Not everyone is a writer.

And the English lingo isn’t exactly simple.

That’s where a tool like Grammarly comes in!


  • Is Grammarly really worth it?
  • Is it good for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checks?
  • Or is it just another (over) hyped tool?

I and my team have been using Grammarly Pro for over four years, using it pretty much every day. So that’s what I'll answer in this Grammarly premium review.


My Verdict:

After reviewing over 15 different grammar checkers and plagiarism tools, Grammarly Pro is the clear winner across both categories.

✔️ Excellent online grammar checks

✔️ Soft and hard plagiarism checks

✔️ Vocabulary enhancements useful for non-native speakers and new writers

✔️ Switch between different modes of Enlgish (US, UK, etc)

(Or try Grammarly premium free for 7 days)

Firstly, Who am I?!

I'm Mark Quadros, a content marketer that runs a content agency Mediaberry and contributor to several big maganize.

A few years ago, I discovered Grammarly, an advanced grammar checker for blog content, emails, books, etc. Since then, I use it regularly to keep my content in check.


My Content's read by millions and featured on big SaaS blogs like HubSpot, CoSchedule, Foundr and more (portfolio).

Now, I'm not telling you all this to brag, but to make a point that I actually use Grammarly in my day-to-day life. And because it's benefited me immensely, I've decided to thoroughly review it.

So, here’s what I’ll cover in this updated Grammarly review:

What is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium is a grammar and plagiarism checking tool. This tool also suggests punctuation, spelling, flow, and readability corrections in real-time, while also facilitating human proofreading, if requested.

It contains language-related features that are best suited for drafting any document in a concise, clear, and confident manner.

This is a tool that will come in handy to anyone who writes. You could be a lawyer who writes multiple contracts per month. Or a writer who cannot afford to hire a proofreader.

Grammarly Premium can be used by just about anyone who wishes to send a flawless email.

Grammarly Premium could significantly improve your writing skills as its Grammar Handbook breaks down every grammatical error it can find in your document, along with detailed explanations.

What Does Grammarly Do?

In a nutshell, Grammarly is an excellent writing assistant that makes sure everything your content is easy to read, effective, and free of mistakes.

Unlike other content checking tools, Grammarly goes far beyond standard grammar checks and offers a lot of nifty features.

Instead of ranting on and on, here are some of the best features of Grammarly Premium:

1.  Deep Plagiarism Checks

The Premium and Business version allows you to run a plagiarism checker on your document. Not only will Grammarly Premium compare your document against 16 billion web pages but also run through ProQuest’s academic databases.

All you have to do is click on the Plagiarism option in the lower right corner. Grammarly Premium will offer a reference (MLA, APA or Turabian style) to cite your text. For a more detailed review, I recommend checking out my Grammarly plagiarism checker review.

Grammarly Plagiarism checker tool

And because of the proquest collab, Grammarly now offers in-depth plagiarism checks against both hard and soft copy source. I've actually covered this in great depth. I recommend reading my article on Grammarly plagiarism checker review.

2. Advanced Grammar Checks:

Grammarly Grammar check

Grammarly has the most advanced grammar checks that detect grammar and punctuation that even the most skilled editors miss out on. What’s more, is it provides real-time suggests and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes.

3.  Advanced content checks

Grammarly initially introduced their punctuation, spelling and grammar checking feature to the market. It provided suggestions to improve and reasons for why the changes mattered.

Over time, this AI-powered software began highlighting wordiness, weak sentence structure, poor choice of words, lack of clarity and passive voice mistakes.

Apart from standard grammar checks, Grammarly also has a robust content assistant that helps perform advanced changes to your content (think: synonyms, sentence restructuring and more…)

4. Cross-platform Keyboard

Grammarly has great third-party support and works across a wide range of platforms like browsers(chrome, firefox, safari), PC, tablet and even mobile phones.

The cross-platform support is so that you can use Grammarly’s keyboard across multiple platforms and improve your content across all platforms.

That said, Grammarly not only checks your writing but also monitors as you write.


