If you are a Project Manager, you must be there while looking for the best Resource Management Software. Creative yet straightforward software with an easy user-interface and compatibility with almost every device is what we all look for.

There are many Resource Management Softwares available out there claiming to be the best solution for all. However, not all are the same. You have to consider many features before making a purchase.

This post will assist you with the Best Resource Management Tools, followed by the Best Resource Scheduling Software & Project Management software that you can use. Regardless of the task you want to work on. You will find these resource management software a perfect fit for your needs.

However, before jumping down into the main content, let’s look at a couple of questions.

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What is Resource Management and Why it is Important?

Resource Management is a part of Project Management where managers plan the use, optimization, and available resources. The resources could be Staff, Space, Equipment, or Investment.

Before planning execution, prior planning of these assets increases productivity and gives better results without wasting resources and time.

This is why, in the modern world, Resource Management is essential to streamline project management and workflow without sacrificing or wasting resources. Moreover, it helps in understanding an estimate of the resources you will need in the project.

What is Resource Management Software?

Resource Management tools are special software that helps people in project management and management of all their resources.

For example, project managers can add all the projects’ details with a deadline and other resource management software information. Such as, who is assigned for a particular task, how many resources will be used to complete a task, the further process, and most importantly, payment of each task.

These Resource Management Tools permit you to make changes in the data without being worried about the project’s complexities. You can alter each and every detail within a few clicks.

What Does Resource Management Software Do?

Resource Management Software helps you manage the data and details in a simple yet customizable way. It allows you to add information on all resource dependencies, their use, and availability over time.

Simply, you can say, a resource management software helps you in planning and efficiently managing different tasks without any hassle.

Is Project Management & Resource Management Software the same?

Likely, people often get confused between resource management and project management. It is not to be looked at as the same thing.

While Project Management Software usually incorporates certain features to give different facilities. However, Resource Management Software doesn't cover tasks, achievements, or task portfolios.

Resource Management Software needs to incorporate board programming or task and portfolio programming when shown to the administrator.

What Features Should a Resource Management Tool Have?

Generally speaking, Resource Management Software should have enough features that can make work, team, and resource management more effortless. That’s why software should be featured enough to minimize the workload and make everything easy and straightforward.

However, specifically, a resource management tool should be able to:

  • Characterize and control different human and material assets.
  • Manage asset limits and plans dependent on their availability.
  • Recognize the best assets for each project type or assignment.
  • Present conjectures and request-driven forecasts for future activities.
  • Give a solitary perspective on all assets used by the organization.

An excellent and hefty resource management software can be the reason behind sizable and non-existent net revenue. Probably the ideal approach to improve your association's representation on this front is through resource programming. However, with various arrangements out there, it can get overpowering rapidly.

This extensive rundown of resource programming will give essential knowledge into what may work for your organization. Each arrangement on this rundown:

  • Has of a kind highlight that stands apart from other resource and project instruments.
  • It is by a dependable supplier and offers daily updates.

Top 10 Resource Management Software

Top 10 Resource Management Software

These are the Top 10 Resource Management Software that you should use in 2021 to streamline your projects.

1. Paymo – The Most Versatile Resource Management Tool

Paymo resource management software 1

Paymo is one of the most versatile Resource Management Software with various features and is intended for little and medium organizations. Paymo's primary reason for developing is guiding you and improving your project management and better the general work process.

It helps in taking away the pressure of having to maintain assignments from a few other applications physically. Moreover, it facilitates group coordination, timesheet maintenance and asks for bookkeeping while permitting you to control your work end.

The application is now used by organizations in a few enterprises, for example, Web Development, Creative Agencies, Architecture, Legal Services, Marketing Agencies, Business Consultants, and some more.

Paymo resource scheduling software lets you create an outline of the beginning date, length, end date, and conditions between different projects. It allows you to deal with the work, customers, and time appointments outwardly in an easy to manage timetable. Moreover, it permits you to work towards cooperation and decreases the free time in between projects.

