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Yes. I've partnered up with ProWritingAid to offer my readers a flat 20% discount on their subscription. Click the link below to avail the discount.


If you’re looking for a ProWritingAid discount code, look no further! Whether you came for promo codes or a quick review of ProWritingAid, we’ve got you covered.

There are so many different grammar checker software and different tools that can act as your digital editing, it can sometimes be hard to find the right one for you.

The growth of Black Friday and other coupon codes and discounts has always made us eager to find the best deals for ourselves, somedays paying full price feels like we’ve made a mistake and not searched hard enough.

With this in mind, we’ve created this article that not only acts as a way to get a ProWritingAid discount code but also a quick review of the platform too.

To find the ProWritingAid coupon code, skip to the end of the article, but if you’re interested in learning more about the platform before you make your mind up, see what we have to say about it below.

ProWritingAid Discount Code 2020

What is ProWritingAid?


ProWritingAid was originally designed for professional authors, but since its inception has evolved and become a useful tool for a range of different industries and writers.

Since then it has become a tool that is used by a ton of various people, from bloggers, to business experts, to students, to copy-editors, to indie authors.

ProWritingAid has so many elements that make it a much-needed step towards writing success for everyone. It is available in two major versions, ProWritingAid free and ProWritingAid Premium.

With the move past just working for authors on software like Scrivener, the push towards MS Word and Google Docs and having a desktop app has made ProWritingAid much more accessible to help writers of any level.

The ProWritingAid team define themselves as being at the forefront of innovation and having leading experts in natural language processing, writing technology and AI capability.

ProWritingAid prides itself on its research and finding ways to help you write better and apply their findings into the platform.

Unlike some of the other competitors, ProWritingAid doesn’t save or store any of your work after you’ve submitted it for analysis, so it’s much more secure than other options.

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium

ProWritingAid offers two different versions of the software for its users, in short, a free option and a premium version. We’ll take a quick look at the key differences between these two choices.

ProWritingAid Free

Unsurprisingly, the ProWritingAid free plan is a watered-down option of the premium plan and in my opinion, can be workable but there are quite a lot of barriers that make it nowhere near as robust as the premium version.

ProWritingAid free is online use only, this can be an issue for users who have less availability to connect to the internet or are looking at using a desktop app or want flexibility when they write.

With the basic version of ProWritingAid, you can only check 500 words at a time, which is incredibly limited, and for the majority of writers, this is nowhere near enough. This limitation may not affect you if you work on smaller projects, but it’s certainly an issue for most people.

The ProWritingAid free version lets you have access to all of the 25 writing reports, which is surprising. The free plan lets you see the full capability of the tools available, and checks your work for a range of different things.

If you are looking at the ProWritingAid free plan, it has its merits but does seriously limit your options. However, this is completely dependent on your individual usage of the online grammar checker.

I always recommend doing your research on each plan and even trying out the free trial yourself to get a better idea of what the free plan offers vs the premium plan.

ProWritingAid Premium

If you are looking at using the premium version you are not limited to being online only and can access the desktop app. The ability to work offline really opens up the usability of ProWritingAid Premium.

ProWritingAid Premium is a really useful editor that works in lots of different places to ensure it checks your writing wherever you want.

Writers who are looking for a grammar tool that can offer help on a longer piece of work or novel don’t need to look any further.

The premium version of ProWritingAid can help with plagiarism, checking over your book or document for mistakes and it does a thorough review of your work similar to an experienced editor.

Strangely ProWritingAid Premium has the same amount of writing reports as the free version, this isn’t specifically a downside, but you’d think you’d get access to more advanced reports on the premium option.

ProWritingAid Premium works on a per-user license, which is really handy as you can use it on multiple devices or computers as long as you’re the only user. As the name suggests, if you have more than one user, you’ll need additional licenses.

If you’re looking to use ProWritingAid for your grammar and style checking on a frequent basis you won’t be disappointed, as the real-time checks keep up with you and helps you save time going back over your content at the end.