Grammarly extends its features to 4 different tools:

  1. Website (Grammarly Editor);
  2. Browser extension (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge);
  3. Desktop app (Windows and Mac), Mobile Devices (Grammarly Keyboard), and
  4. Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word and Outlook).

The most common way to proofread your document after you’re done writing is to upload your documents or books into the Grammarly Editor. One could also copy and paste the text, or you could just drag and drop.

But suppose you wish to use Grammarly while you draft the document. In that case, the browser extension or Grammarly Keyboard can be useful to correct your text as you type away.

This works similar to the generic spelling and grammar checker on Google Docs or MS Word – catches and corrects errors as you go.

Grammarly comes with two versions,  the free version as well as the premium version (more on versions later). For now, let’s see what features Grammarly has to offer.

5. Writing enhancements

Just like how you would hire a marathon trainer to help you learn how to run a marathon most effectively, Grammarly can act as a trainer that will teach you how to be an influential writer.

Self-editing enables you to see every mistake you may be making, how to improve, and why they are considered errors in the first place.

The tool gives detailed reasoning and explanations behind each of their writing enhancement recommendations.

This will help you make informed decisions about correcting your mistakes and help you improve your writing naturally.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

While the Grammarly free version is not time-barred and stays free forever and all that’s required is to create an account with Grammarly, most of the fancy features sit with Grammarly premium.

Just as a free version isn’t as fun as its paid counterpart, Grammarly will prod you to upgrade to enjoy its juicy parts.

How much does Grammarly cost

Grammarly Premium comes in three pricing plans:

  • Monthly – $29.95 per month (not recommended)
  • Quarterly – $19.98 per month (billed as one payment of $59.95)
  • Annual – $11.66 per month (billed as one payment of $139.95)

I highly recommend going for either the quarterly or yearly plan because of the apparent cost savings. For a more detailed review, check out my article on Grammarly's pricing.


if you want to try out Grammarly Pro, there is a free 7-day trial that should give you enough time to really learn more about Grammarly.

Try Grammarly Pro for Free

Grammarly Premium pricing can go all the way up to $29.95 per month if a month-to-month plan is opted for.

Whereas, the quarterly and annual plans are comparatively more affordable with monthly prices ranging at $19.98 and $11.66 respectively.

Grammarly Premium offers black Friday discounts that go as low as 55%. Imagine a need to pay only $5.25 per month for their annual plan! They’re known to make such discount announcements through their newsletter.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

A punctuation, spelling and grammar checker system is not exactly rocket science.

The generic tools on Microsoft Word or Google Docs can suffice. Then why go to the trouble of creating an account with Grammarly?

Because when it comes to zoning on use of a grammar checker, it can’t get better than Grammarly Premium. Here is a breakdown of all its excellent features:

1. Goals:

Grammarly’s web-based and desktop app is very easy-to-use. Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your email address, the software will route to the dashboard.

Once reached, you can start writing!

I used to wonder, how can Grammarly Premium possibly detect my tone of writing and still make correct suggestions? It doesn’t talk to my brain, does it?

Well, no. But Grammarly asks for you to set your goals. This feature helps Grammarly’s AI system to recalibrate all of its functions to focus on your goals and provide feedback as you go.

As you read this review of Grammarly further, you’ll know that this is my favourite feature because it enables Grammarly to give me feedback tailored precisely to my needs and context.

pasted image 0 41

Among the goals are:

  1. Audience is the level of effort your ideal audience should make to read (General, Knowledgeable, Expert);
  2. Formality is the level of casual or formal expression your document should have (Formal, Informal, Neutral);
  3. Domain is for deciding the degree of strictness in which most of Grammarly’s rules and conventions should apply (Academic, Business, Email, Casual, Creative, General)
  4. Tone is building suggestions based on how you’d like to sound (Neutral, Confident, Joyful, ️‌Optimistic, Friendly, Urgent, Analytical, Respectful)
  5. Intent is what you intend to achieve from the document and how you wish to convey your message. This enables Grammarly to pick and choose the errors it should highlight (Inform, Describe, Convince, Tell A Story).