Additionally, Paymo permits you to split projects into small tasks and store all the supportive documents and necessary information along with the task details. Moreover, you can track the record, comments, and payment details.

This means that you can keep track of a project’s entire lifetime- from creation until getting paid- without having to use and pay for several apps.

Paymo Pricing

paymo resource management software

Paymo pricing starts from about $9.56 per month, per user. However, a free version is also available for the users. It offers free trials. It is free for one user from schools, colleges, and universities.


  • Comprehensive Time Tracking & Project Management tools.
  • Access to actionable insights and reports.


  • Mobile app is not that updated.

(View Website)


2. Forecast

Forecast resource management software

The forecast is one of the top resource management software. It is used worldwide by professional service companies to scale with real-time stats at hand and improve KPIs.

Forecast is powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI), helps with scheduling resources, and finds suitable people to work on projects and tasks. Artificial Intelligence helps optimize all parts of people, plans, and projects from performing the work. Particular tasks and projects are assigned to workers for resource management and scheduling.

Auto-schedule completely removes the need to physically allot resources to the task in the task allocation projects. The resource allocation process and the task estimations both together are fully automatic.

The Forecast comes with a heatmap feature that allows you to manage allocation directly. This feature is a quick visual way to view the capacity and utilization of each team member. The worker with a suitable role or skill is most likely to be free for any task that is not assigned yet can be found by using its searchable database.

The forecast has excellent reporting features that facilitate project management. It also has built-in tracking and timesheets into the product besides iOS and Android devices to track the go. Forecast presents personalized reports with key metrics using actual and planned data. These customized reports include real-time utilization, track task progress, profitability, budgets, and other insights on a portfolio or project level.

Incorporation is above average. Their extensive app catalog has turnkey features with many mainstream tools and also has two-way sync with Jira.

Forecast Pricing

Forecast Pricing

The forecast lets the user choose between three pricing plans: either $29 per month for each user or $49 per month. It also gives a free trial.


  • Less Time Consuming and Quick Operation.
  • Integrated with Business Tools.
  • Facilitate easy collaboration.


  • Comes with a unique learning curve.

(View Website)


3. Hubstaff Tasks – Resource Management Tool With Agile Features

Hubstaff Tasks homepage

Hubstaff Tasks is a robust project management solution with a highly visual UI. It offers several features that help teams plan resources more accurately and stay efficient from project start to finish.

With its Kanban interface, you can create task cards and organize them in different columns. You can move tasks to different project stages by dragging and dropping, which will automatically notify task assignees and followers. This makes it easier for everyone to stay in sync, so you’re always on top of things.

You can easily organize tasks with labels, checklists, and progress bars. Files can be attached to task cards, allowing you to keep everything you need in one accessible location. Additionally, it also lets you send notifications to teammates by mentioning them in task comments. This eliminates the need for a separate platform for project-related communications.

Hubstaff Tasks has a Sprints feature that’s designed to help you in prioritizing tasks smartly. Tasks can be assigned to your current sprint, future sprint, or to the backlog. You’ll be able to view all the tasks assigned to you on a single dashboard.

What’s more, it has an automated workflows feature that lets you move projects and assign tasks to team members with one click. It also has a Timelines feature that displays your projects in Gantt chart form for smoother resource management.

Hubstaff Tasks Pricing

Hubstaff Tasks homepage

Hubstaff Tasks’s free plan includes most of its features and can be used by up to five people. The Premium plan starts at $4.17 and includes the full set of features plus unlimited projects.


  • Multiple task management features and a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Kanban, Sprints, and Gantt chart project views for easier planning.
  • Customizable workflows help you make sure that all your tasks are being worked on.


  • Web app only.

Runn – Perfect to Manage People, Projects, & Profits

Runn resource management software

Runn is another advanced resource management & project management solution classified as both resources and capacity planning tools. It comes with many prominent features, including time tracking and accurate forecasting techniques to accomplish your project goals.

