Simple, link-driven pricing

With relationship-based link building, you only pay for links we build and not those we plan to build.



8-12 links per month
DR 60-90+


Perfect for new or growth stage SaaS brands looking to establish their digital footprint or gain attraction from SEO channels.

* All fees are billed in US dollars.



16-24 links per month
DR 60-90+


Perfect for high-growth or enterprise SaaS brands looking to either scale or maintain rankings of their SEO channels.

* All fees are billed in US dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your typical turn arounds?

Relationship-driven links take about 1-3 weeks to go live. This is faster than most PR agencies (2-3 months). The latter is longer because the links are built through tedious blogger outreach and guest posting that goes through a lengthy editorial process. All of this is already taken care of in our case.

What brands do you link from?

We mainly build links from B2B SaaS brands like ClickUp, G2 and 140+ other brands. These are authoritative players in the SaaS scene with a solid value proposition, audience and content SEO foundation. These brands NEVER sell sponsored posts or link placements on their sites. You’ll also get a report on their DR (Domain Rating) scores.

How does your pricing work?

We charge on a per link basis based on the domain rating (DR) of the brand. For instance, a DR65 brand would cost $600 whereas a DR85 brand would cost $800.

What happens if you don’t find enough links for my monthly budget?

We only charge for successful placements. The monthly budget is a goal to work toward and not exact estimation. If we can fulfill only $5k of a $6k monthly budget then that’s what we’ll charge you. In this scenario, you’ll get an explanation on why we can’t fulfill your budget.

What do you need to start? Will you need access to my website or Google Search Console?

No. We don’t need access to your site. We’ll first go through your requirements during the onboarding process. Next, we’ll start building your links by leveraging our network. That’s it. There’s very minimal effort required from you or your internal team.

Are you also giving on-page suggestions to improve site experience and ranking?

No. Currently, we only provide link reports. At the end of each campaign or month, these reports show you what links we have built for you and where, including the DR score of each site. We don't replace but complement an SEO team.

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