What to do after graduating college?

What the fuck did I do after getting out of college?🤔

So you’ve graduated (or will be graduating) from college—and still have no idea what you want to do with your life.

But you know what?

It doesn’t fucking matter! 🙅‍♂️

Most graduates stress out over doing the right thing and end up doing things they hate like getting a job or pursuing yet another degree.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re doing something because that’s the only thing you can do or worse; societal pressure then—that’s bullshit!

It took me over 19 years to call bullshit—and when I came to this realization?

I did the bare minimum to clear my uni exams, chucked pursuing add-on certifications, and didn’t attend a single job interview.

Instead, I spent the last few months of college learning from the internet and looking for an alternative way to live my life.

The result?

What to do after college

I’ve been working remotely while traveling the world for over 9 months, and have lived a life most people do during their; work holidays; or worse—when they retire! 😮

But most importantly—I have the freedom to do whatever the fuck I want!

Now, I have no intention to tell you how to live your life. Instead, I just want to show you that a different life is possible.

Let’s get started!

So, Here's what I did after university 👇

  • Unlearned everything I learned back in college
  • Built marketable skills, I don't hate
  • Left home to travel the world and become a digital nomad
  • Reassessed my goals (after almost having a breakdown)
  • Experienced my first real win

❇️ Unlearned what I learned back in college

I’ll be blunt—college sucks!

From a broken grading system to processes that promote pseudo-professionalism (read: certifications)—and finally, this bullsh**t concept of ‘the system.'

You see, schools were originally invented during the industrial boom as a solution to help big corporations hire factory workers—people who would do what they were told, and not ask too many questions.

And while the world has significantly changed, the fundamentals still remain the same:

  1. Standardized tests
  2. A fixed schedule with attendance policies
  3. And much more…

Similarly, I went to college to expand my perspective, but in reality— I was forced to dumb down my curiosity.

“Mark, you need to get better grades to land a high paying job.”

“Mark, if you complete xyz certifications you will become a better candidate.”

“Mark, you need to get a job in the big four, it’ll help you get better jobs in the future”

“Mark, be realistic; you can't be an entrepreneur just yet. You don't have enough experience.”

(The last one is my favorite. 🤣)

Anyways my point is—college sets you up to get a job, and not life.

Fuck that! Life is too short to live by a set of rules (and get a job).

Especially in 2020, a golden age where you can do absolutely anything you fucking want!

So after I got out of college, the first thing I did was forget EVERYTHING I was taught in college.

💎Key Takeaway?

Instead of going on a rant on what's wrong with college, here are 3 key lessons I learned by unlearning what I learned in college 👇

(shots every time I say college?)

Lesson #1: Fuck A grades & certifications

I spent a majority of my college life hating myself for not getting high grades or clearing certification exams like some of my ‘smarter’ friends.

what to do after university

(as you can see I was barely average 😔)

But today, I learned that the grading system is complete bullshit—and grade point average is a HUGE vanity metric!

Reverse engineer what it takes to get a high GPA, and you’ll quickly realize it’s a metric that defines how good you are at regurgitation.

Yes, you do need a good GPA to get into a top tier college, but that's about it.

In the real world? Results & branding have much higher merit.

No one's ever asked me about my GPA, certifications. Instead, they've asked to see results and worked with me because of how I brand myself.

Lesson #2: You need to make money for yourself

Ironically most of the “best business schools,” have not a single course teaching you sales, negotiation, or even simple skills like writing cold-emails (shit that’s actually useful in 2020).

Instead, schools teach you how to follow protocol, polish resumes—and basically how to make money for someone else (A sure-fire way to enslave yourself to building somebody else’s ambition.).

Important note
I recommend checking out Naval Ravikant’s podcast on How to Get Rich for solid ideas what it really means to be rich.

FYI: Rich =/ making million dollars, but having the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want.

Which brings me to my last and final lesson 👇

Lesson #3: You can do whatever the fuck you want!

Back in college, there were a lot of ‘experts' dictating the whats, whys, and hows of living life—and my answer to them?

Screw Fuck them! They don’t know shit. 🖕

College pushes a lot of bullshit propaganda, but the reality is:

❌You don’t need a fancy degree

❌You don't need A grades.

❌You don't need to complete that xyz certification.

❌You don't need to get that job in a top-tier corporation.

❌You're not too young to do your own thing.

So, stop expecting the system to take care of you, and don’t believe what people say—they don’t know shit!

Which brings me to my last and final lesson realization 🙌

It is going to be fucking difficult! 😱

It’s easy to say fuck the system, but actually putting in the work is a whole different ball game.

In my case, I connected with many of my ‘best’ friends over our common hatred for college, but when the time came (think: placement season), I quickly saw many of them flocking towards job interviews.

So, if you do decide to go pursue your passions and do something different—be prepared for a shitstorm!

You will be alone, anxious in general, extremely uncomfortable.

In fact, my decision to freelance was received with a ton of backlash from my parents, teachers, and even my closest friends who were brainwashed into believing in the system.

But as I mentioned in this Instagram post 👇

Two roads diverged in a wood and me – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

Taking the road not taken has been the best life decisions I’ve made. Yes, it’s been fucking stressful, but to put things into perspective:

❇️ Built marketable skills, I don’t hate

Once I developed the ‘fuck the system' mindset, I decided to put in the work to make that a reality.

