Link Building Tools for Email Outreach and Campaigns (Top 9)

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9 Best tools to help MediaBerry ace link-building and outreach campaigns

No matter how constant Google algorithm updates, backlinks are still among the top three factors affecting Google's rankings. As such, link building is key to edging out your competitors on SERPs and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. 

According to Ahref, 43.7% of the top-ranking pages on Google contain reciprocal links. That said, link building and email outreach are getting complicated and relational. 

If you think it just boils down to sending emails to brands and asking them to link back to your content – you’re completely wrong. 

The process involves a lot of work, from lead identification to email tracking and competitor analysis. That’s why you need link-building tools to streamline your link-building process. 

Following are the top 9 useful tools that MediaBerry leverages to optimize our link-building strategies and create effective campaigns.

Let’s have a look! 

#1. Ahref – best for DR, organic traffic, and broken link checker

Nothing can beat Ahref in gaining its title of the most comprehensive SEO resource around. It’s a great assistant for accurately checking Domain Rating (DR), organic traffic, and broken links. 

Just fill in your domain, hit enter, and Ahref will showcase all the data you need for your site. I use this feature to quickly get DR and organic traffic on my targeted website for link-building outreach.

#1. Ahref - best link building tool for DR, organic traffic, and broken link checker

Ahref possesses the largest fresh backlink index (over 15 trillion), helping you scan your links, reveal your referring domains, and spot broken links for backing analysis and link-building campaigns. This allows you to do broken link-building or reclaim your links much more easily. 

On top of that, you can leverage Ahref to spy on your competitors. The Link Intersect feature shows you which websites your rivals are getting their links from or website links to your rivals. This is absolutely great as you can find link-building opportunities through these sites. 

Let me show you how to do it. 

  1. In Site Explorer, enter your domain, scroll down and choose the “Competing domains” option on your left-hand side. 
find competing domain in Ahref
  1. Pick one domain. Here I pick “” and again, enter it in the search bar, choose the “Backlink” option to see all the websites that link to it. 
find backlink option using Ahref

Similarly, you can repeat the same process with the competing domains, compile them into a list, and consider reaching out to them.  

What I like the most about Ahref is its intuitive dashboard. Every menu and submenu is arranged in a neat and easy-to-navigate layout. You don't need to spend hours getting the hang of it works.  

Pricing: Ahref pricing plan starts at $99/ month. That seems a bit pricey, but with these amazing features and how it caters to your business, it’s worth the investment! 

#2. DA checker – free domain authority checking tool 

Whenever I want to check website domain authority (DA), I opt for DA checker. True to its name, this free tool is built to serve a sole duty – checking DA and, sometimes, the Spam Score. 

It’s super easy to use. Fill in the website you would like to check DA, check the “I’m not a robot” box, hit “Check,” and you’ll see its DA show up right off the bat. 

Let’s see how I track Ahref DA. 

DA checker - best link building tool for free domain authority checking
DA checker checks Ahref's DA and spam scores

DA checker and Aherf are fantastic duos letting me quickly identify website DR, DA, traffic, and spam scores whenever I search for guest posts or link-building outreach sites.  

#3. SEOquake – quick access to website traffic

SEOquake is a useful Chrome extension from SEMrush, giving you a clear picture of website traffic as well as internal and external links. 

Using SEOquake is simple. All you need for the setup process is to sign up for the SEMrush account and download SEOquake. Now, landing on the website you want to reach out for guest posts or link building, choose SEOquake in your extension dropdown and let it perform the magic. 

SEOquake - quick access to website traffic

Some other tasks that SEOquake extension can assist you with:

  • Quickly generating a traffic analysis of a webpage.
  • Scanning a web page and coming up with a complete SEO audit.
  • Giving you instant access to internal and external links.
  • Showing the number of backlinks of a web page.
  • Estimating the keyword difficulty of a search query.

#4. – best for an email finder

How can you do guest posting or link building if you don’t know the right contact details of targeted websites? Easy peasy! Let hunt down email addresses for you!

Just throw a website in to launch the search and bam! you’ve got accurate contact information in a blink of an eye. For example, you can see a list of email addresses of relevant people when searching for - best for email finder

This tool scours its huge database of contacts from multiple sources and verifies the contact information. Its email verifier feature robustly filters invalid email addresses and showcases only valid ones. 

That’s why the email results always come up swiftly and accurately. This comes in handy as it simplifies the outreach process; plus, helps you identify the right contact of the right person before you send your first outreach. 

Think about it, knowing the person allows you to send personalized emails, which impresses the recipients. This greatly increases the open rate and conversion rate. Codecrew’s latest email statistics state that personalized emails with the recipient name on the subject line increase the open rate by 26%, click-through rates by 14%, and conversion by 10%.

Overall, is one of the essential link-building outreach tools that email marketers should definitely check out. There’s even a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on to find email addresses as you browse the web.

#5. Airtable – best for storing and organizing email lists

You have so many ways to organize your email list and contact details, I know. Many of you may compile them on spreadsheet or Excel files. It’s nothing wrong with that, but trust me, using Airtable helps you hassle-free organize email lists! 

