Namecheap VPN Review 2020 [Updated]

TL;Dr: Here's a short snippet of the VPN service provided by Namecheap:

This article covers a cheap and speedy VPN from the popular domain registrar that's perfect for unblocking Netflix in countries that require it (Read: China!).

Before we get into the detailed review of this VPN, let us take a while to see what Namecheap is all about.

Namecheap VPN reviews

Namecheap’s new VPN service is an extremely reliable service that offers a secure (and unlimited) blocking service that helps you stay safe in public.

(Yes, you can unblock social media and other sites using this VPN).

So let's get started.

Namecheap VPN:  Best Features

While the VPN has been around for a while, it was not a big hit because it did not have prominent features.

There are some of the new as well as old features that make this the right choice.

  1. Kill switch

A kill switch cuts you off from the internet whenever your VPN stops working. This way, your true identity will never be exposed out there even for a second.

  1. DNS Leak protection 

While connecting to a website, this VPN protects you from DNS leaks so that your query will never go over an unprotected channel. This protection is integrated with their VPN.

  1. Shorter wait time

Previously, users used to complain that connecting to a server used to take a long time as people were queued to get a server connection. So is not the case anymore.

  1. No traffic logs

Namecheap will not keep your browsing history and/or save your data with themselves. While they might hold a track on bandwidth and connection history, that data is harmful to no one.

  1. Next-Generation data encryption

They use all known reliable VPN protocols such as  OpenVPN and IKEv2, AES 256 encryption. For those non-technical peeps reading this out there, trust me, this is high-grade encryption.

The new update has made this VPN a strong competitor in this saturated market space. There are other reasons to be getting yourself the Namecheap VPN, and they are listed below.

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Best reasons to get the Namecheap VPN

Is namecheap vpn any good

1. Great Speed

While testing internet speeds, users get at least 70-80% of the rate of their actual internet speed. This is a huge selling point since you are bouncing your IP from another country altogether.

2. Five devices at once

This VPN lets you connect up to five devices at once. So practically with one subscription, your whole family can enjoy the privilege of security while surfing the web. The effective cost comes down much further this way.

3. Easy setup and support

Setting up a VPN has never been easier, and Namecheap has made sure of that. With only a few clicks, you will be ready to use your app. Also, they have 24/7 customer support, which does not make you wait too long to get a response.

4. Price 

The price of this VPN is perhaps the biggest reason why they will do well in the market. If you go with the three-year plan, your effective cost is around $2 per month, which is dirt cheap.

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On another note, I recommend checking out Express VPN. It's a great alternative to Namecheap. For my readers, I have an article on how to get ExpressVPN for free.

5. 1000+ Servers in 70+ Locations

As mentioned before, they now have a thousand plus serves in 70 plus locations. It is nothing like NordVPN which has 5000+ servers, but for the price you pay, this is a mad deal.

6. Netflix

If you are big on Netflix and looking to use a VPN to access the playlist of Netflix of other countries, this VPN will do the job for you. You can access any countries content with this VPN.

Netflix is a challenging platform for any VPN to crack. I am surprised to see that Namecheap is giving us access to US content via their New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles servers.

7. Application

Namecheap's android application has risen far beyond expectations. It is a seamless app which has a zoomable world map to show the locations available and also the ping times for each location.

The iOS application is tagged in the beta stage and costs around 20%-30% more because of Apple’s policies, but it still is an economical option.

The Namecheap VPN is not all that perfect and has a few problems as well.

Cons of Namecheap VPN

1. Missing Advanced Features

A few advanced features, such as IPv6 leak protection and ad-blocker is missing. You don't even get Anti-malware protection with this VPN. While you can stream Netflix outside of the US, other entertainment such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer is not available.

2. Speed reduction with nearby servers

I do not know what the cause behind this is, but if you connect to a nearby server from where your actual location is, you might experience a speed loss of up to 70%. This is unacceptable.

3. Vague Privacy Policy

While they claim that none of the data is collected, with regards to our activity, they also say that they collect data about our sessions and timings and even all the connection attempts.

Even their FAQ page does not answer a lot about their privacy policy, and there is a lot of room for misunderstanding their statements.

Who is Namecheap's VPN for?

There is no doubt that this is a beginner level VPN, which is very pocket-friendly.

If your requirement from a VPN is very primitive such as dodging your ISP logs and accessing content from other first world countries, then this VPN is perfect for you.

It has top tier encryption, which is sufficient if you are not dealing with potentially hazardous situations such as diving into the deep web.

Winding up on Namecheap VPN review

Namecheap VPN was a work in progress, but with this new update, they have addressed all the previous issues people faced with this software.

They have updated their encryption and also added a few vital components such as a killswitch and unlimited bandwidth, which was missing in the previous version.

This is an extremely budget-friendly VPN, perhaps one of the cheapest out there with a good reputation and decent customer support in case of any problems.

They have a strict no-logging policy (they claim) and use all proprietary servers, which is added protection. If there is any leak in data, you know who to blame.

I hope this article has helped you get better insight with this new VPN and helps you make a decision. If you like this article, do check out my blog for other such reviews on tech and travel.

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