I realized that in order to go do shit on my own; I had to have something valuable to offer.

But Mark, why didn’t you just use your degree?

✔️I hated corporate

✔️The ROI from a corporate job in India is a joke.

✔️I fucking hate accountancy (my degree)

Solution: Build marketable skills 🙌

Marketable skills are skills for which people are willing to pay money. It can be anything from content writing, managing events, or even walking dogs.

In my case, I liked tinkering around on my laptop. So I decided to learn how to build WordPress websites and picked up other skills like graphic design to ultimately land some freelancing gigs.

But getting better (and landing my first client) was no easy feat.

It took me a total of 3 months of trial and error before I landed my first client. And to make matters worse—no one understood why I was doing what I was doing!

But as I said before, it’s all about putting in the hard work in the short-term:

what I did after colelge

(That’s what my room looked like during my hustle phase🤘)

💎Key Takeaway?

Don't expect things to come to you. You'll have to work your ass off to build marketable skills, but in the process, you won't lose your soul 😉.

Also, don’t stress out over picking your marketable skill(s)—it really doesn’t matter!

In my case, I went from building websites to content marketing because I realized I liked the ‘content' part even more.

Today, I'm more interested in SEO (search engine optimization) and the marketing part of the content—and am slowly shifting towards content marketing.

My point is—you won’t really know what you want until you actually go do shit—and what you do at the start does NOT have to be something you’ll do in the long-term.

Bottom line? Go try out a lot of different things and double down on the things you actually end up enjoying.

Important note
I recommend reading my article on how to become a freelancer (coming soon) for solid information.

❇️ Left home to travel the world and become a digital nomad

Soon after freelancing started making me moolah—I decided to leave home to start traveling.

This was an exciting but scary phase of my life. I still wasn’t 100% confident of my freelancing decision and feared that I wouldn’t make enough money to support my travels.

But after countless hours of research, and ‘just do it’ conversations with my friend. I decided to stop being a pussy and leave the comforts of my home.

And you know what?

It was completely fine!

In fact, I ended up getting more productive than ever, and more importantly, got to see a whole different world apart.

Looking back, leaving home was the best decision I ever made as it’s helped me grow into someone I could never imagine.

💎 Key Takeaway?

After college, go somewhere that makes you nervous, a place that brings you out of your comfort zone ( I recommend South-east Asia if you’re on a budget)

Traveling exposes yourself to so many different perspectives—and this allows you to learn new ideas, gain key insights, skills, and experience different cultures.

And of course, you get to experience life in its finest.

what the fuck do you do after college

(For example, a lovely tet dinner in Vietnam 😄)

❇️ Reassessed my goals (after almost having a breakdown)

Up to this point, you’re probably thinking I was living the best life ever, right?

To be honest, I was—but that’s not to say there weren’t serious lows!

In fact, May 2020 was the most difficult month of my life. I had a few clients and wasn't making enough money as I used to.

To make matters worse, I had burned through my savings and barely had enough for a week.

My problem was managing the travel & freelancing lifestyle, aka digital nomadism. I wasn't meeting deadlines and spending way above how much I make.

I ended up burning through my savings and was left with as little as $50 in my bank account!

What I did after university

(A broke mark living off on 3x oatmeals a day)

Nevertheless, I hustled through!

I started from the bottom, lived in cheap $2/night hostels, and worked my way to the top all over again.

But this time I did things differently.

I decided I would learn from this mistake and never let it happen again. So I made a few changes:

✅ I actually got better at what I do (read: content)

✅ I focused on building a brand and real relationships with my clients

✅ I over delivered and aced all my projects

And the results?

Today, I have work with awesome long-term clients and don't have to jump aimlessly from one job to another.

💎 Key Takeaway?

Don’t expect things to go well after college. Instead, expect them to go BAD and downhill really fast (especially if you set out on the road not taken).

But don't give up! Instead, learn from it and come out stronger.

Find the core problem that got you there in the first place—and make real changes never to repeat it again.


❇️ Experienced my first real win

I had one goal when I set out on the road, not taken—freedom.🕊️

Freedom from location, people, money– and in general freedom to do whatever the fuck I want!

Although I have a looong way to go, I’m getting closer and closer towards achieving this goal.

As the old adage goes, “it always gets worse before it gets better.”

And this is exactly what happened. Although May was a terrible nightmare, the months that followed were truly exceptional!

life after college

(fam gang 💛)

Today, I’m at the highest point of my life (so far), I have amazing friends, live in a beautiful country—and have complete freedom over how I make a living.

Remember, there's no ‘after college life.'

If you pay attention, you’ll notice how I started this article talking about college and then barely talked about it—and that’s because I don’t look back at my college life.

College is just one small part of life!

So, stop fucking stressing out about getting out of college and realize how big a world there is after college.🌎

❌ All the people that say life after college sucks don’t know shit.

❌ All the people that say what you do after college is going to ‘shape’ the rest of your life don’t know shit.

❌❌People in general—don’t know shit!

Recap: Here's my life after college:

  1. Unlearned everything I learned back in college
  2. Built marketable skills, I don't hate
  3. Left home to travel the world and become a digital nomad
  4. Reassessed my goals (after almost having a breakdown)
  5. Experienced my first real win

If you have any questions, feel free to 📧 contact@markxquadros.com or leave a comment 👇

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