According to a famous study conducted by IBM, e-learning participants learn nearly 5 times more material without increasing the time spent in training.

Among many other benefits, the e-learning industry has grown 900% since the year 2000 and is projected to be worth $325 billion by the year 2025.

With more than 35, 000, 000 user base, 130, 000 courses, 400, 000, 000 courses enrolled into, and 57, 000 instructors, Udemy ranks among the most popular online teaching and learning marketplaces.

You know what that means – a million students looking for reviews on Udemy as to whether to go ahead with that Udemy sign in or reach for its competitor!

Let’s jump right in and review Udemy, the hottest and most sought-after course marketplace today.

Udemy Review What Is Udemy

In this post, we will do a thorough review from the course creators/ instructors perspective as well as from the students perspective.

We will understand what is Udemy, discuss Udemy price, check out some Udemy courses, and observe some reviews Udemy has garnered from users.

We will also draw a conclusion as to whether is Udemy good or is it just a scam, evaluate the pros and cons, compare Udemy to other course marketplace like Coursera.

Let’s get started!

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform that allows instructors and students a course platform to teach and learn anything.

Anything literally includes something as nuanced as data science to something as simple as web development, how to grow plants, or how to eat. Udemy courses online are designed to attract anyone and everyone.

Udemy carries a fair share of pros and cons. Easy accessibility to high quality knowledge and low course quality go hand in hand with this kind of a learning experience.

But prudent students who want to learn must make sure they do their due diligence before enrolling. Checking ratings, course material, table of contents, and comments on the teachers and their training should be a must before shortlisting classes.

Udemy even offers money back within or before a 30 day timeline to any unsatisfied students who cannot find any value on the learning platform.

In brief, the following few paragraphs should answer your question – how does Udemy work.

How Is Udemy So Cheap?

The folks at Udemy follow a business model where money’s worth is given higher value over course quality.

Don’t get me wrong. Udemy has a beautiful stack of good teachers, instructors who are distinguished, accomplished, thought leaders in their respective fields even.

But unlike other learning platforms, Udemy offers online courses at prices that may be far below their value, all with lifetime access.

Effectively, the Udemy cost is lower than the online course is actually worth.

Udemy courses on few complex subjects costs more money because they are longer and more informative. However, Udemy’s notoriety with sales can go up to the extent of 90% discount.

Sometimes, the combination of right timing and good deals can make a $199.99 Udemy course price come all the way down to $11.99.

The platform has been known to apply urgency marketing, wherein they offer discounted rates on some Udemy courses so that a few first-time users can be lured in.

Once people make the purchase, price changes back to its original $100-$200 pricing.

Pro Tip:

Open your browser in incognito mode, and you will get discounted prices again. If you wish to avail discounted rates irrespective, then wait for some specific sales day/ week when they sell courses at slashed prices.

You will find even the most premium online courses drop to a mere $10-$20 price range. Sales are offered even during the holidays (Black Friday Sales, anyone?)

While the idea of accessing free Udemy teaching isn’t desirable for an instructor who is looking to increase their sales, some students can use a coupon to access practically free Udemy.

Ultimately, slashing prices is a call that rests with the course creator as well as the marketplace.

Udemy Review Sale


A disgruntled student can always seek refuge in Udemy’s refund policy. It has a very lenient refund policy wherein classes come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

However, there will always be some people who want to cheat the system. To control those people, Udemy doesn’t allow refunds if one downloads all the course content. Also, people who raise repeated requests for refunds can get suspended.

This brings us to the obvious question, how much do Udemy instructors make?

How Monetarily Feasible Are Udemy Careers?

Udemy allows its course instructor a revenue share option.

Revenue share is the most popular method of earning on Udemy. However, the course platform also allows an instructor to make some organic commissions (50% of sales), profit through some coupons (97% of sales), route customers through affiliate links (25% of sales) and to opt-in to some Udemy deals.

These deals can offer your courses at any discount amount. This could go really low, say 98% discount or something higher, say 10% discount.

Hence, a course creator intending to create Udemy course can passively accumulate a sizable amount of money, provided the content is high quality and the ratings are reasonably good.

While Udemy does restrict an instructor from personally contacting his students, the instructor can always conduct webinars to get the word out as well as drive traffic their way.

Is Udemy A Scam?

It’s surprising how many present students and would-be students have asked this question online. But this is a typical review that a few unsatisfied, disgruntled consumers of fast-growing online companies are bound to post.

Udemy is not a scam, but it does face customer service issues as well as operational hiccups that seem to put it in a tight spot. That could be the reason for some people wondering if Udemy is a scam.

Udemy Review For Students

As a student, you’ve gone through multiple reviews of Udemy courses.

Udemy Review For Students


But you still ask questions like, what is the learning experience like on Udemy? Does it have quality courses? Is Udemy accredited? Or, Is Udemy worth it, even or am I better off on other course platforms?

Your concerns are genuine. So, let’s target them one by one.

How Is The Learning Experience On Udemy?

Experience is personal to everyone. It could depend on the subject area of the course, the internet bandwidth, general mood, level of satisfaction at getting the worth of one’s money or even the place where they’re sitting.

Having said that, a consensus can be made from the general course quality and the level of engagement.  And reviews of Udemy users seem to suggest that users are quite satisfied with the whole experience.

Udemy, as a company, seems to be focusing on improving students’ learning experience, user interface, and reducing chances of complaints.

Does Udemy Have Quality Courses?