ProWritingAid Premium Plus

A third option called ProWritingAid Premium Plus is also available. This third tier has all of the capability of the premium version but with 60 free plagiarism checks a year.

On top of the free allocation, you can buy bundles of checks in packs of 10, 100, 500, and 1000.

This addition does level up your editing tool and again the ability to use the desktop app makes this a viable choice for most, but unless you need these features (such as in academia), it’s not a necessity for the majority of users.

If you are thinking of making a purchase of ProWritingAid, premium will probably fit your needs. For the record, the ProWritingAid discount also affects this plan too.

What is the price of ProWritingAid?

At the base price, without any ProWritingAid discount codes, there are three options you can pick for your pricing plan – $20 per month, $79 per year (67% saving), $399 once for lifetime access.

ProWritingAid says that the most popular option is the lifetime subscription ($399 one time payment). Obviously, doing the math, if you plan to use this software long term, say over 5 years, then it’s definitely worth your time ($79 per year x 5 = $395).

ProWritingAid also has a 14-day refund policy, so it gives you the flexibility to change your mind if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, with or without the offer.

With the use of the ProWritingAid coupon code, you can get the best value for your money, have a look at the ProWritingAid review further down to get more details, then secure your promo code at the end.

There is occasionally a sale on the ProWritingAid site, but the coupon code on this article will work whenever you need it, so be sure to grab it at the bottom of the page if you’re looking to purchase a plan and you won’t even need to worry about a sale being on or off.

Is there a Student Discount for ProWritingAid?

Yes, ProWritingAid does offer a student discount code, you can save 20% off the regular price. This isn’t a very well advertised ProWritingAid discount coupon code but it can be found on the site and you can apply it in your basket.

To access this save 20% discount code you just need to put in your academic email into the online form on the ProWritingAid site and you’ll get the discount code sent to your email. After that, you can go back to the ProWritingAid website, into the store and apply your discount code at the checkout.

This is a great way for students to save money and still get access to something that is great for any writer or student. Coupon codes have become synonymous with students, so this is a strong move by ProWritingAid, as some of the competitors don’t offer student coupon codes.

Aside from being a real-time online grammar checker, the fact that ProWritingAid Premium has the option to add plagiarism checks and premium plus has it built-in. Even with the free plan, you can purchase the checks too.

Having this extra step of security when you write your work can remove much of the stress in the editing stage of your schoolwork and be a step towards better academic success.

Either of these options makes ProWritingAid great for students, as both a real-time editing tool and an assistant for writing reports and school work. The ProWritingAid discount makes the tool a lot more accessible to students.

ProWritingAid Features

In an effort to help you make your mind up about this grammar checker software, let’s take a look at a quick review of some of ProWritingAid’s features if you plan to purchase ProWritingAid have a look at what the site offers below.

We’ll take a look at how these tools help improve your online grammar, give you unique writing reports, and save you time, this will serve as one part of our ProWritingAid review.

If you already plan to buy the tool, go to the end of this article so you can skip straight to the ProWritingAid discount and promo code.


Having the ability to tailor ProWritingAid to your unique specifications makes it a great online companion for any writer. The ability to edit these settings allows you to program in custom dictionaries, and style guides.

The customization tools don’t stop there, you can also create automated rules and suggestions to keep everyone on your team consistent and writing in the same style.

So for example, if something is stylised in a certain way or using certain capitalization, you can make other writers aware of this via these rules. Rules work in real-time like the other features too.

This feature is really important for any editor, it works wonders and is definitely one of the tools I’d be curious to see more in other grammar checkers like this.


I think with any grammar checker software it’s pretty important to be able to access it easily and be able to have it work wherever you are working.

ProWritingAid gives its users the ability to integrate the platform with a range of places so whether you’re using Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Final Draft, Open Office or Scrivener, you can edit your work on your terms.

In addition, ProWritingAid has all the major browser extensions too, so regardless of if you use Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge, you’ll be able to check your writing pretty much anywhere.