Runn allows you to look at all the projects, and booking is made at the same time. It eradicates any likely chances of overbooking or handling overlapped booking conflicts with ease.

Moreover, it comes with an easy-to-use drag and drops feature. It encourages team collaboration and has made many advancements in making the best solutions to add more value to their real-time collaborating feature. This feature comes in handy, especially for remote teams.

Additionally, you will have access to different charts and data representing graphs you can use to plan tasks and project details. As you keep adding on new tasks, Runn will simultaneously keep updating it for you. Hence, you will never miss out on a job. It allows you to have an overall look at the storage and the amount of work. Furthermore, Runn gives you the option to check which resource is accessible. It also looks into which work can be classified as billable and non-billable work.

Runn has inherent timesheets, so you can see how much time was spent contrasted with what was arranged. Runn coordinates with Harvest, Workflow max, and Clockify so that clients can import tasks, customers, an individual's information, and sync time passages.

Runn Pricing

Runn Pricing Plan

Runn allows you a free trial of 14 days. Runn has included three subscription plans: startup users can use it for free (must be less than five people), Pro users can pay $10, whereas enterprises can make customizable pricing plans.


  • Drag & Drop feature.
  • Allows messages conveying to & from your favorite apps.
  • Customized look with minute details and status of every task.


  • Available online only.

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4. Toggl Plan

togglplan resource management software

Toggl Plan is a Project Management & Resource Scheduling software that gives you a visual overview and the exact information of which team member is doing what and when. It also allows you to concentrate on the progress of the projects you are making. Toggl Plan enables you to head everything and look at all the errors or mistakes beforehand, thus rectifying all of those fast. Get a visual overview with just a quick gaze.

Team timeline helps you keep a check on each member's capacity. It enables you to analyze which member can take more and who already has his hands full. You can then change or reassign your plans accordingly. If you plan, it helps you foresee things on your timeline in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Toggl Plan helps you analyze when things are getting messy and need more people on board to keep things in order or need a smarter plan. Toggl Plan project management enables you to create a visual outline of a project efficiently. All it takes is to click and drag on the timeline simply.

Scheduling resources is pretty straightforward. If your team member cannot complete the task, you can reschedule only by clicking and dragging in the e-resource scheduler. Toggl Plan also enables you to share your plans with your clients. Make the data within reach of everyone.

Tasks can be managed on a Kanban by using a board. Toggl Plan, unlike other project planning and scheduling tools, provides a lightweight and minimal feature set. Toggl Plan, without a doubt, excels in visual communication. All it takes is a few minutes to set up a plan and edit. It is effortless to use all you need to know is how to click and drag. This is the reason that outlining a project and rescheduling is very simple and can be done quickly.

Toggl Plan Pricing

toggl plan pricing

You can have access to Toggl Plan for free if you are a NOP or a group of 5 people or fewer. However, the pricing starts at $8 per user per month. For a more premium service with more features, it starts at $13.35


  • Beautifully simple Resource Management Solution.
  • Easy to learn and use.


  • It isn’t equipped with all updated features like other resource management tools.

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5. GoodDay – Complete Work Management Platform

GoodDay resource management software 1

When it comes to having a perfectly versatile resource management solution, GoodDay comes in the top-picks. GoodDay is designed for creative and productive teams to help them in work management in a smart way.

GoodDay offers everything that is needed to build a perfect workspace for you and your team. The best Resource forecasting to the eresource scheduler and project planning features to the best Task management and other tasks cover you from all aspects.

It allows you to plan and keep a note of all tasks you have to do in the My Work Dashboard. So that you never miss anything important that you have to do. Moreover, you can create the finest hierarchy of your tasks, along with file addition and placements. It will help you in easy accessing of all files and data.