An AI decides what feedback it should give your writing, turning a simple grammar spelling check into full-blast text analysis. Though intriguing, it has its limitations.

But it’s undoubtedly fascinating to see an algorithm giving real-time feedback, very much like a breathing writing coach.

After goal setting, Grammarly will start showing improvements within seconds.

2) Improvements:

This feature will ensure you improve your writing, not just for that specific document but enhance your language in the long run as well.

The in-built proofreader highlights what is wrong with your text, reasons out why it may be inaccurate and suggests how to improve upon it too. Grammarly provides feedback in a manner that’s easy to use and understand. Even older folks like your grandparents could grasp the interface within hours.

So, for example, this comma right here. You’ll immediately notice the suggestion appears at the right side of the screen. If a change seems irrelevant, you can delete it by clicking on the bottom right side.

pasted image 0 27


Grammarly elaborates the significance of what I would miss with the absence of that comma – a mere punctuation detail.

It even provides two examples of what’s the wrong and right placement of commas mid-sentence to highlight how adding a comma separates ideas or grammatical structures in a sentence.

3) Word Recommendations

A significant incentive to subscribe to Grammarly, over other competitors or generic spelling checks on Google Docs or MS Word, is its word suggestion.

Based on the categories – Correctness, Clarity, Engagement and Delivery, Grammarly offers the to-be Wordsworth, a host of word choices that uplift their writing profile.

What exactly are these categories?

  • Correctness refers to the essential accuracy of your spelling, punctuation and grammar;
  • Clarity refers to how easily your language can be read and understood;
  • Engagement refers to how effectively your ideas are capturing your audience’s attention;
  • Delivery refers to how well your message has reached your audience.

pasted image 0 45


This feature aids writers become aware of their shortcomings and consistently improve by being conscious and aware of their widening vocabulary and appropriate word placement.

4) Conventions

Grammarly offers convention feedback based on different style guides like APA, MLA, or CMOS. However, it usually streamlines it to what all or most agree to. In this case, it has suggested spelling out the numeral 2.

pasted image 0 48

The convention rule is just to make sure the reader understands your emails or social media posts better.

5) Other Technicalities

Grammarly also checks on:

  • Plagiarism check: an in-built checker that runs your content across billions of webpages to verify if it is original. It highlights how much of your document is non-unique and cites the source as well.
  • Passive Voice usage: overusing passive voice can make text look less engaging and even monotonous.
  • Repetition of specific phrases or repetitive sentencing
  • Sentence structure errors
  • Colloquial verb phrase
  • Wrong verb tense
  • 100+ types of errors

Who Should Use Grammarly?

Everyone! That’s the long and short of it.

Grammarly is designed to enhance writing skills, and writing is intrinsic to the modern lifestyle. Emails, social media posts, blog posts, college papers or even proposals.

Purchasing a generic grammar checking tool may not be necessary.

But a premium tool like Grammarly Premium offers so much more. Just the plagiarism feature can be a lifesaver for so many students!

Just incorporating the use of Grammarly Premium into one’s day to day can make them a better writer tomorrow. Why wouldn’t it? It not only shows how much better you could get, but it also sends you writing reports via email.

Grammarly Free Vs. Grammarly Premium

Grammarly unlocks all its features only in its paid versions – Premium and Business account. However, the free version of Grammarly is good to get a peek of what’s in store after an upgrade.

Plan comparison 25.06

Explaining this further, free Grammarly can be used for casual writing. But Grammarly Premium version is the go-to, really, for work, school or everyday writing.

It’s bursting with some excellent features like over 400-odd types of checks to your grammatical structuring so that your writing is engaging, accurate and easy flowing.

While free Grammarly gives basic writing suggestions, Premium version of Grammarly provides style, tone and clarity improvements for your writing in real time.

