbounce offers easy A/B testing in their packages so you can roll out your campaigns with confidence.

3. No coding knowledge

The biggest roadblock for creating a landing page is the prerequisite of coding wisdom. However, this is not the case here! With drag and drop builder and ready to use templates, you will be rolling in no time. Whether you’re building a webpage for the first time or are a pro at it, Unbounce will not disappoint you.

4. Regular updates

Unbounce is quick in coming up with new updates and cool features that will always keep you ahead in the game.

5. WordPress Plugin

You can use the Unbounce plugin to launch a page on your existing WordPress website or blog.

6. Integration

Unbounce integrates with a plethora of email and CRM software, so you’ll likely find your favorite one. Be it MailChimp, Xapier, or Google Ads; you will find your pick here. This way, you can increase efficiency and get everything done under one platform. This also lets you save your subscribe data easily.

On the closing note

Unbounce will yield you noteworthy landing pages conversion without spending your life on creating it. With the easy DIY and user-friendly builder, you can create landing pages quickly.

Therefore, wait no longer and grab my code to get the best discount and get started with creating high-conversion landing pages.

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