To answer this question honestly and swiftly, yes. Yes, the majority of Udemy courses are pretty good quality. Most online courses on there even have useful course material.

Udemy has a decent rating system that allows students to rate, comment, and generally express their honest reviews.

While there will always be the poor quality, scammy Udemy courses due to just the way this marketplace functions, Udemy course review, among other factors, does not allow them bad apples to survive for long.

They’ll just eventually disappear into Udemy void.

Is Udemy Accredited?

Udemy is not the right stop for seeking an accredited degree or certification. Sure, a few courses on Udemy are accredited online courses. However, Udemy is not, per se, an accredited educational institution.

If your focus is on acquiring a certification or a degree, you should check out other course platforms.

Is Udemy Worth It For Students?

Some really good teachers like Seth Godin, Alexa Fischer, Rob Percival, Jose Portilla, Phil Ebiner, Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Ben Tristem have been selling courses that are high value, high quality course content.

Udemy Review For Instructors


Some Udemy courses go one for 20 hours even, all for some great rates (think: $15). On special holiday discounts, Udemy transforms these into practically free courses. That definitely makes Udemy worth it.

As for how useful it can be to furthering one’s knowledge – Udemy is good for a beginner. It has a comprehensive array of perspectives even within each subject area.

However, if an expert is looking for an advanced or nuanced online course, then they will most likely not find a similar course on Udemy.

Depending on what level of expertise you are approaching this, classes on Udemy may be really worth it or so not worth it.

Udemy Positives and Negatives – True Worth Of Udemy

Here is a quick table that captures the pros and cons of course Udemy from a student’s perspective:

Lifetime access to purchased Udemy online courseDue to lack accreditation, Udemy course completion certificates don’t hold much value
Automatic and free updates made to already purchased coursesSince teaching experience is not mandatory for teaching on Udemy, instructors selling courses are dime a dozen
A reliable platform to affordable re-skill or upskill oneselfUdemy doesn’t create online course content
Experts, professional teachers or thought leaders constitute a good chunk of course instructorsWith zero quality control, Udemy’s course quality is debatable
Udemy prices are affordable, with a ton of free coursesOnline courses offered are not sufficiently comprehensive

Udemy Review for Instructors

This brings us to the second part of our Udemy review – Udemy for Instructors.

Platforms like Udemy encourage lots of free flow of knowledge. In order for knowledge to flow freely, the instructor has to be allowed to give the information with few hiccups or restrictions.

While that’s largely a good sign for knowledge flow, it can get tricky without the proper controls.

Anyway, let’s get started with lots of the most frequently asked questions like, Is selling courses on Udemy profitable? Do Udemy trainings add value to an instructor’s portfolio? Is Udemy worth it for instructors? What are the pros and cons for an instructor on Udemy?

Is Selling Courses On Udemy Profitable?

Only if it’s a yes or no answer, then, yes. But you have to be willing to put that much amount of time, effort and research into building your Udemy course. The numbers suggest that experienced instructors take the top bucks on Udemy.

But it’s a good place to start working towards teaching and money will flow in good time. Effort is directly proportional to rate of earnings when it comes to Udemy.

Does Selling Courses On Udemy Add Value To An Instructor’s Portfolio?

High quality online courses on Udemy create organic traffic on all social media channels where your courses are visible. This, in turn, will act as a free marketing boost to your brand image of being an industry expert.

However, if Udemy is too restricting and doesn’t give the instructor the accessibility they’d like to have with their students, then it’s best to choose learning management systems like Kajabi and Teachable.

Is Udemy Worth It For Instructors?

A basic Google research will tell you that a good source of passive income (second to YouTube, and third to selling audiobooks via audible) is to sell courses on online course platforms like Udemy.


Because Udemy has some pretty rad digital marketing systems in place that do the work for you as long as you’ve adhered to bare minimum design and marketing requirements.

Even $1 passive income is good as long as its passive considering the earnings that accumulate over time. There’s room for earning, whether you’re a new instructor with brand new content or an experienced trainer with high course quality.


Either ways, the more commitment you have, that much higher your potential earning will be and Udemy works like a charm here.

Pros and Cons For Instructors Udemy

For an instructor interested in passive income, Udemy is a good option, with its easy interface, in-built marketing capabilities and no extra chargesActually selling courses on Udemy can incur instructors commissions as hefty as 75%. Udemy bites into quite a bit of the pie.
Selling courses on Udemy can help new instructors looking to better their online course tutoring skills with each classWith the maximum price capped at $199.99 for every course and a lack of flexible monthly pricing, Udemy is a stinker in terms of money
Ready-made access to 35 million+ audienceTelephonic customer care is not available for each online course on Udemy. This can be challenging for those students who just want to hear a voice telling them how to resolve an issue

Is It Worth It?

Udemy Review Knowledge Quote


“Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” This quote holds true today and it will hold true tomorrow and for generations to come. Knowledge is the basis of evolution and success.

A marketplace like Udemy where accessing information is free for all, is built on sound and liberal principles. It intends to empower humankind.

But has Udemy nailed it? Yes.

Udemy has given a testing ground, an opportunity to everyone (be it a hobbyist, programmer and even a professional) to experiment and learn how to further a future in teaching.

It’s a good way to earn a small passive income. It is also a good platform for students to upskill themselves.

However, many students have faced poor outcomes due to these very same ‘advantages’ and the instructors are ultimately left hurting.

There will always be bad apples in a crowd, but that should not take away from all the positive aspects that a course on Udemy offers to you, me, others and the world at large.

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