GoodDay resource management software

Furthermore, you will be able to divide work based on their status and update the status to track the performance. GoodDay facilitates project management with detailed information about the task dependencies and project optimization.

Aside from all of these, there are a lot of other incredible features offered by GoodDay. All features are designed to facilitate project managers.

GoodDay Pricing

GoodDay pricing

GoodDay offers three different paid plans.

  • Free Plan – For 1 to 15 users with limited features, Free forever.
  • Professional Plan – For 5 to 250 Users with $4 per user per month.
  • Enterprise – For 25 to Unlimited Users with Custom Pricing.


  • Easy to use and merely a creative resource management tool.
  • Allows versatile resource management within a few clicks.


  • Mobile App should have additional features.

(View Website)


6. Mavenlink – Most Comprehensive resource Management Software

Mavenlink resource Management Software

Mavenlink comes with exact features that a resource manager needs to brainstorm, plan, and manage tasks. It allows you to carefully design the project workflow and assign it to their team. From the dashboard, you will keep track of each and every task with its status.

Moreover, Mavenlink helps streamline project and business processes. It helps in allocating, updating, and estimating the use of resources in a project. Additionally, it facilitates easy communication between the resource manager and project manager right from the dashboard.

Mavenlink comes with a Configurable Resource Recommendations tool powered by a resource optimization engine that analyses every angle of a process and gives suggestions about the process details.

Aside from this, Team Builder is another excellent feature of Mavenlink. It allows an easy and quick team-building process depending on their plus points. As a result, it increases the likelihood of project success.

Many other features come with Mavenlink. Such as Master Planning, Resource Plan, Capacity Forecast, and much more.

Mavenlink Pricing

Mavenlink Pricing

Mavenlink offers the best paid plans depending upon the size of your business, team, and location. Depending on the data you insert in the form, you will have different pricing with a set of convenient features for your business.

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  • Gives a better Idea of Project Margin Reporting & Team Utilization.
  • Visual, drag and drop planning feature.
  • Integrates well with G-Suite.


  • Mobile apps take time to show updates and changes. It might have some bugs.

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7. Saviom – Value-Driven Resource Management

SAVIOM resource management software

Saviom is another excellent pick under the most advanced and value-driven resource & project management software. Saviom allows your team to manage more projects and tasks by using fewer resources. It is one of the most versatile and expandable software in the market that meets every business’s needs.

Saviom comes with a visual resource planner, allowing you to plan, allocate, and define resources with a drag and drop feature. With the Gantt-Chart view, you will see the minute details of your every project, including the help you have allocated for the task.

The most prominent feature is access to other managers to add, alter, or modify the planning and details of tasks and projects. Moreover, the resource management tool comes with powerful search features allowing you to find the right resources for the right tasks and projects.

Aside from all of these, Resource Capacity Planning is another super fantastic feature offered by Saviom. It allows you to foresee the shortfall or excess of resources and enable you to come with strategies to fill up the gap. Hence, offering the best project portfolio management solution.

It is the most advanced, easy to use, and versatile resource management software you can use for effective resource utilization.

Saviom Pricing

Saviom Pricing

Saviom offers a Free Trial on request. However, for pricing, you have to connect with their support team. They will quote pricing depending on your business details and needs.

Request a Quote



  • Comes with Powerful Business Intelligence features.
  • Helps in reducing the project resource cost by 10% to 30%.
  • Seamless integrations with your existing systems.


  • Every Person needs a license to access the software.

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8. Elapseit

elapseit resource management software

Elapseit is another excellent pick under the best resource management and project planning software. Those teams and companies who want to amplify their business growth by streamlining the project workflow choose Elapsed for project portfolio management.

If you are looking for a resource management buddy who can help you with cost management, estimation, resource details, allocation, leave management, and more, Elapseit would be an excellent fit for you. It helps project and resource managers by keeping everything simple, handy, and creative.

elapseit resource management tool

Elapseit allows you to plan all the tasks, projects and manage resources, costs, and investments without worrying about the complexities. The easy to understand and the merely creative interface will make everything amazing for you.