A closer look at the feature comparison would suggest that Grammarly Free is a pretty great punctuation, conciseness, grammar and spelling checker, providing far more bang for your (technically zero) buck when compared to other grammar checkers in the market.

Whereas Grammarly Premium provides checks on everything that Grammarly Free Provides Plus fluency, readability, citation suggestions, inclusive language, formality level and vocabulary enhancements, among others.

Side-by-side comparison of Grammarly Free version vs Grammarly Premium version

MetricGrammarly Free Grammarly Premium
Advanced Grammar, spelling, and punctuation checkerYY
Fixes writing style aka flowY
sentence structureY
Overused wordsY
Ineffective/weak vocabularyY
Detects WordinessY
Hedging languageY
Insensitive or non-inclusive languageY
Inappropriate tone or formality levelY
Plagiarism CheckerY

Additionally, I put this a test — and found that the Grammarly premium checker detected a lot of errors that couldn't be identified by the free Grammarly account.

Bottom line? Grammarly Premium is much more extensive as compared to its free counterpart.

Click here to get Grammarly premium

(Psst… You can try Grammarly Premium FREE for 7 days.)

Grammarly Vs. Online Writing Tools

Grammar software tools are similar. Hence, the choice between each robust competitor (Ginger, WhiteSmoke, ProWritingAid) is confusing.

However, each of them has something additional to offer over the other. Let’s compare them with Grammarly:

How does the Grammarly premium compare to other online writing tools?

1. Grammarly compared with Ginger

Grammarly Premium offers a plagiarism check, while originality checking feature like this is altogether absent from Ginger.

pasted image 0 37

Ginger contains an in-built translator of more than 60 languages. It also offers affordability in pricing plans. In contrast, Grammarly only provides support in 4 English dialects – British English, American English, Canadian English, and Australian English.

pasted image 0 35

So, if you're looking to check different languages, Ginger is probably more helpful but overall Grammarly provides far more features that Ginger. Read my Grammarly vs Ginger comparison guide for more detailed review.

2. Grammarly compared with ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid allows one to connect all their devices. They have no limits in this regard. Grammarly, on the other hand, restricts connecting to 5 instruments only. This is allowed in the paid versions, not Grammarly free version.

Additionally, ProWritingAid Premium version provides more comprehensive and detailed feedback. It places no cap on the word count during usage. Whereas, Grammarly (all versions) puts a cap on documents (100) and word count (50,000) within a 24-hour timespan.

So, if you're looking for bulk usage Prowriting aid is better, but it's a lot more expensive. Read my Grammarly vs ProWritingAid comparison guide for a detailed review.

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly

WhiteSmoke offers language support in 55 languages, affordable pricing, video training material. It also provides templates to assist you to draft professional and formal documents. These are its most prominent advantages over Grammarly. These make WhiteSmoke attractive for global users.

Read my Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke comparison guide for a detailed review.

Grammarly vs Online writing tools

As I said earlier, there are no free lunches. If there are, they’re not as exciting as a real meal.

All free versions will lack the oomph factor that their paid counterparts provide. But it’s usually good enough to get a feel of the tool.

Since these alternative options offer free trial versions, you could quickly sign up and sign in to check out what they have to offer.

Having said that, though ProWritingAid and Whitesmoke could be considered as competitors, Grammarly is the clear winner among them and the other options- Ginger, Citation Machine, and Scribens.

Grammarly is not as cluttered and is a sleek, streamlined tool. Its desktop app has an easy interface, built on a minimalistic theme with high functionality.

Whether it’s installation or using it for your document, all it takes are a few clicks.

Grammarly vs Human Proofreader

Being a professional writer for years, I have extensive experience in proofreading my documents as well as hiring professional proofreads to give my writing a professional once-over before turning it in.

I know what it takes to proofread everything from simple social media posts, emails and blogs all the way to high-level writing for journals, trade magazines and even whitepapers.

Therefore, my views on this part of the Grammarly review is entirely personal to my own experience.

You can use Grammarly, an AI-backed software, has many strengths. But it lacks the ability to gauge context correctly.

