Let me get right to it: Does Thrive themes offer discounts?

No, the company has never offered discount codes.

That said, you can save a lot off Thrive themes licenses, by buying multiple packs:

thrive themes discount code

Ideally, you'd use Thrive Themes plugins as a set in your WordPress site. But if you're planning to get them one-by-one, you can get a 70-85% discount on individual licenses when you buy them in packs.

That's better than Thrive Themes coupons or a limited time discount code, isn't it?

Buy Thrive Themes Cheap: Discounts, Pricing and more.

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is a one-stop-shop for conversion-focused intuitive WordPress themes and plugins for your business site.

No matter how experienced you are in making a WordPress site, Thrive’s drag-and-drop interface will help you make premium websites efficiently, without coding.

Their products are advanced, easy to use, and, most importantly, effective. Each and every one of them covers a different base in your customer engagement.

You’ll need all of them if you want to cover all bases for your or your clients’ business.

Thrive Themes Membership Discount Code

As part of their business philosophy, Thrive Themes doesn't offer limited-time discount coupons or sales. Their products are priced competitively. As a business owner, you also shouldn’t have to wait for sales promotions to give your business what it needs.

Even when it's Black Friday, you'll find no Thrive themes discount code anywhere.

Instead, Thrive Themes offers membership rates that'll help you continuously grow your business all year round at a considerable discount. Starting with $19 a month billed annually, you’ll get free access to all plugins and future products, support, and learning resources for your WordPress site, with a Thrive membership.

Individual$19 a month billed annually
  • All plugins
  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Unlimited support and updates
  • Install up to 25 of your own websites
Agency$49 a month billed annually
  • All themes and plugins
  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Unlimited support and updates
  • Install up to 50 websites for you or your clients

A Thrive Themes membership will give you free access to all current and future Thrive Themes plugins. You’ll also get unlimited updates, support, and access to learning resources.

These'll help you stay agile, all year round. No matter how quickly your customers' needs and preferences change, your WordPress site can stay responsive, and your business can keep on growing.

In the next part of the article, we’ll go over Thrive’s available products and why you’ll want all of them. You’ll get all the tools free with just $19 per month.

1. Thrive Theme Builder Discount Code

The Thrive Theme Builder is a WordPress theme and page builder with a drag-and-drop interface. You can use this to edit the design of your website by quickly moving stuff around.

You’ll also get the Shapeshift WordPress theme for free upon purchase.

Thrive themes discount copon code

Shapeshift has pre-designed sections you can fully customize for your needs.

Image from thrivethemes.com/themebuilder

It’s composed of several pre-designed pages, including five home page templates you can choose from. It’ll also give you section templates that are 100% customizable.

You can get a license for the Thrive Theme Builder for $67 a year.

As with all Thrive Themes products, you’ll also get unlimited updates and support and access to Shapeshift and Thrive Architect Light. This allows you to edit content, in addition to your website’s layout.

thrive theme builder discount

To avail of a 74% discount for each license, it’s advised to purchase them in five packs.

Thrive Theme Builder Free Access Hack

Buying one license pack already gives you a big discount on a premium WordPress theme for your site. But if you want free access to all the products, a Thrive Themes membership is the way to go.

With this, you’ll have unlimited access to updates and support for Thrive Theme Builder, Shapeshift, and all of Thrive Themes' products. All this, for as low as $19 a month.

Thrive Architect Discount Code

Thrive Architect is a page-building plugin that lets you edit the content of your WordPress themes without coding.

Get more than 250 conversion-focused landing page templates to work with. Even as a beginner, you’ll be able to create a website in 15 minutes!

Best of all, websites you’ll make with Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect are responsive. This means that you can craft user experience for different screen sizes, be it desktop or mobile.

You won't have to start from scratch. Still, you can make sure that your website is unique and tailor-fit for your needs.

Thrive architect discount

Get a 71% discount on Thrive Architect licenses!

As with the Thrive Theme Builder, you’ll get a 71% discount for each Thrive Architect license by availing of the 5-License bundle for $97.

