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E-learning is continuing to gain traction now more than ever before. Especially considering the continued state of the COVID pandemic, classes worldwide have dropped the physical format and gone all-electronic.

The online learning market has also never been at an all-time high. We could see students and academics prefer e-learning even after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted in many countries. So, the demand is here to stay.

To get an edge over your competitors, you have to provide your employees with a unique, engaging, and best learning experience. Also, to make your business as profitable as possible, you will have to get the best Learning Management System (LMS) software. It will help you build engaging courses and classrooms with ease.

Even though the market is profitable, the competition is tough, and there are tons of products available for you to pick from. But, which Learning Management System (LMS) software is the best for you? This article will compare all the top platforms available in the market right now, with their pros and cons listed, to help you decide which one you should get to make the best out of the product.

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Top Things to Consider when Choosing an LMS

You should think about several factors when deciding on which of the LMS platforms you should buy.

Remember one important thing; you should only get the LMS software that fits your needs. Different businesses have different priorities. If you are a single entrepreneur, you might be budget-conscious, but a big company wouldn’t care about the cost and just the features.

Here are some things you should consider:

Why do you need a Learning Management System (LMS) software?

The first thing to think about is: Why do you need Learning Management System software? Everyone has different needs. You have to think of the reason you are looking to buy LMS software.

Since there is a variety of unique Learning Management System software available in the market, thinking about the reason will surely help you narrow down the LMS software that’s the best one for you.

One of the most common reasons a company gets Learning Management System software is to create and provide online courses to new employees or mentorship programs to existing ones for their training process to get familiar with business practices and procedures.

Another reason businesses use the Learning Management System software is to keep their employees up-to-date with the industry by providing them with online courses that teach them new skills.

What are the features that you think your online courses will require?

The second thing to think about is the exact features you will require to create and deliver your online courses.

The best way to go about this one is just to decide which features seem to be the most useful ones for you. Select the Learning Management System based on your online course requirements.

Data-Driven Results

You should always look into the specifics of tracking and reporting features of a Learning Management System software. Depending on how they are, your business can gain a great advantage.

The best LMS software includes tracking and reporting features that will help you know how your employees are receiving your courses.

Based on the data you obtain, you can improve your courses to make them more engaging.

Tools of testing and assessment

When your employees or students take your online courses, you will need to test how much they learned from the lessons and the knowledge retention rate.

Many of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) offers a feature for assessing your online course-takers. They receive scores based on their performance, and you will get a report of all the data neatly organized.

The testing feature helps you know the effectiveness of your course. If it’s low, you can work on improving it based on the data.

Mobile application

You should get the Learning Management System software that’s available on most platforms. Your employees or students will prefer learning on multiple devices. Mostly the mobile platform as they can then study on the go.

Customization options

An LMS software with many customization options will help you create the most engaging courses, which will make your lessons more effective.

The best LMS software usually provides customization features like certificates, dashboards, content delivery options, etc.

xAPI or SCORM compliance

These two features are great, and they help you keep track of your employees’ or students’ progress, which will help you come up with a personalized path for your course learners.

SCORM compliance lets you run courses from other authoring environments directly in your Learning Management System software.

xAPI compliance makes it possible for your courses to run between different platforms and applications.

Course Catalog feature

The Course Catalog feature is quite useful and vital to Learning Management System software as it helps you organize your learning environment so that your learners can quickly move about and study their lessons.

Most LMS will provide you with a wide range of course catalog-related features. These include organizing your various courses into lists and providing your learners with the ability to search based on specific parameters.

You can also create permissions in the course directory so that only those with the right credentials can see specific courses. The feature is excellent for showcasing your LMS to new employees and setting them up with the right expectations.

LMS comparison: Cloud-based vs. Open Source

There are two main types of LMS software: cloud-based and open source. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. While they are both LMS, there are some differences in their features nonetheless.

As a business person, you would be interested in knowing which type of LMS is best for your company. Below I have written the fundamental differences between cloud-based and open-source LMS.

Hopefully, you will be able to decide which type is more suited for you and your business.

Advantages of using a cloud-based LMS

  1. A pretty lovely benefit of cloud-hosted LMS is that you don’t need to do any installation since they allocate and manage the server space for you (while open-source LMS needs manual, time-consuming setup).
  2. It’s sometimes more affordable as there are multiple plans available, and you can opt for the one that fits your needs the best.
  3. Your data will have security by the provider.
  4. Usually, cloud-based LMS is more user-friendly.
  5. Automatic and free updates.
  6. Mobile-friendly design.
  7. Generally, you will receive 24/7 customer support with your subscription.
  8. Most cloud-based LMS software offers a free trial.

Advantages of using an open-source LMS

  1. Open source can be budget-friendly, and there are even free LMS of this type available.
  2. You can set up your open-source LMS however you want. You can separately purchase extra functions as and when you need them, which is different from how it is with cloud-based LMS, where you will have to pay for features you don’t even require.
  3. Updates are manual here, unlike cloud-based LMS. So, you can control which ones you need.
  4. There isn’t any customer support service available, but you can still find forums where you can ask your queries.
  5. The best thing about open-source LMS is that you can make your setup entirely standalone. No need for an active internet connection. You just need to install it in systems where you need it manually.

What criteria did the list use to rank the different LMS software?

