Let me get right to it: Is ExpressVPN Safe?

Short answer: Yes it is, and here's why:

  1. No logs saved: Unlike other VPN providers, ExpressVPN doesn't hold any logs of your activity #traceless.
  2. Military-grade privacy: ExpressVPN uses AES-256 bit encryption which can bypass strong ISPs (even China).


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In a virtual world, it's tricky to know who has access to which data of yours.

Amidst Surfing on the internet, scrolling through social media, and online banking, how do you ensure your information remains safe?

A statistic by Online Trust Alliance shows us that:

93% of data breaches could have been prevented through simple data security efforts.

Well, it's evident that with a little caution and knowledge about the right measures, we can protect our information from falling into the wrong hands.

And that's when VPN software comes into the play.

A reliable and secure VPN software keeps your identity confidential, your data secure, and offers a protected online browsing experience.

Therefore, this article will discuss one of the most trusted VPN providers — ExpressVPN.

We will discuss how does ExpressVPN works, its 30-day money-back guarantee policy, and is ExpressVPN safe to use.

So let's start by understanding the importance of a VPN.

Express VPN Review: Is it Safe?

Is ExpressVPN Safe?

So far, we've seen how VPN connection works and why people use it.

Now let's understand the case in point — how safe is ExpressVPN and is ExpressVPN trustworthy.

ExpressVPN is a trusted and highly reliable way of securing your details and concealing your identity online.

Not only this, but ExpressVPN offers excellent speed along with a secure VPN server network.

ExpressVPN offers a seamless, safe, and secure VPN connection with its friendly support system and refund policy.

Let's look at other points to learn how secure is ExpressVPN.

1. No-log Privacy Policy

is expressvpn safe

As we discussed, what's the use of a VPN connection if they store your information?

That's one of the biggest reasons that ExpressVPN is safe to use since it does not keep any log of your data.

They are clear and upfront about it and say they do not save and will not save logs.

This also means that under any circumstance, the authorities demand the logs, ExpressVPN will not produce it; because they don't save it in the first place.

The focus of ExpressVPN remains to keep all your data confidential and offer a safe streaming experience.

This means that ExpressVPN does not save your browsing history, DNS queries, IP addresses, and not even the traffic destination.

However, there is one specific thing that ExpressVPN does collect, and it's the share crash statistic.

Why do they collect this information when everything else is encrypted?

This information is collected solely to improve the apps.

is expressvpn safe reddit

However, if you don't feel like sharing this information, it could be disabled with just one click by heading to the settings area.

Regardless of whether you disable this option, all your personal data and IP addresses are safe and not collected.

Therefore, all your activities remain anonymous, and all details are confidential and encrypted.

On another note, I recommend checking out NameCheap VPN if you're interested for another alternative.

2. TrustedServer Security

TrustedServer is another feature of express VPN that assures us of its security.

ExpressVPN is one of the few providers that run on volatile memory entirely.

This means that it runs all servers in RAM-disk mode.

It does not let any operating system or apps ever write to the hard drive; instead, it only uses RAM memory.

This means that every particle of data will be wiped off every time it's powered off and on.

The best part about this feature is that it protects its consumers' information under all circumstances.

Even when the VPN servers were to be seized by the authorities, your details would not be revealed.

Lastly, all data is erased with each reboot, making your connection even more secure.

3. Kill Switch (Network Lock)

Many internet users wonder: does ExpressVPN have a kill switch?

The answer is yes!

You can find the kill switch feature by the name of Network Lock.

This feature is beneficial in keeping your information protected in case the internet connection drops.

how safe is expressvpn

When the connection is interrupted, your information will not leak. This feature, again, is found in only a few VPN providers.

This also means your data packet stays encrypted and IP address protected at all times.

You can use the Network Lock feature in Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Routers.

In mobile devices, it does not offer the official Network Lock.

But, you can use it by the name of:

  • Network Protection in Android
  • Auto-Connect feature in iOS devices

It works the same way – protects your IP and blocks all traffic in case the VPN interrupts.

Now even when your VPN server is facing any trouble, your information will not be lost. The traffic will immediately stop without compromising your data and security.

The traffic will not resume unless the connection is restored.

4. Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is precisely what it sounds like.

is expressvpn safe for torrenting

With this option, you can split the tunnel via which the information is sent.

One tunnel lets you send some data through the unencrypted internet.

In contrast, the other one enables you to go via the secure tunnel.

You get to decide which data travels through the secured path, and vice versa.

ExpressVPN lets you use split tunneling features in Mac OS, Android, Windows, and routers.

The reason this is such an incredible feature is that often VPN proves to be a bottleneck, causing lag in the speed.

That's when ExpressVPN proves to be super helpful.


  • Stream geo-blocked content without compromising your entire network's speed.
  • Use it for specific activities like banking, emails, and more, while keeping other data unencrypted.
  • You can control which traffic needs to be connected to the VPN and which traffic needs to be linked to the LAN.

Therefore, split tunneling is a useful feature of ExpressVPN and works all the time accurately.

Furthermore, you can always use ExpressVPN software for yourself and test it out. If you're not satisfied with the results, you can claim your 30 day money back guarantee.