You can add, assign, or share the details of tasks with your staff and keep track of every detail in real-time. Moreover, you will be notified with the notifications as well. Additionally, you will visualize your staff and team members' project workload, availability capacity, and forecasting – Everything in one dashboard.

Moreover, Elapseit comes with many other incredible features, including details of Tasks & Dependencies, Gantt View per project person, Expense to Invoice, and Online Payment options. It is a complete resource utilization and the best resource management software.

Elapseit Pricing

Elapseit Pricing

Elapseit offers three different paid plans with access or limitations to different features.

  • Resourcing – $14 per user per month.
  • Complete – $21 per user per month.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing suitable for large companies.


  • All features are optimized and come with a simple creative dashboard.
  • Elapseit Mobile app is more than amazing and works perfectly fine.
  • Facilitates easy & effective team collaboration.


  • No Cons found.

Note: Elapseit Team consistently works on its user’s feedback to improve the experience.

(View Website)


9. Hub Planner

Hub Planner Resource Management Software

Hub Planner is an excellent resource management tool that allows you to manage all of your project and workspace resources in a single dashboard with the help of a drag and drop interface. You don’t have to do any complicated thing or take command over complex processes. Add, manage, track, and forecast your resources in a single software..

Being one of the best resource management software for brilliant teams, Hub planners strongly believe in productivity. To keep track of your project timeline, it comes integrated with deadline features. You can add, manage, and complete tasks depending on their urgency and importance.

Moreover, if you want to figure out the best responsive, active, and collaborative staff member, you can simply check via the Team Analytics feature. Additionally, you can easily calculate and estimate the project budget.

Aside from these, Hub Planner comes with Vacation Planner, Time Sheets, Resource Requesting, and much more.

Hub Planner Pricing

Hub Planner pricing

Hub Planner offers three different pricing plans with different features and unlimited projects. The details are

  • Plug & Play – $7 per user per month, perfect for beginners.
  • Premium – $18 per user per month, perfect for game players.
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing, perfect for big companies.


  • Modern Resource Management and Project Planning features.
  • Powerful time tracking feature with timesheets.


  • The planning section has a slow loading speed.

(View Website)


10. Ganttic

Ganttic resource management software

Ganttic is my last pick under the best resource & project management software to streamline your project resource & workflow. It is online software that you can use to maximize your team’s efficiency and increase the likelihood of success.

Ganttic has a unique approach to visualizing the tasks in the form of a matrix. So, while working on each thing, you can have an entirely customized view of the project you are working on.

You can brainstorm, plan, and allocate tasks to your staff and keep track of every detail from your dashboard. Moreover, you can have a detailed look at each project via Gantt charts and set tasks.

It is not only about the workload or resource management. Ganttic is about maximizing the creativity and efficiency of the whole team. It makes Ganttic one of the perfect human resource management software.

Ganttic Pricing

Ganttic pricing

Ganttic offers SEVEN different pricing plans, including a free plan with limited features and resources. From any of the provided plans, you can have the best suitable one that meets your needs.


  • Easy to use and task scheduling features.
  • You can add your team members with customized edition rights.


  • There isn’t any button to undo any action.
  • It doesn't have any API and doesn’t allow you to create subtasks.

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Best Resource Management Software – Summary

SoftwareFree TrialStarting PriceVisit Website
Paymo15-day Unlimited$9.95/user/monthClick Here
ForecastOn all plans$29/user/monthClick Here
Runn14-day$10/user/monthClick Here
TogglPlan14-day$8/user/monthClick Here
GoodDayFree Forever$4/user/monthClick Here
Mavenlink10-day$10/user/monthClick Here
SaviomFree trialRequest a QuoteClick Here
Elapseit30 days$14/user/monthClick Here
Hub Planner60-day Free Trial$7/user/monthClick Here
Ganttic14-day free trial$1.25/user/monthClick Here

The table above shows a quick summary of the leading agency resource management software that comes with project management software features.

