What Are The Best Ways to Promote Your Guest Posts?

promote your guest posts

What To Do Once Your Guest Post is Live – A Complete Guide

Guest blogging is a tool that bloggers and even marketers can use to drive website visitors and secure high-quality backlinks, but it’s often overlooked. If you’re here, you’re one of the more enlightened folks out there, and you understand that writing guest posts is a powerful marketing tactic.

However, the work does not stop after you’ve decided to write a guest post. It doesn’t even stop after you’ve already written and submitted your post. In fact, it’s now that you’re really going to have to strap in and work to make the most of the opportunities guest blogging offers.

If guest blogs are approached the right way, they can serve as a strong cornerstone of a good B2B content marketing strategy

In this guide, you’ll learn all about the steps you need to promote your guest posts for successful guest blogging with real results. A big part of a brilliant strategy is great guest post promotion, and we’ll get into that, the role of links, and a lot more.

Let’s get to it!

What the Post-outreach Stage Involves 

Once you’ve written an amazing piece of content and submitted it, it is time for post-outreach. This is an important part of your strategy and involves everything you do to ensure your guest post achieves your goals.

Ready for Any Edits Needed after Submission 

You may have poured all your creativity into an article, but that does not mean the brand will accept it as it is. You have to prepare yourself to make edits that you may not have expected.

These edits aren’t a bad thing – they will help shape your article into a great piece of content with high value. See them as ways to polish your post until it’s perfect.

Check Links Live and Follow Up

Links play a big role in guest post promotion; they are what will bring visitors to your content and attract the attention you want. It’s up to you to ensure that your links are live and in working order.

If you have to, follow up about the state of your links and endeavor to keep them alive. Dead or broken links have no value.

Update Link Targets If Any

Anything can happen, and the destination of your links may have to be updated or changed. Once again, this task falls to you, the author of the guest post. If you don’t ensure the targets are updated, nothing good will come from your hard work.

Share Your Guest Post on Multiple Social Media Channels

Would you be surprised to find out that more than half of the world uses social media these days? With so many people on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you really can’t afford to NOT share your guest post on them.

Social media channels are great for promoting content, and you should have a strategy planned for how you’ll take advantage of them.

Use relevant and interesting hashtags and keywords to attract your audience, and don’t be shy to ask for likes.

Shoutmeloud shares guest posts on its social media channel

As you can see in this example, sharing your guest post on social media channels doesn’t have to feel “salesy”.

Source: ShoutMeLoud

Reply to Comments on Your Guest Posts

Getting comments from readers shows that your guest posts attracted visitors and got them interested enough to interact. It’s important to show commenters that you appreciate that they took the time to share their thoughts.

Engage with the comments and answer questions or simply thank the readers for sharing their opinions. If you get negative comments, react calmly and respectfully. 

Never respond in a way that will make you or the website owner look bad. If a comment seems to be baiting you, it’s better to ignore it than attract more negativity.

reply comments on your guest posts

This writer answered a question and gave more information to a curious visitor, which is a good way to engage.

Source: Blog Tyrant 

Get Ready for Another Pitch to Come Next

If you really want to benefit from guest blogging, you’ll need a continuous guest posting strategy. This means that you shouldn’t be satisfied with getting just one post published. 

Having multiple quality guest posts on a variety of websites will help build your authority and better attract your audience. Continue to write pitches and guest posts so you can continue to benefit from this underrated marketing strategy.

Plus, if brands love your guest posts and writing style, they might want you to contribute with another guest post or become a regular contributor. This will help you establish a strong relationship with brands and their audience. Trust me, you’ll see more link opportunities will come. As Rand Fishkin, founder of SparkToro, emphasizes, “Don’t build links. Build relationships.”

Track Your Results

As is the case with all marketing strategies, all your effort will go to waste if you don’t track results. Did people actually interact with your guest post? Did you get any shares? You should especially track results if one of your goals is to drive traffic.

Keeping track of all the relevant data will help you determine how successful your blogging strategy is. You can use tools like Google Analytics to understand the performance of your guest posts.

Why Is It Important?

Published article promotion is almost more important than writing good content that interests and entices your audience. There will be no interaction if your target audience doesn’t know about your guest posts.

There are several other benefits to post-publish outreach and monitoring as well. Let’s take a quick look at some of the bigger advantages.

Meet Your Link-Building Targets

You probably already know the value of links – they are great for telling Google that your site is worth people’s time and deserves to appear in search results. Since Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and improving, you need to plan your link-building strategies well.

Checking the live links gives you an idea of whether your high-priority links are built as planned. How many of them went live and didn’t? Are they set do-follow or no-follow? From here, you can come up with a corresponding follow-up plan and link-building/exchange targets for the next months. 

Set up a Strong Relationship with Brands

When you work with quality websites and brands, you build relationships with them. Strong relationships with brands are essential in the marketing world – previously closed doors can be opened thanks to good relationships.