5. Zero-Knowledge DNS

Your website has a DNS (Domain Name System) that's a unique code used to identify your website from the pool of websites on the web.

This DNS is also called an IP address linked to a URL, making it easier for human beings to understand and recognize the web address.

Now, many VPN connection providers use a third-party DNS.

In this case, the problem is evident: the DNS is not encrypted; hence, it is vulnerable and not secure.

To eliminate this concern, ExpressVPN runs its DNS on its own VPN servers. This gives you iron-clad security of your information and protects it from third-party.

More importantly, ExpressVPN uses the highest level of encryption.

It uses the AES-256 encryption with an RSA-4096 key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication.

is using expressvpn safe

With this feature, ExpressVPN does not store and use any of your data, including DNS logs and connection logs. Hence, this makes ExpressVPN a reliable and trustworthy connection.

6. Privacy-friendly Jurisdiction

The location of the VPN often concerns users and makes them question: is ExpressVPN owned by China?

Then the answer is a clear no.

The reason jurisdiction matters is because the laws that govern a VPN provider’s policies depend on their location.

The governing policies determine what a VPN can do — including no-log policies and more.

ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). It is an independent entity that operates with strict laws to protect the business and individual's privacy.

It holds the reputation for securing their customers' private information and maintaining secrecy.

Moreover, BVI is an independent entity and does not come under any other country's jurisdiction.

ExpressVPN is situated in an extremely safe location, ensuring that users are dealing with a secure VPN service provider with strict security ethics.

Lastly, you can sign up for ExpressVPN connection, and if you're still not satisfied, you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Is ExpressVPN Really the Best?

how safe is expressvpn?

We've discussed how ExpressVPN is a secure, reliable, and trustworthy VPN provider. But, if you're still finding yourself on the fence asking: can I trust ExpressVPN, then read on.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN servers available today.

The points mentioned above show how ExpressVPN offers iron-clad security, no-log policy, and more.

Another question you may have is: Is ExpressVPN a virus?

The answer is quite simple: this VPN is not a virus.

Let's now wrap up the ExpressVPN reviews and learn why you should use this VPN.

Wrapping up

  • ExpressVPN connection ensures fast, secure browsing online
  • It does not save any logs
  • It's based out of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) — a privacy friendly jurisdiction
  • Express VPN connection blocks all traffic when the server interrupts, preventing your data from leaking
  • Uses the highest level of encryption
  • It conceals your IP addresses, location, and browsing history
  • Allows you to stream Netflix and other streaming services
  • ExpressVPN offers friendly customer care support

Lastly, if you're still not satisfied, I would highly recommend you try out the ExpressVPN plans.

With my link, you get a 30 day money back guarantee; therefore, there's no risk of losing your money.

FAQS: Express VPN

1. Why is VPN important?

Picture yourself sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying the free WiFi available. At first, you may think there's nothing wrong with it.

But, the free WiFi could be a trap to grab your details and browsing history on a closer look.

We cannot guarantee whether the open WiFi connection is secure or not.

The same is the case when you're traveling, or living abroad, and using open WiFi connections.

And that's the biggest reason people opt for VPN — to keep their information and location concealed. At the same time, to browse sensitive websites like online banking.

Beyond the privacy concerns, here are a few more reasons people use VPN:

  • To protect their browsing history and other information from advertisers
  • To access geo-blocked content
  • To conceal the IP address
  • Protect their data from hackers and mass surveillance
  • Eliminate bandwidth throttling
  • Secure online connection and prevent sensitive information like credentials, passwords, bank and credit card details from leaking
  • Try different SEO strategies for online marketing by browsing local search results in other countries than yours

So these are some of the reasons, along with safety, that people use a VPN.

2. Does VPN Help Protect Privacy Online

is it safe to torrent with expressvpn

The way VPN works is quite simple.

When you use the internet connection (to browse websites or conduct any other activity), the VPN redirects your internet traffic via a remote server.

This creates the impression that all the traffic is coming through that remote source, concealing your identity online.

VPN that ensures your details and browsing history travels through a secure tunnel and is not intercepted by third-party.

This way, your IP address, location, and other sensitive information that can trace back to you are kept safe.

The catch here is: the VPN provider has the information you're browsing, so how does it solve the problem of concealing your data?

Well, the good part is that ExpressVPN has a clear and upfront no-log policy, which essentially means they do not keep track of your activities online.

Now, neither the third-party, government, and service provider has access to your searches, nor does the VPN provider.

Hence, this creates a safe space for you to use the internet without fretting about someone stealing and misusing your data or IP addresses.

That's the single most reason to invest in a reliable VPN provider and not just any other VPN connection.

Hence, read on to learn the review of ExpressVPN and know: is ExpressVPN safe?

Final Verdict

If you're still wondering: is ExpressVPN safe, then it's advisable you try the connection and decide for yourself.

Finally, the services of ExpressVPN only get better with time.

Hence, if you're concerned about your privacy online and wish to stick to a reliable VPN provider, then this is your best bet.

So use the most trusted VPN provider and experience safe, secure, and speedy internet.

If you're still on the fence, you can sign up now and avail the 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the end result.

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