The integrations even reach as far as Gmail, Medium, Wattpad, Facebook, and Twitter, so you can use the software to be a better writer anywhere on the internet.


ProWritingAid allows you to improve your writing in a range of areas quickly and easily. The platform can check your work for 1000s of spelling, grammar, readability, and syntax errors in real-time. Having the ability to have your work checked as you’re writing not only will improve your writing but save you time and effort.

The built-in dictionary and thesaurus features make ProWritingAid a really effective online grammar checker and editing tool for whatever work you are producing. Everything from writing reports, to blogs, to social posts and more.

The addition of having plagiarism checks is a real help when producing work, especially if you are writing or editing for a client, you want to make sure the content is the best you can create. The ProWritingAid discount works on the overall cost and doesn’t impact any additional purchases such as this tool.


One of my favorite features of ProWritingAid is the fact that it has a range of different writing reports that check your work for a plethora of different things, becoming like your own personal writing mentor.

ProWritingAid’s different reports offer you a range of ways to improve your style, avoid plagiarism, make great content, and save time.

These different writing tools don’t only look out for spelling mistakes or perform as a gloried grammar checker, as most people seem to believe; they are often updated and keep giving you great value for money.

I personally love the style editor as it focuses on readability which picks up on a lot of nuances most would miss.

ProWritingAid Reports


This isn’t strictly a feature of ProWritingAid, but more a benefit to you, as the real-time grammar checker helps you edit your work and you apply the changes, you get to know what to look for and in turn become a much better writer.

The system works, after a short time using ProWritingAid I was proactively changing the way I worked and being able to write much better using the software.

This was amplified even more when I got to work with the ProWritingAid Premium version and it really felt like ProWritingAid was working with me similar to a virtual assistant and editor rolled into one neat package.

Data Visualization

ProWritingAid creates in-depth graphs and charts to help not only show you its impact on your work but how your work is improving, this visualization helps showcase your writing in a really nice visual form.

The graphics that ProWritingAid creates for you as a user can provide you with invaluable information about your work around the sentence variation, reliability and other textual categories.

The readability score, for example, is calculated with a combination of syllables per word and words per sentence.

This helps improve your sentence readability by often suggesting shorter sentences or words, contrary to what most people would normally think.

ProWritingAid Readability Report

Plagiarism Checker

To appeal to the mostly academic and educational routes, the majority of spell checkers on the market have a way of running your content through databases.

These are smart algorithms that search billions of web pages, articles and documents, to ensure you are not at risk of plagiarizing someone's work.

This for a lot of people is a really useful feature that is available as an add-on to all the plans but having a separate store to buy additional checks seems a bit unnecessary. If this is a tool you think you’ll need or use, then it’s worth the additional cost.

ProWritingAid Cons

ProWritingAid is by definition a real-time writing and style editor, however, because of the different reports and checks it’s putting your writing through, it can sometimes be a little slower than some of the competitors. This can be seen as both an advantage, but simultaneously a disadvantage

As mentioned in the previous section, there is an additional cost for the plagiarism checker, which can rub some people up the wrong way once they have already got a subscription for the premium plan.

ProWritingAid is only available in English, but it does support the four major versions, with users being able to set their preference of, British, American, Canadian, and Australian English.

If you are planning on using ProWritingAid free you need to be working with small snippets of text because anything over 500 words is not checked. So say you have a 1000 word document, it will effectively ignore any issues in the second half.

Although the desktop app is really useful and can help you edit in real-time, it actually only works when connected to the internet, so you’ll have to reconnect to the internet if you plan to write offline.

Despite these few issues, there are no massive drawbacks with the software, but as always, it's very dependent on your needs, situation and degree of accuracy you need in your writing.

Who is ProWritingAid for?

The short answer here is everyone, ProWritingAid can help anyone save time, write better, and see tangible results in their writer, regardless of who they are.

As we mentioned in the introduction, ProWritingAid was originally intended for authors to write better and integrate well with scrivener. Today, however, it has taken a big step towards being for everyone and offers features that anyone can benefit from.