Airtable is a project management tool simplifying workflow and does wonders as a blogger outreach tool. It evolves from spreadsheets, with edit histories, advanced automation, and notifications sent to your emails or Slack. On top of that, you can easily invite your colleagues to co-work in a tracker. Viewing old comments is not a big deal as it comes with a one-year history. 

This is how I list information for sites accepting guest posts and link building. For each site I reach out to, I fill the days in and define automated follow-ups after certain days. Airtable will send follow-up notifications directly to my emails, including all essential details, such as websites, the last email sent, email context, etc. 

storing and organizing email lists in Airtable

This frees you from scrolling back and forth to find follow-up sites. You don’t have to wake up at midnight with your heart racing fast, realizing you forgot to send followed-up emails to targeted brands on time. (like me! haha)

Airtable is one of the most user-friendly tools I’ve ever used, with a well-laid-out and colorful user interface. The sweetest part is you can use Airtable without spending any dime. Its free plan is simply great, offering all kinds of functionality. 

The Plus plan charges $10 per user, which is a bit steep. That shouldn’t keep you from giving it a spin, though. Airtable offers a free 14-day free trial, so enough time for you to decide if you should use it to aid your blogger outreach campaigns. 

#6. Moz Link Explorer – best for finding link opportunities

Moz Link Explorer is undoubtedly the second-best link analysis tool available in the market. You can see it as a search engine for links. Fortunately, using it is no rocket science. 

All you need to do is enter your competitors’ domain or any certain URL into the link-building tool. It then unveils all their backlinks, plus link metrics such as domain authority. Moreover, the tool gives you an insightful picture of your competitor’s link profile and pinpoints why and how it affects their DA.

Now, time to shout out to my favorite feature –  Anchor Text Analysis. It enables you to quickly see the most common anchor text in a website's backlink profile. This helps you spot a sign of black hat link building if you see many exact match anchor texts. 

Price: The Basic linking info of Moz is free. Its Premium plans start at $99 per month with a 30-day free trial. 

#7. Google – the largest stockpile of web pages

Some may find it funny as I include Google in this list. But think about it, guys, how can the list be complete without mentioning this enormous source of link prospects, plus the best algorithm on Earth? 

Sometimes it’s much better to get down and dirty searching through Google for anything, from outreach campaigns to marketing strategy ideas. The thing is, knowing the right Google commands will let you find a host of guest post and link-building websites without hurting your banks. 

Some common commands are

  • ”keyword”. This is to know if this site targeted this keyword before so you can pitch ideas based on that keyword. For instance, “ “influencer marketing”. 
  • “niche” + “write for us”. This is to find websites welcoming guest contributions. For example: “content marketing write for us” or “social media write for us”.

#8. Grammarly – Best for email typo checking

Grammarly is renowned as one of the best writing and plagiarism-checking software. While the MediaBerry content team uses its proofreading service to ace the content marketing game, I use Grammarly to check for typos, appropriate word choice, and the tone of my outreach emails. 

Some of the chief features of Grammarly are

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Spelling check
  • Writing style recognition
  • Active/passive voice tracker
  • Repetition of words
  • World-class thesaurus

After you add content to the Grammarly document, it will scan through your content, spot, and highlight errors, then suggest replacing them with the most suited for your context. Everything is updated in real-time, ensuring you get nice and polished content just clicks away. 

Considering the importance of email copy to link-building negotiations, you should pay attention to checking your emails. Make sure it is concise, straightforward, actionable, and personalized. 

Grammarly offers a free plan, giving you access to basic writing suggestions, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, conciseness, and tone detection.

The Premium version costs $12 per month, including everything in the free version, plus Plagiarism detection, Word choice, and Full sentences rewrite. 

Its business version provides advanced features that cater to teams, organizations, and enterprises, costing $15 per member monthly. 

#9. Gmail – a traditional but free and easy email-sending tool

Gmail is not only an email provider to help streamline communication but also an excellent blogger outreach tool. It’s free, easy to use, and above all, straightforward. 

It enables you to sort inbox messages into various categories, i.e. guest posts, follow-ups, etc. 

sort inbox messages into various categories in Gmail

More than that, Gmail lets you seamlessly share files, documents, or links and schedule meetings with embedded Calendly links. 

Nail your outreach campaign with helpful link-building tools!

This article has walked you through the top 9 tools that MediaBerry uses to aid our link-building and outreach campaign. They significantly save us time looking for link-building opportunities and optimizing our outreach process.  

Among them, there are 4 tools that I can’t live without

  • Ahref. Stay among the best link-building outreach tool with a massive link index and the fastest backlink crawlers. Its costly plans make it out of reach to some beginners. But trust me, if you want to win the edge over your rivals, opt for Ahref. 
  • DA checker. A free and easy tool for checking DA and spam scores.
  • Airtable. Seamlessly automate follow-ups and organize your email list. 
  • Google. A huge cache of links and web pages for you to search through, and the most-trusted algorithm on the planet. 
  • Grammarly. Best for writing persuading outreach emails. Checking typos is just a piece of cake. 

Looking for a more hands-off approach? Then you’ll need a link-building agency. MediaBerry provides a variety of link-building services, helping you thrive on SERPs. DM us now! 

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