Link Building Outreach: Guide to Cold Email Marketing

Link Building Outreach: Guide to Cold Email Marketing

Learn how to build your backlinks through effective outreach.

Creating quality content isn’t enough. Link building is equally crucial to rank better in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Sending cold emails is one of the best ways to get quality backlinks. But an average person receives 121 emails every day. So, chances are high that your email will get buried under hundreds of others.

How will you stand out in the crowd? Well, sending the right email to the right person makes a difference. This blog will take you through some excellent strategies to ace your link-building outreach.

Why do you need relationship-based link building?

People can come across your blog, like it, and decide to link it from their website. But, how often does that happen? Rarely.

You can’t wait around for your visitors to take action. That’s where the relationship-based approach to link building comes in.

In relationship-based link building, you reach out to people and ask them to link to your blog. And, you offer them something in return.

You might offer them:

  • A backlink to their blog or
  • Fresh content for their website 

When you focus on building relationships. You can ace the link-building game in the long run. The more meaningful relationships you make, the more people will link back to your content. That’s how your rankings on search engines will keep improving.

Plus, building relationships will also strengthen your professional network. Building a long-term relationship with your customers is a win-win for both parties.

Forming a relationship starts with sending a cold email. Let’s see how to create successful link-building campaigns with cold emails.

Strategies for your link-building outreach campaign

Outreach consists of sending cold emails and outreach for link building, in particular, is not easy. People are busy and less likely to care about your website. But, you can make them interested by having a solid link-building strategy.

1. Pick strategic recipients and decision-makers

Sending hundreds or even thousands of emails won’t make a difference if you don’t send them to the right person. Promoting your content to the wrong people won’t get you quality backlinks. That’s because people won’t be interested in your content.

So, how to find the appropriate people to send your emails to? Consider doing the following.

  • Search relevant queries on Google to find businesses and influencers in your niche.#
  • You can also set up Google alerts for keywords in your industry.
  • Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms for audience research.

Make sure you are sending your emails to decision-makers of companies. Otherwise, they won’t have any effect.

But, how will you get the names of the decision-makers? It's super easy. Head over to the company’s LinkedIn profile and do a “people search”. You will get a list of employees.

You can then pick up people with relevant titles from the list. For example, content marketer, marketing manager, content specialist, and SEO are some suitable roles. Reaching out to these people might help in your link-building efforts.

What if you can’t find helpful information in the company's LinkedIn profile? At that time, advanced search platforms like RocketReach or Zoominfo will be great ways to help you quickly find the PoC of relevant decision-makers in that brand. 

2. Network and build your partner email list

Having an email list of your potential link partners is crucial for the success of your backlinks outreach. Adding people to your email list lets you build a long-term relationship with them.

You have to do your networking right to make people sign up for your emails. And the best way to do it is to show the mutual benefits both sides will get.

After you have found the names of decision-makers, prepare an email list. You can get their email IDs from their social media handles. Using an email finder will, however, make your task easier.

Remember that people receive numerous emails every day. So, your emails should be interesting and provide value for them if you want your prospects to stay on your list.

3. Use guest posts and outreach email templates

Now, you have everything you need to start your link outreach campaign. But what will you write in your emails?

Well, making your emails relevant to the recipient is the key. But writing down so many emails would be time-consuming. That’s where email templates will come to your rescue.

That doesn’t mean you will use one of those generic templates available online. That might look spammy and be an instant turnoff for the reader.

Rather, create your guest post and link outreach templates. Here are some examples of email templates to help you craft killer cold emails for your prospects.

Link building template 

Subject: Opportunity for link exchanges 

Hey [name],

Do you have some cool articles that you want me to link on our website? This can be an exciting opportunity since we have estimated monthly traffic of xyz.

Let me know if you want to discuss this further.


(Your name)

This template is straightforward and gets to the point. It tells the reader what’s in it for them. Moreover, you can personalize it according to the prospect you are sending it to.

Guest post template 

If you are pitching for a guest post, your cold email will be slightly different. Let’s take a look.

Subject- Content suggestions/guest post contributions for [company name] 

Hey [name],

[Include 1-2 sentences introducing a bit about yourself and your expertise]

I’ve been reading your blogs for a long time. I have some interesting blog ideas for your site.

Titles for topics 




Here are some links to my previous works on the niche.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:

Do let me know if you find it exciting. I would also love to hear if you have some other topics in mind.


Yours truly,

(Your name)

Writing guest posts can help you build natural links to your content. So, keep pitching your prospects for guest posts.

4, Make the benefits and value clear

The secret to succeeding in your link outreach is to be a giver and not a taker. Tell your contacts how they will benefit from the deal. Otherwise, why would they be interested in your mail?