Thrive Architect Free Access Coupon

While Thrive Themes discounts you can get for purchasing license packs are great, you’ll get the best value for your money when you become a member for $19 a month.

With this, you’ll have unlimited access to updates and support for Thrive Architect and the rest of Thrive Themes WordPress plugins for free.

Thrive Leads Discount Code

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress that you can use to grow your email list.

It gives you access to many opt-in forms and extensive analytic data to help you see what gets you the most results. They’re also fully customizable, so you can edit them to fit your brand.

Thrive themes discount

Choose a form type, and you’re halfway there.

Image from thrivethemes.com

It also has a dashboard that allows you to adjust which content categories each opt-in form will show up in. This will enable you to target different customer needs and cater to them in a more personalized way.

SmartLinks and SmartExit detect who the user viewing your website is and show up opt-in forms specific to his journey in engaging with your brand.

This means that Thrive Leads can invite new users to opt-in to your email list and detect if the user viewing your website is already part of it. If he is, it will stop bugging him to sign up for something he’s already part of.

This is a small but impactful change that improves your customers’ experience on your website.

Finally, it allows you to create variations of your forms and A/B test according to your set parameters. That’ll help you allocate your resources better, determine which of your customer touchpoints are successful, and see which ones need work.

You can get a one-year license for this incredible lead-generation tool for $67.

Thrive leads dicount

Get a 71-85% discount on Thrive Leads licenses!

However, if you want a 71-85% discount on your individual licenses, it’s more advisable to buy them in 5 and 15-license packs.

Thrive Leads Free Access Coupon

Nothing beats the value of a full-on Thrive Themes membership for $19 a month. It’ll give you access to all Thrive Themes tools, unlimited updates and support, and access to useful resources to continuously grow your business.

Thrive Ovation Discount Code

To win a sale, you’ll need to build trust and urgency.

Thrive Ovation is a WordPress plugin that helps you gather, manage, and deploy testimonials to your website quickly and easily.

Say goodbye to painstakingly requesting testimonials and scouring through your comments and social media. Now, you grab testimonials and gather them into an organized database with just a few clicks.

thrive themes discount code

Get testimonials from social media with just a few clicks.

Image from thrivethemes.com/ovation

Thrive Ovation accesses your WordPress comments and integrates with Facebook and Twitter. This enables you to record testimonials efficiently with no need for tedious copy-pasting.

To maximize their benefit, it also lets you tag your testimonials so you can assign them to show up with specific content types.

Do you want someone on your weight loss product page to receive inspiring success stories?

Will it fast track someone’s purchase if they saw that you deliver products quickly despite their perceived restrictions?

Take advantage of customer testimonials for as low as $39 a year.

thrive themes discount

Get a 76-83% discount on Thrive Ovation licenses!

But to enjoy a 76-83% discount, you can opt to get a 5 or 15 License pack instead.

Thrive Ovation Free Access Coupon

Thrive Ovation license packs allow you to share positive experiences with your audience at a huge discount. If you want to get that and more, get free access to more WordPress tools and plugins for $19 a month with a Thrive Themes membership.

Thrive Ultimatum Discount Code

Thrive Ultimatum helps you manage marketing scarcity campaigns that evoke urgency.

It gives you a lot of pre-built designs for all occasions. Choose between a fixed date, evergreen, or recurring campaign structure, depending on your needs.

thrive themes discount

Instantly create a sense of urgency with beautiful and fully customizable countdown templates.

Image from thrivethemes.com/ultimatum

However, as with Thrive Themes’ other products, this is entirely customizable with a visual drag-and-drop editing interface. You can choose if you want it as a countdown widget or a sticky ribbon at your page’s top or bottom.

Finally, to assure relevance avoid pestering users unnecessarily, you can cater campaigns based on triggers related to their own actions. Thrive Ultimatum allows you to create multiple campaigns and automatically transitions a customer from one to another using these triggers.

This is superb convenience and customizability. It’ll make your campaign creation and execution hassle-free, but equally creative.