I have gone through all the major LMS software and analyzed their features. I have concluded that these criteria will result in the fairest comparison between the different listed LMS:

  1. Core features of the LMS software.
  2. Customer reviews present not only on their website but other sources as well.
  3. Company’s customer retention.
  4. Customer support.
  5. User experience.
  6. Software innovation.
  7. Employee turnover.
  8. Company’s social responsibility.
  9. Economic growth potential.

The 19 best cloud-based LMS

1. Docebo

Hands-down, the best cloud-based LMS on the market right now is Docebo. It’s known for its cutting-edge features and ease of use. It’s also quite affordable.

The goal of Docebo is to help people learn the best they can by using the best new technologies available, like artificial intelligence. Here are some important highlights of the platform:

Docebo homepage


  1. 35+ native integrations and APIs

These integrations help you quickly sync with your existing setup. Some of the integrations are:

HRIS, Stripe, Shopify, Slack, G Suite, Single sign-on (SSO), CRM, Course authoring, content partners, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and Zoom.

  1. Train any audience, anytime, anywhere

Many of the LMS software available on the market will only allow you to teach either an internal employee-base or an external audience. Docebo is different.

It allows you to do both easily. Some of the features include Employee onboarding, Customer training, sales enablement, employee development and retention, partner training, compliance training and certificates, and member training.

  1. Know the real impact learning is having on your business.

Docebo provides you with some useful reporting features that allow you to learn your online courses’ learning outcomes and their impact on your business results.

  1. Configurability is limited only by your imagination.

You can control the complete look of Docebo and configure the user interface to your suiting. There is a drag-and-drop builder available that makes the entire process relatively easy.


These are Docebo’s achievements:

  1. Brompton Bicycle used Docebo for employee development and partner training.
  2. WOW! Mobile Boutique launched its employee onboarding program with Docebo.
  3. Cineplex used Docebo for employee development and retention.
  4. Docebo earned 14 awards at the 2020 BHG HCM Excellence Awards.

Plans and Pricing

You have to pay for the Docebo Enterprise plan annually. The cost, when broken down into per month, costs $1600. You get 300+ active users at this price.

A great thing about Docebo’s pricing model is that you don’t have to pay for non-active users. Docebo defines an active user as one who accesses at least a lesson within 30 days. You can also check out the free trial or schedule a demo.

2. Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime is an outstanding Learning Management System software that helps you create truly engaging learning experiences for your employees, partners, and customers.

Adobe Captivate Prime also offers AI-based next-gen features. Adobe Captivate Prime lets you create learning environments that encourage your learners to learn from each other.

Adobe Captivate Prime homepage


  1. Employee skill development

Industries are changing faster than ever. Skills that couldn’t possibly be relevant ten years ago are essential for running a business today. Companies that can’t train their employees to be up-to-date with the current standard are bound to fail shortly.

Adobe Captivate Prime helps your organization remain competitive with its employee skill development features.

  1. Customer education

Adobe Captivate Prime has customer education features that let you provide courses to them through a personalized experience, which improves their satisfaction.

  1. Extended enterprise and partner training

Adobe Captivate Prime makes it easy to manage your courses. You can provide your internal learning programs to partner organizations to increase their skills effectively.

  1. Sales Enablement

The Sales Enablement feature helps you keep your sales and customer-facing executives ahead of the standard learning curve so that your business productivity is the highest.


Adobe Captivate has some impressive achievements. Some of them are:

  1. GE Healthcare is a client.
  2. Adobe is another client.
  3. Domino’s is also a common name that has used Adobe Captivate Prime.
  4. Dassault Systemes and Public Groupe are also two famous clients of Adobe Captivate.
  5. It has also received numerous awards.

Plans and Pricing

There are two pricing models that Adobe Captivate offers you.

  1. The Registered User Pricing model is for those who have a fixed learner base. You pay for a specific amount of course-takers in this plan.
  2. The Monthly Active User Pricing model charges you based on the total number of active learners per month.

The price usually starts at $4 per learner (per year). You can also check their free trial option or Request demo to check out the product for yourself before commitment.

Adobe Captivate Prime pricing

3. TalentLMS

If you are looking for an LMS that offers every feature on the list related to building training programs for your business, then, TalentLMS might be the ideal Learning Management System software for you.

Talent LMS homepage

A great thing about TalentLMS is that it’s extraordinarily easy to use. Course creation is simple, and anyone can do it since you don’t require any specialized knowledge. It’s an excellent platform that will fulfill all your training needs.


Here are some quick TalentLMS highlights:

  1. Both online and offline support available

As TalentLMS is a cloud-hosted learning management system, you can use it anywhere and anytime you want on your chosen platform. The servers are reliable and never go offline.

In case one of your employees doesn’t have access to consistent internet, they can simply download the training program and use it offline.

  1. Ease of use

As I mentioned before, TalentLMS is famous for how easy to use it is. You can get all your online courses up much faster than other platforms. You can use the time you save here to better your employee training programs.

If you need additional assistance, you can always contact TalentLMS customer service and sort your issues out with them.

  1. Free account

The best thing about TalentLMS is that you can create a free account and use the platform at zero cost. You don’t even need to enter your bank details for the registration process.

Though, as with other platforms, the free plan here is restricted as well. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan to use TalentLMS’s full potential.


A significant organization, G2, has called TalentLMS a leader in the corporate LMS category for the year 2020.

Finacle and Rosetta Stone have also recognized TalentLMS as a professional Learning Management System software.

Plans and Pricing

TalentLMS has many plans to offer, including a free version, which you sign up for default when you login to the application. There are four paid ones, and their cost ranges from $59/month to $429/month.