If you are pitching for a guest post, show your prospect what value they will get from it. Tell them about your industry experience and expertise. Show them what’s new in your blog that will add value to their readers.

When your contacts see that your guest post will benefit them, they won’t hesitate to accept it. So, make sure you show them the value clearly.

Pro-tip: providing a short description of your topic ideas, for example, what you are going to cover in that topic along with 2-3 focused keywords will increase the chance of your pitches getting accepted by brands.  

What if you are pitching for a backlink? In that case, tell them how your content is the most updated and would add value for the readers. You can also tell them about the opportunity to promote their links in your blogs.

Make your email body about them and not about you. Tell your prospects clearly what value they will get. Simply asking for backlinks will make you sound needy. And, your prospect would never reply to such ‘salesy’ emails. 

5. Leverage the broken link building strategy

“Hey, it's broken. You need to fix it.” 

When you inform someone that a link on their content is broken, they will be thankful to you. And you can propose to replace the broken link with a link to your content. Isn’t that a cool strategy?

Effectiveness of broken link-building

This chart by Databox shows what marketers think about the effectiveness of broken link-building.

But isn’t it a numbers game? Don’t worry. You can turn this numbers game in your favor by crafting a compelling email.

It’s better not to send your link in the first mail itself. That would appear too pushy. Instead, point out the broken link to them and offer to replace it with better content. If they agree, you can then send them your link.

Building a relationship with them beforehand will increase the chances of your link getting accepted. You may connect with them on social media before sending them an email. 

Your prospects will trust you when they see regular quality content on your social media handles. Create ToFu content to educate your prospects and build credibility. That will make your outreach smoother.

You can go out of your way and offer some extra value to your prospect. For instance, take your time to find out all the broken links on their site and provide suitable replacements for them. Your contacts will surely value your efforts.

6. Focus on personalization 

Personalizing your emails will instantly set you apart in the sea of generic emails. You have to show your contacts that you are not a robot or a spammer.

Open rates of emails with personalized subject lines

This bar graph from Martech shows the open rates of emails with personalized subject lines in different industries.

Everyone loves to receive mail from flesh and blood humans. Of course, the mail should be interesting and relevant for them. But how to personalize your emails to impress your prospects?

Include their first name in the email body and subject line. Reports show that emails with personalized subjects have 26% more open rates.  But that’s not enough because any robot can do that. So, you need to go a step ahead and show you have put in the efforts.

Take some time to read the blogs on their website. No, we don’t expect you to read everything. But, going through a few blogs will tell you a lot about them. You can then start the email with a genuine appreciation of their content. 

Another excellent way to personalize your emails is by talking about your common points of interest. That will show your prospect that you have taken the time and effort to know them.

You can also start by congratulating them on a recent achievement. That will instantly lift their moods.

Personalization isn’t only about getting a reply from your contacts. It helps you foster a strong long-term relationship.

7. Nail your subject line

Your subject line decides the fate of your link-building campaigns. Whether your emails get opened or land in the trash depends on how compelling your subject line is.

This shows the dos and don’ts to write a catchy email subject line.

If your prospects don’t open your emails, your link-building outreach won’t give any results. So, you should be obsessed with writing the perfect subject lines for your cold emails.

Here are some effective tips to help you write catchy and irresistible subject lines.

  • Keep it short and to the point. Long subject lines can confuse the recipient
  • Try to use their first name to grab attention.
  • Hit their pain point to make them open the mail. Knowing your audience's pain points helps you rock any marketing campaign.
  • Ask a question or present a solution. Your prospects will open the mail when they know it will solve a problem.

Let’s take an example: 

You have a social media marketing agency and want a guest post in a reputed marketing blog. You can consider the following subject line.

Experienced social media marketer looking to contribute on (topic name)

You can try out different subject lines to test which one works better. That will help you improve your future link outreach campaigns.

8. Never forget to follow up

Your prospects are super busy. Moreover, they receive hundreds of emails every day. So, you need to follow up if they don’t reply to your first email.

But, how to follow up is the million-dollar question? Don’t make them feel guilty about not replying to your mail. That won’t serve your purpose.

Try to come up with something innovative every time you follow up on your emails. You can give some new and undisclosed updates about your content. Or you may give a fresh idea to improve their site. Remember to be polite and don’t ever give them the feeling of being rushed.

Your recipients will appreciate it when you make the effort to add more value to them.  Or you can simply ask how they are and provide some new information about yourself.

Don’t ignore your follow-ups. You never know what opportunities they can bring for you.

Ace your organic marketing with link building outreach

Now you know that outreach link building is not a numbers game alone. What matters is sending the right emails to the right person. It is the quality of your emails and your efforts to add value to your prospects that make a difference.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Take your organic marketing to the next level with Mediaberry’s link-building services

Let us take care of your outreach management while you take care of other pressing tasks.

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