It checks so many different things in your writing and gives you everything you’d want to see in a grammar checker, and more.

Pretty much anyone who is writing anything needs someone or something to edit their work in one way or another. ProWritingAid just gives you a way to make that easier.

With this being said, there are definitely some different target users that would benefit the most from using ProWritingAid. Namely students, writers, authors, working professionals and marketers.

With the different integrations available for ProWritingAid from Microsoft Word, Explorer, Google Docs and pretty much anywhere you want it to, so it can be a valuable tool for anyone.

Compared to other grammar checkers, ProWritingAid offers superior functionality with fiction work, so if you’re a fiction author the native support for Scrivener is definitely a massive benefit.

On another note, check out my ProWritingAid vs Grammarly comparison guide for a prowriting aid alternative.

ProWritingAid Trial

A lot of people ask, is there a ProWritingAid free trial? And the answer is yes, there is a free trial you can request from the ProWritingAid site which gives you access to the free version.

As alluded to previously, ProWritingAid offers a more basic option of the editing software, but this will give you a good idea of how it operates.

ProWritingAid has a host of different ways that it improves your writing style. Editor software like ProWritingAid is often something people overlook, and if you’ve never had a grammar checker before you may not know the value and what they offer.

I’d always recommend someone to take a free trial of something like this because as I’ve mentioned you really don’t understand the value a grammar, plagiarism, or advanced spell checker can bring until you’ve used one.

Even if you’re a competent writer, there are always some improvements that you can find.

ProWritingAid Free Trial

ProWritingAid Review Summary

Across this ProWritingAid review, we’ve looked at a lot of different elements of the ProWritingAid platform, and I’m sure by this point you’ve got a pretty clear picture of what it can do.

ProWritingAid offers a wide range of features and is good value for money for all of the different things it offers, from being a real-time grammar checker to a ton of reports from style, to content, to readability and much more.

This ProWritingAid review should have made it fairly clear the merits of the different options you have and using the discount codes you can get an even better deal.

Compared to some of its competitors such as Grammarly or Ginger, ProWritingAid doesn’t have a maximum word count on the premium version, which means you can check a whole long-form post or book if you want to.

I really liked the style of ProWritingAid and felt it was really well designed both from a UX and a UI standpoint, and as the team is always working on new changes and tweaks ProWritingAid offers a superior service to its subscribers.

I feel the ProWritingAid free version is very limited and if you are looking for a free version of something look elsewhere, but premium is superior to most if not all of the competitors. With the addition of the ProWritingAid coupon, you get a really attractive deal for a grammar checker

Is ProWritingAid Worth it?

In short? Yes, but with some caveats, as I’ve hinted in across this article, it depends on who you are and your need for grammar checking. If you plan to get a tool for grammar, this should be the top of your list.

There is no doubt that anyone who uses it will see improvements in their writing, style, spelling, grammar and word usage, to name a few.

If you use the special ProWritingAid coupon code, you will get even better bang for your buck too, with the paid version giving a lot of additional benefits over the free plan.

Having access to the desktop app and the other features that ProWritingAid offers feel like it is definitely worth your time, regardless of who you are.

ProWritingAid Voucher Code

Just follow these simple steps to get your ProWritingAid coupon and unlock your discount.

1 – Click our ProWritingAid  promo code link here

2 – On the ProWritingAid site click on ‘Go Premium’ on the menu

3 – Put in the ProWritingAid coupon code – [insert code here]

4 – Enter your code to apply the discount, make your payment and you now have access to the ProWritingAid promo code discount

And that’s it, as simple as that you now have your ProWritingAid coupon code! You can now purchase one of the best grammar checkers for a reduced rate and have the code for a ProWritingAid discount.

Hopefully, this article has let you see what ProWritingAid offers, given you the ProWritingAid coupon code and helped you on your next step towards writing success.

If you’re looking for other coupons or are interested in any other of the competitors let me know in the comments below and I’ll have a look in future posts.

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