Talent LMS pricing

You should check out the free plan first, which offers five total users and ten full courses. After that, depending on the number of your students, you can select a paid subscription.

4. SAP Litmos

Number four is SAP Litmos Learning Management System, another great LMS software in the market. It offers features for both internet employee training and external partner and student learning.

Some people have trouble coming up with original courses, and that’s very understandable. SAP Litmos has its online course library called SAP Litmos Training Content. It will make your job way more manageable.

Something worth mentioning is that SAP Litmos has features that enable you to inject courses directly into the flow of work. Hence, employees have a much easier time picking up knowledge.

SAP Litmos homepage


  1. Online course builder

SAP Litmos Learning Management Software has an easy-to-use online course builder ready for you as soon as you get the software up and running. You don’t need any specialized knowledge to use it.

There is also a built-in content manager, which would also make things quite convenient for you.

There is, however, no built-in advanced grammar correction tool. It would be helpful to get a writing tool like Grammarly if you are going to write course content. Check out my guide on the Best Writing Software.

  1. Easy setup.

SAP Litmos is relatively easy to get up and to work. Usually, you can deploy it in your company in a matter of a few days.

It also integrates with the usual company systems quite effortlessly.

  1. Tracking

SAP Litmos provides you with some easy-to-understand data about the progress of your training programs. You can look at the results and make graphs to see the departments that saw the most improvements thanks to the online courses.

Based on SAP Litmos Learning Management System reports, you can make identity and improvements on your online courses in areas that require it.

  1. Automation

Many automation features in SAP Litmos reduce the learning management system’s admins’ workload.

You can automate the most common tasks so that admins can focus on things that need more of their attention.

Plans and Pricing

You have two ways to get SAP Litmos Learning Management System. You can either buy the SAP Litmos LMS-only plan or buy an LMS + Courses bundle subscription, which will also give you access to their online program library.

SAP Litmos plans

Even if you aren’t interested in their LMS software, you can still get a subscription for their online course library separately.

The price of the LMS varies depending on company needs. To give you a rough idea, the cost per user can be as low as $4 per month. There is also a free trial that you can opt for to check out the service.

5. LearnUpon LMS

The next LMS software on the list is LearnUpon LMS. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution covering employees, partners, customers, and students, then LearnUpon LMS is a pretty good choice.

Something that makes LearnUpon LMS stand out from the competition is that it continually improves itself with updates. They take customer feedback seriously and make improvements to the platform accordingly.

LearnUpon LMS homepage

Due to the constant updates, it’s also always up-to-date with the industry standards, so you can feel secure using it for years to come.


  1. Excellent customer support

LearnUpon LMS quickly offers the best customer service in the industry. They have a sizable tech support team with many specialists onboard.

LearnUpon LMS tech support response time is relatively fast, and you can always count on them to fix your issues quickly. It’s undoubtedly the software to get if you don’t want to deal with any frustration whatsoever.

  1. Ease of use

Another strong point of LearnUpon LMS is that it’s relatively easy to use and set up. It also offers robust integration with other types of company systems.

The user-interface is pretty simple and easy to navigate around. Admins will have a much easier time dealing with the system than on other platforms.

Course learners will also find learning with LearnUpon LMS to be pretty convenient.

  1. Customer feedback matters

As I mentioned before, LearnUpon LMS takes customer feedback quite seriously. They are always on the lookout for making constant improvements, so if you provide any valuable feedback, their tech team will consider it and update the software accordingly.

Also, they test any features they add with real customers’ help to ensure quality and collect more feedback for fine-tuning.

  1. Multiple learning portals

Since you would want to use LearnUpon LMS for delivering courses to different audiences (like employees and students), LearnUpon LMS has built a multiple learning portals approach.

You can create separate learning environments for all your different audiences’ training needs. The feature is better than a single portal approach since management is more comfortable here.


Several famous companies have used LearnUpon LMS one way or the other. Some of the big names that trust LearnUpon LMS are:

  1. Zendesk
  2. Logitech
  3. Craneware
  4. Twilio
  6. Kony
  7. PING
  8. CENTURY21 affiliated

Plans and Pricing

There are two LearnUpon LMS plans – 

LearnUpon LMS pricing

The Essential plan costs $1249 per month and gives you 150 active users and two learning portals.

And for $1999, you can get the Premium plan, which offers 500 active users and three learning portals.

If you have active users higher than this number, you can go for the unique Enterprise plan. The price will depend on your exact business needs.

You can check out them before committing by booking for a live demo here,

6. HireRoad

Number six on the list is HireRoad, which was formerly called Inquisiq LMS, which is a Learning Management System/LMS software loaded with advanced features like blended learning. It’s also a bit more affordable than the other options as it’s mainly aimed at small to medium-sized companies.

HireRoad homepage

HireRoad is web-based and follows SCORM compliance. It’s great for delivering some effective training programs with some real learning outcomes. It also provides some excellent customer support service.

Automation features are always welcome as they help you save a lot of time to better your online courses. HireRoad offers many such functions.


  1. Blended Learning

As your online course will likely involve both in-person and on-job learning content, the blended learning features will make things quite convenient for your learners.

HireRoad blended learning features provide you with e-learning tools that help employees or students seamlessly switch between the different learning content types, making for a more cohesive and engaging experience.

  1. Mobile-friendly user interface

HireRoad has an easy-to-use UI that was made in my mind keeping mobile users’ preferences. There are many customization options available that let you freely control the entire look of your learning platform.