Don’t take building relationships with brands as a tiring task. Just giving a thankyou, retweeting, or re-sharing your live guest posts, promoting the posts across your channel, etc. can greatly help. 

Pave the Way for Continuing Pitches and Collaborations

Something that marketers tend to forget or ignore after articles go live is that post-outreach is as important as outreach during previous stages. When you keep communicating with brands and websites, you increase your chances of collaborating with them again in the future.

This time, you contribute a guest post. Next time, maybe a paid article opportunity will come. Who knows? 

How to Leverage Guest Posts to Effectively Advertise Your Business and Grow DA, DR, and Traffic

If you want to know how to market your business in the digital world with success, you need to know how to promote guest blog content if guest blogging is part of your strategy. 

Guest posts’ main purpose is usually to attract visitors to your website through links, and links affect your Domain Rating (DR), Domain Authority (DA), and traffic rates.

Your DR is a ranking method that shows how strong your website backlink profile is. DA is a metric that reflects how well your website ranks on search engines. 

By getting links from high-quality and trusted websites, Google can see that your website is also high-quality and reliable. This will increase how high your content shows up in search results, which will drive traffic.

As you can see, effective link-building is crucial, and guest blogging can improve how good you are at it.

ahref checking DR for high-ranking website

High-ranking websites usually have many quality backlinks which are built over time.

Source: Link Building HQ

So, how can you use guest posts to improve your rankings? Let’s find out, shall we?

Pitch the Right Sites

The key to effective guest post promotion is getting the right kind of traffic. If you attract visitors who won’t find value in your content, you’re not marketing your business. 

You need to get the right people to click your links, which is why you have to find the right sites to publish your posts. Targeted traffic is much more valuable than random traffic with no interest in your business, as you’ll get more engagement and reach your marketing goals.

When planning your guest posts, dedicate time to finding the right sites to pitch to. These sites should be similar to yours, but not competition. Authoritative websites in your industry are a good place to start.

How do you find the right sites? There are a handful of ways to identify the sites that will work best for you; let’s take a brief look at them.

Prioritize Relevance to Your Products and Services

You must focus on relevancy to your services or products. Your guest posts must reach the people interested in what you’ve got to offer. Ensure that everyone who gets to see the posts will find them useful.

You will have to research which websites your audience frequently visits and pitch to them. Which blogs are most popular in your industry? That’s where you want your posts to be featured.

Make a list of all these sites, and find the ones most relevant to your business. You can also use social media to find good sites. 

For example, you can use Twitter and search for the most relevant keyword plus the words ‘guest post’. This is also a good way to find sites that accept guest posts and make it easier for you to pitch to the right sites.

Have High DA, DR, and Traffic

The true value of backlinks should not be underestimated, but only when they come from the right sites.

As you know by now, a good guest posting strategy takes into consideration DA and DR. Use tools like Moz to determine if the sites that made your shortlist are worth your time. They need to have high DA and DR rankings so that Google’s algorithms will be impressed when you link from them.

Although it may be tempting to pitch your posts to any websites that sound interesting to you and are accepting guest posts, you have to be picky. For the sake of the quality of links coming to your site, you need to be satisfied with only the best, which means sites with high rankings.

If your own website has high rankings, you could take things even further and collaborate with other quality sites through link exchanges. They’ll link to your site, and you’ll link to theirs. This strategy will lead to more direct traffic and boost your rankings too.

Pay Attention to Their Social Media Engagement (Engagement, Not Just Raw Numbers)

Another factor to keep in mind when looking for the right sites to pitch to is their social media engagement. And in this case, you don’t want to just look at their raw numbers like the number of followers they have.

That kind of data can be deceiving because a brand can be followed by social media users who aren’t really interested in their products or services. 

For example, they could have followed the brand for a competition that required them to follow or one piece of content they found entertaining. 

If that’s the case, your published guest post will be ignored and achieve nothing for your business.

Engagement is seen in how many shares and clicks a brand gets on its chosen social media platforms. If people are actually following the links they share, their marketing efforts are paying off, and that’s what you need.

You can tell if a brand’s engagement is good by comparing how many followers it has with how many shares, retweets, likes, and comments its content gets.

Get a High Email Subscriber List

A brand’s email subscriber list can indicate how big its true following is and what its audience reach looks like. However, this isn’t something that is as easy to determine as social media engagement.

If you plan to work with a guest blogging site, you might have to ask the founder what their email subscriber list looks like. 

Note that doing so won’t always be considered nice, and you may not get the answers you need. So before you just ask for this kind of information, get to know the people behind the brand a little bit better.

Write a Damn Good Content Piece

To truly leverage guest post blogging, you need to write awesome guest posts. No one will be interested in the articles you’re pitching if they will not add value to their website.

The content you present to websites will have to wow them, and coming up with something good enough will take you hours. This is not a matter of ‘if’; it’s definite that you won’t be able to write a piece of content worth pitching in less than four to nine hours.

There is so much that goes into writing content that you can proudly pitch, and the writing has to be stellar.