However, if you want the best resource scheduling solution, you can check out the software details mentioned below.

Best Resource Scheduling Software

Best Resource Scheduling Software

Resource Scheduling is a process of management and organization of all resources that are needed for a project. Such as staff, investment, availability of necessities, and other resources. It is sometimes referred to as resource planning as well.

Resource planning also deals with estimating all resources, their use, and estimation of resource utilization on each step. Resource Scheduling and Resource planning are two interchangeable terms that refer to almost a similar process.

Depending on this concept, here are a couple of resource scheduling softwares designed to help you with project management and resource planning.

1. Float – The Best Resource Planning Software

float resource planning software

Float is one of the best and leading resource scheduling software designed to help productive team members with resource scheduling. It comes with advanced resource allocation features that keep you updated about everyone's workload and status.

Moreover, Float helps you keep track of all important holidays and vacations to care for your staff. It will make them feel valued and ultimately urge them to perform well in hard times.

Aside from these, Float resource forecasting features permit you to foresee your project management solution's future status.

Float Key Features

There are many key features that make Float one of the best resource allocation solutions that every business needs. Such as

  • Quick Planning.
  • Budget estimation via resource forecasting.
  • Effect workload and resource allocation.
  • Real-Time tracking.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Integration with advanced business apps.
  • Responsive Mobile App.

Float Pricing

Float pricing

The Float comes with two simple pricing plans with a 30 day free trial for all users. The plans are

  • Resource Planning – at $5 per user per month.
  • Resource Planning + Time Tracking – at $10 per user per month.

(View Website)


2. Resource Guru

ResourceGuru resource planning software

Resource Guru is another excellent pick under the best resource planning software. It comes with advanced resource allocation features that permit you to have a fair estimate of the project resource utilization.

It helps you in fair workload allocation to your employees to let them breathe in a relaxed state. You can add all details of a project only by drag and drop functionality. Moreover, it enables you to find the perfect team member for a specific task within seconds.

The coolest feature of Resource Guru is its employee directory. You can keep the details of your staff or team members in the employee’s guide. So, wherever you will be looking for the best match for a task, you will have perfect suggestions in real-time.

Additionally, you will be able to track the availability of each of your staff. All these tasks have become quick and straightforward with the use of the right tools and software.

Resource Guru – Key Features

In addition to the features discussed above, Resource Guru comes with many other key features. Such as,

  • Quick Resource Allocation.
  • Leave Management.
  • Customized Editor and e-resource scheduler.
  • Easy Freelancer Management directory.
  • Accurate project resource planning.
  • Project HEalth Report for better Monitoring.

Resource Guru Pricing

ResourceGuru Pricing

The pricing for resource guru starts at $2.50 per month, for each customer. It does not come with a free version, though it allows you a free trial.

(View Website)


3. Teamdeck

teamdeck resource scheduling software

Teamdeck is a web-based, integrated resource scheduling and time tracking tool. It is an essential tool for managing resources and keeping track of the time spent on tasks and projects.

It comes with a calendar grid that enables its users to view who among the team members is free to work on new projects and which members are busy with some other task. Moreover, you can see your team members' resource utilization details and availability directly from your dashboard.

Moreover, its time tracking option is more than just impressive. It helps you in keeping your whole team on the same page every moment. Additionally, it measures the billable time accurately and makes it easier to pay your clients.

Simply, it is a perfect resource utilization software designed for remote teams to collaborate regardless of their distance. It helps businesses to accomplish their project goals more efficiently.

Teamdeck Key Features

Teamdeck comes with the following key features

  • Calendar grid
  • Leave Management.
  • Manages a heavy work schedule
  • Notifies about project overlapping
  • Manage resources
  • Appoints suitable people
  • Time-tracking
  • Custom field

Teamdeck Pricing

teamdeck pricing plan

Teamdeck offers the best suitable price. You only have to pay $3.99 per month per user. Moreover, Teamdeck offers a free trial as well.