It supports virtually all kinds of mobile platforms, which is a big plus as many students prefer to learn on the go.

  1. Social Learning

In case you aren’t aware of what “social learning” means, it’s the act of peer-to-peer learning. It’s only possible in a collaborative and interactive classroom.

Thankfully, HireRoad has many features that make it easier to create a  social learning experience in your student or employee training course.

I recommend that you give special attention to social learning as it’s excellent for quickly helping your employees transform into a collaborative team.

  1. Automation features

As you know, automation features are beneficial and save a lot of your time. Inquisiq has some pretty lovely offerings in this field.

HireRoad allows you to automate a massive amount of the admin’s duties. Things like email notifications, tracking and reporting, course registration, etc., can be all pre-programmed.

You can use the time you save by automating these time-consuming tasks to better your course creation and other business planning.

Plans and Pricing

This LMS doesn’t have any sort of fixed pricing, and will vary depending on your requirements. You will have to contact them, while you can also book a demo before any long-term commitment.

7. Learning Pool

Learning Pool is an award-winning LMS software that will take care of all your eLearning-related needs. It offers a vast amount of advanced features that are pretty easy to pick up.

Learning Pool LMS has many course authoring tools to help you create your online content to deliver them to your chosen audience.

Learning Pool homepage


As I mentioned before, Learning Pool offers a significant number of features. Here are some brief descriptions of the more relevant ones:

  1. Open-source solution

The best thing about Learning Pool is that while it’s a fully hosted Learning Management System/LMS platform, the source is still available to the public.

Learning Pool being open source means that you can modify the code according to your needs and tailor the LMS to fit your exact requirements.

It also makes it much easier to integrate the LMS with the existing company systems without modifying them.

  1. Advanced reporting

Learning Pool LMS has excellent reporting features that help keep your learners up-to-date with their online course progress and results.

The nice thing is that the reports relating to the progress that students or employees receive in real-time. Also, there are options for presenting the results to be easier to understand to make quicker inferences.

  1. Great customer support service

The platform is very pro-customer as a whole and ensures that your plans will be a success. However, if you run into some kind of roadblock, don’t worry, as Learning Pool has a pretty excellent support team.

They will take all your queries and help your learning program get on the right track to success.

  1. Constant updates

Learning Pool makes constant updates to the LMS platform so that the features are always industry-leading and so your learning program is never behind technologically.

To guarantee the updates to you, Learning Pool has put up a full roadmap on their website that you can view anytime you want. You will find that they have some new features lined up there.


Learning Pool LMS has received several awards. It’s also the preferred platform of many recognizable companies like The Entertainer, Saputo Dairy UK, and A.G. Barr.

Plans and Pricing

Learning Pool LMS doesn’t have any sort of fixed pricing. You will have to contact them, and they will tell you a price depending on your business requirements (like how many students or employees you will deliver courses to).

8. Learn

Learn, which was once called Mindflash, is a simple LMS software with an easy course builder that you can use to create learning programs for all audiences. It also has testing and reporting features.

The best thing about it is the ease of use. Sure, it doesn’t have anything too fancy to offer, but the simplicity is part of the charm.

Learn homepage


  1. Awesome reporting features

Learn has some pretty lovely reporting features to offer. The reports can include a variety of things like quiz details, completion percentage, etc.

The reports are simple enough that they will quickly give you a picture of your employee or student’s progress in the online course.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Learn is also a mobile-friendly LMS software. Your employees and students can access it from their chosen platform, thus being better engaged with the course.

Being mobile-friendly also means that your employees or students can learn from the online courses on the go and save themselves a lot of time.

Plans and Pricing

While Learn doesn’t have any sort of fixed pricing, the features available are exceptional. You will have to contact them, and they will tell you a price depending on your business requirements.

9. Absorb LMS

Number nine on the list is Absorb Learning Management System, another great LMS software with many learners and customers using their service. One of their strong points is the excellent tech support team.

Suppose you need an LMS option with excellent customer support. In that case, features that help drastically improve business productivity, and tons of customizations that help you produce fantastic learning programs, then Absorb might be worth looking getting.

Absorb LMS homepage


Here are some quick highlights of the features:

  1. Excellent customer support service

Absorb has an impressive customer support service team that you can always count on helping you sort out any issues that you encounter while using the service.

A reliable support service helps with peace of mind as you will never have to worry about errors delaying your projects since the customer tech team will always be backing you.

  1. Customizable design

Absorb offers a decent amount of customization options that help you control your online courses’ entire look. A good-looking platform means that your students or employees feel more engaged.

The best thing about the customization options is that professionals familiar with both learning and administration built them.


Absorb Learning Management System has some pretty impressive achievements under its belt. Some of the ones that are worth noting are:

  1. The famous corporate training company, Global eTraining, has been working with Absorb LMS for seven years now, and in that time, they have offered their courses to a massive amount of users. They have certainly had some influence on the global eLearning market.
  2. Absorb Learning Management System is also in use at a large hospital named Michael Garron Hospital. Earlier, they had to spend large sums of money on hiring physical instructors, but eLearning costs have been significantly lesser thanks to Absorb LMS.

The hospital has since been able to do some efficient training, which put them on a list of best workplaces in Canada, an achievement worth mentioning.

  1. Above, I listed a corporate training company and a hospital, two very different work environments, so, for the third, I will naturally list another diverse workplace for maximum variety. This time, it’s a restaurant.