Maximize the power of scarcity marketing with easy-to-use and countdowns with advanced feature campaigns for as low as $97 a year.

thrive themes discount coupon code

Get a 70-73% discount on Thrive Ultimatum licenses!

Or better yet, enjoy a 70-73% discount when you avail of them in packs:

Thrive Ultimatum Free Access Coupon

While license packs are tempting, there’s no better deal than getting all Thrive Themes products for free with a full-fledged membership.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Discount Code

What are the small changes you can make on your website that’ll yield significant results?

No matter how good your content is, headers define whether or not your readers will open it.

What’s the best way to know if a headline works? Test it.

Because of how tedious testing is, though, not many entrepreneurs can afford to do it. Thankfully, Thrive Themes solved most entrepreneurs’ issues on expensive A/B testing methods with its optimizers.

Headline Optimizer gives you a two-step process to vet headline choices against each other. It bases its decision on click-through rate, time on content, and scrolling.

Once it comes up with a result, it automatically assigns the winning choice to be deployed on your website to ensure that it’s as effective as possible.

You can take advantage of the most attention-grabbing headlines for $67 a year.

thrive themes discount

Get a 71-85% discount on Thrive Headline Optimizer licenses!

But when you purchase a 5 or 15 License pack, you can get it for a massive 71-85% discount.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Free Access Coupon

Create effective headers conversion-focused WordPress site with all Thrive Themes tools, and plugins. Get them for free along with unlimited support and updates with a Thrive Themes membership now.

Thrive Optimize Discount Code

Thrive Optimize is an add-on plugin for Thrive Architect.

Like the Headline Optimizer, it has a set-and-forget mechanism. This means you can leave your tests alone after creating them. The plugins will just deploy the winning options automatically. You can do all this without leaving your WordPress dashboard, creating multiple pages, or messing around with complicated codes and setup processes.

Conduct automated A/B tests on your landing pages minus the tedious process, complicated coding, and expensive software. Thrive Optimize is just $127 a year when you purchase a single license.

thrive themes discount

Get a 72% discount on Thrive Optimize licenses!

If you want to get a 72% discount, you’d be better off buying the 5 License pack for $177 a year.

Thrive Optimize Free Access Coupon

Make a fully optimized WordPress site. Maximize conversion and engagement with Thrive Themes products for free with a Thrive Themes membership.

Clever Widgets Discount Code

Clever Widgets allows you to customize what ads individual users see on your website. This fully customizes their experience according to their needs and interests.

Clever Widgets help you customize the ads that your customer sees on your content depending on your preferred factors. That’ll help you make sure that you provide calls to action relevant to your reader’s situation.

thrive themes discount coupon

Tailor-fit your ads and offers according to your reader’s taste.

Image from thrivethemes.com/cleverwidgets

Best of all, you can do all this with just a few clicks, even when you have a hundred posts already on your website.

Now, isn’t that clever?

Personalize your customer’s experience on your website to maximize rapport and engagement for $39 a year.

Clever widgets discount

Get a 76-83% discount on Clever Widgets licenses!

You’ll also have the option to enjoy a 76-83% discount when you get license packs.

Clever Widgets Free Access Coupon

Make a WordPress site that knows your reader with a Thrive Themes membership.

While the licenses are well worth their value, you can get the best deal of them all by being a Thrive Themes member for $19 a month.

Thrive Quiz Builder Discount Code

Thrive Quiz Builder is a visual and easy-to-use plugin that helps you create engaging and shareable quizzes your users will enjoy.

Make beautiful and addictive quizzes with just a few clicks by choosing among various quiz types, templates, and badges. It also has an AB testing feature that enables you to optimize your splash page, opt-in gates and forms, or results pages.

Thrive themes discount coupon code

Use fun quiz results to get users to share your website.

Image from thrivethemes.com/quizbuilder

Before you know it, you’ll find your customers staying longer and longer on your website. You’ll most likely have their friends there too.

Customizing your communication based on your customer’s specific needs and situations can also go a long way when it comes to building trust and relevance.