(View Website)


Best Project Resource Management Software

Project Resource Management is the process of estimation, identification, and resource allocation to attain our desired results related to a project. Project resource scheduling softwares helps project managers in detailed resource scheduling and time tracking.

Moreover, prior resource planning and estimation of resource utilization help estimate all resource utilization in a project and give a fair idea of the project’s success.

Aside from the softwares listed above, here are some additional resource planning software that is designed to help managers with resource utilization

4. Wrike – For Growing Enterprises and Companies.

wrike project management software 1

Wrike is one of the best project management tools that come with advanced tools to help businesses grow. It allows you to add project details and the team calendar to keep your team notified about every update.

Moreover, it comes with a versatile resource management system permitting you to create an effective project schedule and deadline. It will help your team in becoming proactive and reducing the waste of your resources.

Additionally, you can keep your team focused on the details mentioned in the project plan to use maximum resources to increase the chances of success. Furthermore, with Gantt charts, you can keep an eye on productivity and pressure with workload view.

All these great options in Wrike makes it a perfect project management buddy for growing enterprises and companies.

Wrike Pricing

Wrike pricing plan

Wrike offers four different plans including a custom pricing and free plan.

  • Free – Free forever for five users.
  • Professional – For 5, 10, 15, users at just $9.80.
  • Business – For 5-200 users at just $24.80.
  • Enterprise – For 5-Unlimited users at Custom Pricing.

(View Website)


5. ClickUp – Most Versatile Project Management tool

ClickUp Project management software 1

ClickUp is another great Project Management software with a robust resource management system. It comes with all the necessary features that a project management tool should have in this fast-growing world.

ClickUp allows project managers to schedule projects by a simple, straightforward process. Moreover, it gives them access to the comparison chart showing the contribution of each factor in detail. With ClickUp, you can customize all of your tasks the way you want to work in. Moreover, you can create, manage, and share knowledge base and project files with your teammates from cloud-based tools.

With minimum resource demand, you will be able to create an effective project schedule. Moreover, with a resource forecast, you will be able to foresee the project's needs. All of this versatility is possible directly from the ClickUp dashboard.

ClickUp Pricing

ClickUp Pricing

ClickUp offers the simplest pricing plans.

  • FREE – Free forever
  • UNLIMITED – starting at $5 per user per month.

(View Website)


6. eResource Scheduler – Advanced Project Resource Planning Software

eresource scheduler project management software

eResource Scheduler is another excellent choice for cloud-based project planning tools. It is a multi-user platform that allows resource scheduling time tracking of your team and project in a simple creative way.

Being a cloud-based project planning tool, it permits users to access their workspace anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it comes with highly configurable fields and forms to facilitate your teammates with project completion.

eResource Scheduler offers the best professional services for productive enterprises. Additionally, eResource Scheduler provides timely resource utilization reports that you can use to keep track of your every action.

In a nutshell, you can use eResource Scheduler to estimate resource availability and their use in all of your projects.

eResource Scheduler Pricing

eresource scheduler pricing

eResource Scheduler offers the coolest pricing plans. The details are

  •  Scheduling Module – Starting at $5 per user per month.
  • Financial Module – Starting at $4 per user per month

(View Website)


Other Amazing Project Management Software

In addition to the best project resource management tools mentioned above, here are some additional picks that you can try.

All project portfolio management softwares listed above indeed comes with a few must features. Such as Team Calendar, which lets you quickly team scheduling to execute a strategic project plan. Moreover, you will have access to resource utilization reports to have a clear idea of what area is consuming your resources.

Additionally, all these tools come with an advanced resource management system with professional services. These perks make them a perfect companion for a productive team, which lets them streamline their project breakdown.