Red Robin, a huge restaurant chain with over 500+ locations, also uses Absorb LMS to provide their employees with training programs. They again shifted their original plans and extended them because they have been very successful with their learning program.

Plans and Pricing

As with many other LMS platforms, Absorb LMS also has variable pricing plans that depend on what your learning program will require.

The main criteria are the number of learners that will be attending your online courses. So, you should create estimates about your employee or student strength so that you can get the plan that fits your business the best.

Contact Absorb LMS to know about the prices, and schedule a demo to get first hand experience.

10. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn LMS has been on the market since 2001. You can say that they have quite a bit of experience dealing with eLearning related business under their belt and their product reflects that.

iSpring Learn LMS advertises itself as a fast LMS, and it is indeed quite a bit faster than some of the options on the market. They also offer some neat relevant features like Zoom integration for webinars and meetings.

iSpring Learn hompeage

I recommend looking into iSpring Learn if you want an LMS software with some pretty attractive content management features for online training or learning programs.


iSpring Learn LMS has quite a bit of feature to offer you. Here are some quick summaries for the best ones:

  1. Ease of use

iSpring Learn is decently easy to use as you don’t need any specialized knowledge. The features it has to make eLearning content management pretty convenient.

It’s also fast, and you can quickly deliver your learning content for your employee training program. It being cloud-hosted also makes things easier to manage.

  1. Great features

iSpring Learn has some pretty great features to offer, like complete Zoom integration, which is essential to run any business as long as the COVID pandemic remains.

It also offers an excellent authoring tool that has tons of customization options. You can use it to make quizzes, tutorials, lectures, etc., effortlessly and without spending too much time.

The many different features also make it possible to do any kind of e-learning program. Be that customer training, employee onboarding, or student education.

As it allows you to do various e-learning programs, you don’t have to worry about getting another LMS subscription to produce and deliver different learning content.

  1. Mobile learning app

iSpring Learn, too, has a mobile app under its list of features. It is exceptionally well-designed, so it’s very convenient to use it on the go without spoiling your learning experience.

Mobile apps are crucial for delivering effective e-learning as it would save your employees or students a lot of time that they can put into other business-related tasks.

Plans and Pricing

iSpring Learn LMS has three pricing plans for you.

iSpring Learn LMS plans

The 100 users plan costs $3.66 per user per month (though you have to pay it yearly), and it also has other limitations attached, like a limited amount of courses.

The second plan is the 300 users plan, which costs $3.00 per user per month. It includes an unlimited amount of courses and two authoring tools rather than just one.

Finally, there is the 500 users plan, which costs $2.82 per user per month. It will provide you with premium support, something that’s not in the other options. You can also get a free trial.

11. Looop

Looop is another great LMS software that takes feedback from its customers seriously and works to bring about improvements so that Looop LMS becomes one of the top learning management system platforms.

Looop homepage

Looop LMS is an award-winning cloud-based software, and its features will make it clear why that is the case. Some of these are:

  1. Automatic content delivery
  2. Notify by email, chat & SMS
  3. Intelligent triggers
  4. Deep Engagement Analytics
  5. Business ROI Dashboards
  6. Pulse surveys
  7. Visual progress for learners


  1. Automation features

One of the most basic features that help make top learning management software is automation. For effective and fast business, it’s convenient.

You want to make sure that your admin spends more time on duties that need their hundred percent attention than tasks like evaluating reports and results.

  1. Quick and easy updates

Some other systems might make it hard to push out an update instantly, and they take a long time processing data and then getting it to your learners. That’s not the case on Looop LMS.

With Looop LMS, you can push an update for the online course learning content almost in real-time. It’s just seconds of a wait, but when compared to the competition, it looks impressive.

  1. Possibility for targeting various audiences

Looop LMS makes it easy to adjust the software and your courses to be more geared toward a specific audience. You can then deliver specific learning programs to different groups effortlessly.

There being specific programs for different audiences means that the learning experience will be more effective and engaging for your students.

Plans and Pricing

Looop LMS has some pretty cheap pricing. There are four plans and a free triall:

Looop pricing plans

The Small Businesses plan offers you 50 users.

If you have below 250 users, you can get the Mid Size Businesses plan.

The Enterprise plan is for below 500 users.

If you have more than 500 users, you will have to get the Enterprise Plus plan. The pricing for these plans however, you need to get to know by contacting them, and get a quote according to your needs.

12. Learn Amp

Number twelve on my list is Learn Amp LMS, another top learning management software that will help you train new employees and nurture their talent so that they stay with your business.

As businesses today need many different systems to work effectively, not having robust integrations can be a real bummer. Fortunately, Learn Amp LMS has you covered here.

LearnAmp hompeage

Learn Amp LMS offers integrations for many popular systems like Zoom, Slack, Teams, etc. So, you don’t have to worry about trying to work them into your online learning environment by yourself.


  1. Effective tracking and reporting

Learn Amp LMS offers some effective tracking and reporting features that will help you remain up-to-date with the happening in your online learning program so that you can make improvements accordingly.

The reports give you neatly organized data that shows easy to understand trends. A great thing about the feature is (that’s not present in that many LMS solutions) there is a company hierarchy attached to it.

So, managers will see only the data relevant to them and have their customizable dashboards, making their job a lot more convenient.

  1. Assessment tools

Learn Amp LMS offers excellent assessment tools that test your learners to see how they are doing in their learning program and the retention rate.