The elements that determine whether or not content is good enough will naturally be different depending on your target audience and the websites you’re pitching to. Still, there are some baselines that will remain the same everywhere.

Provide Quality

The main thing that will determine if your guest post pitch is accepted or not is how much quality it has to offer. Although the writing should be faultless, there’s more to a good guest post.

The topic you chose should be relevant, and the content should be helpful or useful to readers. Show off your knowledge about your industry with a piece of content that is valuable.

A good way to make your content high quality is by adding relevant and interesting visuals. Walls of text are not pleasing to anyone, and even Google doesn’t appreciate blocks of words. Break up your written content with images (and GIFs if you want), infographics, and good formatting.

Think about all the great and entertaining posts you’ve read. What did they look like? What can you learn from them? It’s never a good idea to copy others, but taking inspiration from them is recommended.

Remember that good visuals typically aren’t stock photos but images that complement the content.

Leverage Your Area of Expertise

Do you know what people hate more than ads on YouTube? That's promotional content that is obviously promotional. Although your guest post aims to let your audience know about your business, it mustn’t feel like that.

Rather than using marketing tactics or writing generic content piece that covers the surface, dive into your area of expertise to impress them. 

For example, if you’re in the fashion industry, share the knowledge you’ve gained as a business in the industry in an entertaining way. 

Instead of saying “hey, come check out my business”, you’ll say “hey, I know this awesome thing (or two), come get to know me and my business”.

As I write this piece, I’m leveraging my outreach expertise to give you sure-fire tips on getting the most out of the post-outreach stage.

By sharing your expertise, you’ll also show Google that you have topical authority.

Which approach sounds more effective to you?

Include Real-Life Examples

If you really want your content to be valuable and resonate with your audience, you should include real-life examples. Giving theories and ‘what if’ situations can only go so far; including case studies or success stories can achieve a lot more by making the content feel more real.

Your guest post is stating facts, and when you can back them up with some form of evidence, it’ll elevate the quality of the overall post.

You don’t have to necessarily have personal success stories that you share; you can add statistics and infographics to help paint your pictures. Good research reflects well on your content.

Offer Actionable Advice

To really give your content value, give your readers actionable advice. Use relevant hyperlinks that will give them more information and details to strengthen your content.

While planning your post, think about pain points and frustrations that your readers likely experience and offer them solutions they can use.

When you show your audience that you know what you’re talking about, they’re far more likely to click the links that lead to your website.

Make Sure You’ll Get a Featured Bio

One of the most important considerations when pitching a guest post is whether or not you’ll get a featured bio. Without one, readers might not even realize that your content isn’t something that the website founder wrote themselves.

It’s important that readers will be able to see your byline, headshot, and a link to your website. Don’t settle for posting as a guest or ghostwriter.

But why does it matter?

Your author bio is where you can let your business shine. Sure, most author bios are pretty boring and standard, but you can use yours to promote yourself as well as your business.

Be creative in your author bio without sounding unprofessional. This can be easier said than done, so take notes from your favorite blog writers and their bios. Remember to add relevant information about your business in an organic way.

a great author bio from Matt Southern

This author bio is informative and interesting and not the typical ‘they like to write about x topic’.

Source: HubSpot

Reply to Comments on Your Post

This is a point that was mentioned earlier when discussing what post-outreach involves. It also carries weight when you’re trying to make the most of guest blogging to boost your traffic. 

As you know by now, writing guest posts isn’t about writing amazing posts and then forgetting about them. You have to stay connected to every post published under your name. 

Engaging with comments on your post will help you do so. It makes your content feel a lot more personal as well.

Some brands even set replies to comments as a compulsory part of contributing requirements. Doing so, you show respect and professionalism to brands. Plus, being active in the comment section will also increase your conversion rates, which is always good.

Don’t Send the Exact Same Guest Post to Multiple Blogs

I know that waiting for your pitch to get approved takes time. Some brands even take a month to review your pitch, portfolio, and profile. As such, some of you may pitch your guest post to multiple blogs in the hopes of getting it published. But that’s a mistake you should not be making.

The editors of these blogs are looking for unique content that will stand out and add value to the blog in general. Giving them something that everyone else gets isn’t a good approach.

Also, make sure that you write something different from the standard content in your industry or niche. Try to avoid repurposing content, but if you do, change it enough to be fresh and unique.

Promote Your Guest Posts

You should not rely on blogs to promote your content and get it noticed by your audience. That’s up to you, and while promoting on social is a great way to attract readers, you shouldn’t stop there.

Promote your guest posts in your email newsletters and use any other marketing strategies or campaigns you’re running to spread the news as well.

Don’t Neglect Guest Post Promotion

You may let out a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back once your guest post goes live, but your work doesn’t end there. It’s essential that you promote your guest posts thoroughly so you can enjoy all the benefits of guest posting. 

This article shared a lot of information with you, and if you use only half of it, you’ll already be on the right track. Make sure that you write amazing content that will captivate your audience, and then make sure they actually see it by promoting it as much as you can.

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