With the Thrive Quiz Builder, you can craft questionnaires that’ll help you know more about your audience. Just knowing their gender will already help you filter ads and content. Going in a few steps further, you can find more information on their values and priorities and align your offers accordingly.

You can create these beautiful and addictive quizzes with ease for as low as $67 a year.

Thrive quiz builder coupon code

Get a 71-85% discount on Thrive Quiz Builder licenses!

If you want to get a 71-85% discount per individual license, you can choose to purchase them in bundles instead.


Thrive Quiz Builder Free Access Coupon

Create engaging quizzes, increase social shares, and more with free full access to all Thrive Themes products. Get a Thrive Themes membership for $19 a month now!

Thrive Comments Discount Code

Thrive Comments helps you foster conversations and interactions through features that validate your user’s comments efficiently and effectively.

Commenting has become a staple in social media because people like to express their opinions and be validated. Unfortunately, this level of recognition isn’t available to most WordPress websites. But you can change this for your switch Thrive Comments.

Thrive Comments deploys the best social media features to your WordPress sites, such as likes, upvotes, and sharing comments on social media.

Thrive coupon code

Incentivize comments with like, upvote, and sharing options on your website.

Image from thrivethemes.com/comments

Being able to engage through comments helps people create a connection with you and other like-minded individuals. It promotes a feeling of belonging and acceptance.

Aren’t those things you’d like for them to associate your brand with?

Thrive Comments automatically organizes comments on your website in a streamlined dashboard that allows you to tag and assign them to your team.

Delegating responses to the correct experts helps your customers receive relevant feedback. That’ll help you build your authority as a brand and deepen your relationship with your customers. They’ll see you as someone sincere, reliable, and attentive in their needs.

Address and validate comments and interactions on your website seamlessly for $39 a year.

Thrive comments coupon code

Get a 76-83% discount on Thrive Comments licenses!

Enjoy a 76-83% discount when you buy them in bundles.

Thrive Comments Free Access Coupon

Enjoy the best discount by availing of a Thrive Themes membership for $19 a month. You’ll get unlimited access and updates on all its products, support, and valuable resources you can use to grow your business.

Thrive Apprentice Discount Code

Thrive Apprentice is the most advanced online course builder for your WordPress website, that’s also the easiest to use.

Backed by Thrive Architect, Thrive Apprentice gives you an easy step-by-step process to create your lessons, chapters, and modules. Enjoy access to teaching materials such as tables, column layouts, stylized lists, and others.

Thrive themes discount

Package your online courses with polished visuals, hassle-free.

Image from thrivethemes.com/apprentice

This way, you can focus more on producing quality content, instead of being too distracted with how you’ll pull it off.

It also helps your students be more engaged through its polished and straightforward interface. Navigation is easy as pie with widgets and linked lessons.

With a Thrive Apprentice, you can make sure that your online courses increase your business’ authority in all aspects.

Finally, unlike other online course platforms, Thrive Apprentice will never keep your content from you. You can build an unlimited amount of material while maintaining full control of your structure, marketing, pricing, and etc.

That’ll help you maximize your online course’s benefits, and never worry about hidden charges and restrictions again.

You can use this advanced and intuitive online course builder for $67 a year.

Thrive discount code

Get a 71-87% discount on Thrive Comments licenses!

Avail of a 71-87% discount when you purchase license packs.


Thrive Apprentice  Free Access Coupon

Get the best value for your money with a Thrive Themes membership. For $19 a month, you’ll get full access to an arsenal of conversion-focused plugins, unlimited updates and support, and access to valuable learning resources.


Your business website can make or break you. It’s vital to your business because it solidifies your online presence.

It allows you to be there for your target market exactly when they need you by showing up in their search results. It’ll also help you build trust and maintain profitable relationships with consistent presence and reliable customer service.

Unfortunately, Thrive Themes does not offer discount coupons and limited-time-offer discount codes. Instead, they provide long-term solutions for your business to be and stay competitive.

Avail of a Thrive Themes membership now. Invest in the right things, and surely won't regret it.

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