It’s possible to test your employees or students through multiple means. Some of the possible methods are quizzes, surveys, assignments, etc.

  1. Social learning tools

Social learning is vital for developing your employees as a collaborative team as it involves peer-to-peer learning, which helps them know everyone quickly.

It also makes your learners engage more with the online learning program, making them learn faster and better. All in all, your business will benefit from social learning.


Learn Amp LMS is an award-winning cloud-hosted eLearning management software. Here are some of the feats:

  1. MetroBank, bjss, EMJ, COINGAMING, nous, and Specsavers are also famous companies that have used Learn Amp LMS.
  2. They always get a feature in top LMS lists.
  3. Their customer renewal rate is 90%, which is impressive.

Plans and Pricing

Learn Amp LMS doesn’t have a fixed pricing model. They do have plans, however, and they scale with your business needs. So, every company will get a different price depending on their requirements.

LearnAmp LMS pricing plans

To know your price, you will have to contact Learn Amp LMS and tell them about your exact requirements. Based on them, they will provide you with a quote.

13. GnosisConnect

GnosisConnect is an experienced player in the LMS space now, and so you can be sure they provide top-notch service. They understand that their products’ goal should be to help harvest the full potential of your employees.

GnosisConnect homepage

Some of its features:

  1. Organizational Development
  2. Onboarding and Induction
  3. Sales Enablement
  4. Compliance and Regulatory
  5. Leadership and Management
  6. Mobile learning


  1. Supports multiple devices

You can be sure of GnosisConnect working on any platform your employees or students may use, thus helping them learn, however they want and wherever they want.

  1. Great search function

GnosisConnect LMS offers an excellent search function that helps your employees or students find the online learning content they are trying to search for and study.

The search engine also collects data on what terms are in use more often and based on the data, and it adjusts the results to show the most relevant items first.

Plans and Pricing

GnosisConnect LMS offers many pricing plans. The cheapest one offers 100 and below users and costs $299 per month, while the most expensive one costs $849 per month and offers 1000 and below users.

GnosisConnect plans

There are other plans in-between them. There is also a variable pricing plan with a base cost of $400 per month for 100 active users. After that, it charges $1 for each user added to the system. There is also a free trial available.

14. Coassemble

Next on the list is Coassemble, a cloud-based Learning Management Software with a variety of tools that would eliminate the need of getting another eLearning platform as it offers you everything in one package.

It’s relatively easy to use, and you can produce e-learning content quite fast, thanks to its drag-and-drop templates.

Coassemble homepage


  1. Unlimited Users

A neat feature of the Coassemble LMS system is that you can have an unlimited number of users in your learning program. Many other LMS platforms restrict that, so Coassemble has a nice edge over them here.

A feature that ties nicely into this one is the enrollment links feature. You just have to post links to your courses anywhere on the internet, and your employees or students will be able to enter into the learning program by themself.

  1. Great course authoring tool

As I mentioned before, Coassemble LMS is relatively easy to pick up. It’s all thanks to its excellent authoring tool that requires no specialized knowledge from the users.

There are tons of customization options in the authoring tool. There are also many drag-and-drop templates that you can use to make a course quickly.

Plans and Pricing

Coassamble offers 2 plans to start with and one custom plan. The basic Starter plan starts at $49 (which is only paid monthly) and provides you with 5 courses and 10 users to begin with.

Whereas the Pro plan offers you with 25 courses and 500 users who could access the same. There’s also the custom Premium plan which you could choose if your requirement is more than what Pro offers. It includes all the add-ons from Pro and more.

Coassemble plans

15. Effectus LMS

Number fifteen on the list is Effectus LMS, another LMS software with blended learning solutions and other great features that make your learning content management more effortless.

Some of the convenient features are:

  1. Training organization
  2. Learner management
  3. Gamify learning content
  4. Real-time reports
  5. Intuitive user interface
  6. Total customization
Effectus LMS homepage


  1. Easy to use user-interface

Effectus has a straightforward user-interface that lets learners and admins navigate the software with ease, improving user engagement.

Also, the dashboards and other UI elements look visually pleasing, and so it becomes easy to tell which function is where just from the design.

  1. Customization

You can make the Effectus portal truly yours by customizing with your colors, logos, navigation, themes, look and feel, etc. You can virtually alter everything to your liking.

Total customization is a great feature that I love. Also, you can build an instant connection with your website and internal portals.

Plans and Pricing

Like many other LMS platforms, Effectus doesn’t have fixed pricing as well. The price scales with the number of users taking your online courses (starts at $450 per month).

16. Tovuti

Tovuti is another cloud-hosted learning management system (LMS) software that features course authoring, blended learning, compliance training, and content management.

Online training that results from Tovuti’s course authoring and content management has an engaging learning experience for your students. Some of the features it offers are:

  1. E-learning
  2. Online course management software
  3. Administration
  4. Integrations
  5. Branding
  6. Notifications
  7. Events
  8. Gamification
  9. eCommerce
  10. Virtual classroom
  11. Blended Learning
Tovuti homepage


  1. Great reports

Tovuti has an excellent report builder that you can use to generate reports quickly. You can include any type of data in them and organize them however you want.

You also see all the customizations you make to your reports in real-time. It helps make the process more convenient and faster.

  1. Event management tool

Tovuti has a pretty lovely event management tool that helps you set up webinars, training sessions, lectures, etc., quite quickly. You can also put a fee on event registration.

There is also tracking and reporting attached to events. For example, you can generate a report with data on the event attendance. There are also waitlisting and email reminder features.

Plans and Pricing

Tovuti learning management system (LMS) offers you one PRO pricing plan.

It includes all the basic subscription features and some extra ones like Live Learning, Enhanced Content, Integrations, and Monetizations.

There is also another subscription that’s called à la carte, and it gives you access to some additional services like Content Assembly, Content Creation, Site Customizations, Managed Services, and License Content Libraries.

Tovuti plans

17. Growth Engineering's Academy LMS

Next on the list is Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS, a cloud-hosted learning management system (LMS) that has brain science research behind its back. Its main aim is to create an engaging online training learning experience.

Some of the main features they offer are:

  1. Content Library
  2. Assessments
  3. Admin Tools
  4. Reporting Suite
  5. Classroom Management
  6. Responsive UI
Growth Engineering's Academy LMS homepage


  1. Integrations

Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS is an award-winning learning platform built from the ground up to engage learners and generate real behavior change. So, it offers many integrations.

Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS has full support for Single sign-on (SSO), HRIS & ERP, and other custom integrations.

  1. Extended Enterprise

For your students’ truly engaging and specific learning experience, you would want to create multi-channel, multi-brand, and multi-audience LMS solutions.

Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS has an Extended Enterprise solution that lets you do just that. It has features that help you customize all iterations of your learning management system.

Plans and Pricing

Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS doesn't have a fixed price.  You will have to contact them and inform them about your specific business requirements. Depending on them, they will quote you a price.

If you want to test around the service a bit, Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS will provide you with a demo or free trial.

18. Skillcast LMS

Learning Management System (LMS) number eighteen on the list is Skillcast LMS. It has many features for compliance training, assessments, compliance registers, etc.

It also features other powerful features for customization, reporting, tracking, data synchronization, and dynamic course allocation.

Skillcast LMS homepage


  1. Custom training content

One of Skillcast’s services includes tailored training content. You just have to tell them about the specifications of the learning content you want, and they will deliver it to you within the deadline and on budget.

The learning content they make has a professional feel to it, and it helps create an interactive learning experience thanks to the gamification, personalization, and adaptive content features.

  1. Compliance course libraries

Skillcast LMS has a massive variety of courses in its compliance course libraries. Some of the topics include fraud, bribery, health, safety, and financial crime.

You can select any course from their libraries, put your logo on them, and modify the learning content according to your needs. You can also get Skillcast to alter the lessons to your requirements.


Skillcast LMS received the Feefo Platinum Service Award in 2020. They got the award for their excellent service and the resulting customer satisfaction.

Plans and Pricing

There are three pricing options for Skillcast.

Skillcast LMS plans

The first plan is Library Only, and it doesn’t include the learning management system (LMS). It only gives you access to their course library, and costs you around $96.

Value Package is the plan that gives you access to the LMS (with the course library). This plan costs you around $109.

Finally, there is the Enterprise plan. It’s only for businesses that have over 500 learners taking their online training. You will have to contact them to get a quote for this subscription.

19. CoreAchieve

Last on the list is CoreAchieve, a cloud-hosted LMS (Learning Management System) that advertises itself as a solution to fit your needs and budget. It has features for course authoring, building personalized learning paths, and content management systems.

There are also tracking features for both online and offline training of your students. In case the software doesn’t fit your company, CoreAchieve can also modify the Learning Management System software based on your specific business needs.

CoreAchieve homepage

A possible list of features is:

  1. Course management
  2. Tests, Quizzes, and Surveys
  3. Responsive Design
  4. Integrations
  5. eCommerce
  6. Analytics, Reporting, and Communication


  1. Content Management Systems

CoreAchieve Content Management systems are easily some of the best that the LMS market offers you. You can organize the content however you want.

You have the option to add content using titles, filters, descriptions, categorization, and tags. The type of organization helps search through the files easily and quickly.

It also makes the managers’ jobs more straightforward as they can easily track their students’ content and activities with ease. It also helps with SCORM compliance.

  1. Robust Integrations

As integrations are an essential part of LMS platforms, it’s no surprise that CoreAchieve doesn’t lack when it comes to them.

CoreAchieve offers robust integrations with many business solutions commonly found in companies like Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Plans and Pricing

There are two main CoreAchieve pricing models. Each model has five plans.

CoreAchieve plans

The first pricing model is SaaS (Software as a Service). It’s for those that find CoreAchieve adequate for their business. It includes all the standard features.

The other pricing model is PaaS (Platform as a Service). In case CoreAchieve doesn’t fit your business’s requirements, they will modify the platform to your needs and charge you under the PaaS subscription.

The five plans under these pricing models are Promo (10 users), Starter (50 users), Basic (100 users), Standard (300 users), and Premium (500 users). All of them offer an infinite number of courses.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that all these plans only consider the active users, which are the learners who have accessed the online course content at least once a month.

The Enterprise plan doesn’t have a fixed cost, and you will have to contact them for a quote. In case you want to try any of the other subscriptions before you purchase them, CoreAchieve will provide you with a free trial period.

Top Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMS)

So far, in the article, I gave a list of the best cloud-hosted Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Before I go ahead, I have a side-note: Not all the platforms offer adequate webinar features. Since they are essential for running your online course, I recommend looking into separate software for them. Check the Best Webinar Software here.

Anyway, It’s time to touch on the Open-Source Learning Management Systems (LMS). Here are the five best LMS platforms in this category:

1. Moodle

First on the list is Moodle, which is, in my opinion, the best Open-Source Learning Management System. It is undoubtedly an excellent option for setting up your online training.

Since it’s an open-source learning management system, you will have to set things up yourself. Don’t worry, though, as Moodle provides you with plenty of detailed guides to help you get things up and running.

It also has a mobile app, so you can very well use it for mobile learning too. But, the best thing about Moodle? It’s entirely free. Though you can use their donation portal to do so in case you want to support them.

Moodle homepage

Here are some of the things I like about Moodle:

Detailed Guides

As I mentioned before, Moodle offers extremely detailed guides to help you get everything in order and working. The tutorials cover virtually everything about the Learning Management System.

Moodle Community

Though unlikely, it’s possible you may run into a problem and can’t find a way to fix it in the guides. What then? Well, you have nothing to worry about as there is a large Moodle community forum.

You should be able to find a solution for everything Moodle related here. Either by searching, or you can ask the people on the forum. Aside from errors, you will also find general tips for the best LMS practices.

Plans and Pricing

Like I said before, there is no pricing! Moodle is entirely free. If you still want to give them monetary support, you can head on to the Moodle donation portal to do so.

2. Chamilo

Next on the list is Chamilo, one of the best open-source learning management systems (LMS) on the internet. It has a content authoring tool that is pretty easy to work on and create online courses.

Chamilo homepage

You can also contribute to Chamilo by becoming a Chamilo expert. They will provide you with a training catalog to do so.

Chamilo has a lot to offer you. Here are some of the things that are worth talking about:


There is mobile learning support available for Chamilo. So, your employees or students can learn from online courses whenever and wherever they want.

Online Community

Since you have to set up open-source learning management systems (LMS) by yourself, you might end up running into errors or problems.

Chamilo has an online community forum that will provide you with support for all kinds of issues. You just have to post your query or search through threads to see if someone already asked about it in the past.

Plans and Pricing

Chamilo is also entirely free to use the software. You can still pay professionals to set it up for you and manage it if your company doesn’t have existing staff for it.

3. Open edX

Open EdX is another excellent open-source learning management system. It has many features to offer you that will make your content distribution process a breeze.

Open edX homepage

Some of the features it offers are:

  1. Interactive forums and discussion boards
  2. Advanced learner and Instructor dashboards
  3. Live video conferencing
  4. Works on any device
  5. Seamlessly integrates with third-party tools and extensions such as Salesforce.
  6. Customizable and easy to use
  7. Use on-premise or in the cloud.
  8. Single-tenant or multi-tenant
  9. Dashboards with near real-time data analysis
  10. Insights for course teams
  11. Extensive data collection for learning researchers & instructors

Some of the ones worth expanding on:

Open edX Studio

The Open edX Studio tool is excellent for building online courses. It also allows you to manage other aspects of your learning program, like the schedule, team, publishing, etc.

Community Support

If you have any questions about the platform, you are sure to find answers on the community forum, so be sure to use it when you run into an issue. You will also find general tips for getting the most out of your online courses too.

Plans and Pricing

As with other freemium, open-source software, Open edX is entirely free, and you will never have to pay a single cent. You just have to download it from the Open edX website.

4. Totara Learn

Number four on the list is Totara Learn, an open-source learning management system software that advertises itself as “The adaptive learning management system for transformational learning.”

Totara homepage

Some of its features are:

  1. Multi-tenancy
  2. Comprehensive Custom reports
  3. Extended Enterprise Delivery
  4. Blended Learning
  5. Course Management
  6. Assessments and Certificates
  7. Single sign-on support

Mobile learning support

Totara Learn offers support for multiple devices. The design adapts to the device you are using. So, you don’t have to worry about small fonts on mobile devices as it adjusts for it.

Flexible authoring tool

The Totara Learn content authoring tool is excellent because you can customize it however you want. The entire system is flexible, and you have total control over other aspects of the design like permissions, training activities, etc.

Learning Plans

The learning plans feature shows what all employees or students are working on and how their progress is. Learners themselves can access the info, and you can manage it through notifications and comment boxes.

Plans and Pricing

Unfortunately, Totara Learn is not free. There are many pricing plans available, and they depend on the number of users that will be taking your online courses per year. You can get your pricing by contacting them here.

You can also get a demo or free trial if you want to check out the software.

5. Canvas

Finally, the last Open-source Learning Management System on the list is Canvas. It is one of the most adaptable and customizable LMS platforms on the market.

Canvas homepage

It’s also relatively easy to pick up. You will be able to use it efficiently in no time. Also, Canvas themselves designed the features to do all the tasks faster than most LMS platforms.

Large community

If you ever run into any issues, you can get support from the online community through the forums. They are great, available 24/7, and respond quite fast.

The Canvas Community is one that shares, collaborates, and actively works on improving Canvas. You can become a part of it too.

Ease of use

As I mentioned before, you will get used to Canvas in no time. It's pretty easy to use LMS software. It’s also very accessible as it supports multiple platforms. So, your students can go for mobile learning if they want to learn on the go.

Plans and Pricing

The pricing model is variable, and you will have to contact Canvas with your business requirements. Depending on what they are, they will give you a quote.

There is also a Canvas free trial available. So, you can try it out and explore all the features before you purchase.

Are you ready to choose your LMS?

So that was it—my list of the top learning management system software. You should consider all the things I talked about before making your decision about the LMS purchase.

Just write down your business needs, look at each software’s specifications, and then go with the Learning Management System that suits you the best.

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