Unlike a human editor, machines don’t understand emotions or empathy, and this can deter their full understanding of context. It has a long way to go before matching humans in this area.

For example, some words may be devoid of spelling errors, but they may not be relevant for the context of that paragraph. You can’t use Grammarly to catch that.

English has tricky rules of grammar. Some that are meant to be broken. Storytelling has elements of creativity, contextual meaning of phrases, and tonality.  Grammarly is not yet equipped to understand those nuances.

Human proofreaders are necessary for transcending the rigidity of such shortcomings. But that’s a much superior function.

As a result, Grammarly is excellent for grammar spelling. Its use sits perfectly in everyday writing and points out simple grammar mistakes in the written word like casual writing and some amount of formal writing.

What is Grammarly compatible with?

Grammarly has great cross-platform functionality and works across multiple platforms like PC, mobile, and tablet.

Additionally, Grammarly has dedicated applications that support different software:

  •  MS Office extension
  • Web app (similar to google docs)Grammarly Chrome plugin
  •  desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS

Expect MS office; I use all the extensions as I write my content using google docs.

Bottom line Grammarly has great cross-platform functionality and can be used across.

How I use Grammarly Pro to fix my content

Now, that we’re well acquainted with Grammarly let’s talk about how to use it or rather how I use Grammarly to fix my content.

Remember, there is no right and wrong way, but I'd like to share my method so that you can get a few ideas and learn how to use Grammarly most efficiently.

Step 1: Write a shitty first draft

I write my content without using Grammarly. I don’t use the extension as I find that the errors get int the way of creativity. So, forget proof-reading (at the start) and write that article.

Pro tip: Use the browser extension/Grammarly portable keyboard when writing messages and emails.

Step 2: Run a Grammarly check

Now that you have your article upload it into Grammarly and manually proof-read the document. Read every error and make sure you’re consciously making changes instead of randomly changing everything.

Remember: human > tool

Step 3: Read that document out loud

After getting your document checked by Grammarly Pro, I run another check and read the document out loud myself.

This last step is crucial to spot those last-minute errors and polish the article if still required.

Step 4: Run another Grammarly Check (optional

If you added more content, you’ve most likely made a few errors. So, run your article through Grammarly and get it checked once again.

And that’s how I use Grammarly when writing articles for myself or clients.

Grammarly Premium FAQs

This is a nifty little section that answers the most common queries regarding Grammarly Premium subscription.

Q: What does Grammarly mean by the phrase, “intricate text”?

A: Grammarly has an advanced grammar checker that can also detect intricate text. This is ability helps you determine the readability of your sentences. Intricate being difficult to read.

Q: Does Grammarly Premium work?

A: Yes. Grammarly is powered by an insanely smart algorithm that goes beyond standard grammar checks into vocabulary checks, plagiarism, etc.

Q: Can Grammarly be trusted?

A: A common question I get asked is is it safe to use Grammarly?”. And the short answer; yes it is. Grammarly does NOT secretly store and use your data. Instead, it only processes your data (through its AI) and then later deletes it when it’s not in used

Q: Can I get Grammarly premium for free?

A: Not exactly. Grammarly is an excellent premium tool powered by real people and thus cannot be offered for free however there are a few unconventional methods if you can bear a bit of hassle.

Note: Sharing a Grammarly premium account with a friend will significantly bring down the cost.

Q: Does Grammarly have a coupon code?

A: Yes, Grammarly offers discount codes through its affiliates (people like me). I’ve written an entire article that talks about Grammarly’s Premium discount code.

Q: Are there any Grammarly alternatives?

A: Yes there are several Grammarly alternatives, but they are not as well-balanced as Grammarly. That said, you should definitely check them out for a more thorough review.

Q: How to Activate Grammarly Premium?

A: Grammarly Premium is automatically activated upon getting a Grammarly pro account. It does not require any manual activation.

Q: Does Grammarly have an app?

A:  Yes. Grammarly has great cross-platform functionality and works on browser (extension) and mobile and tablet devices.

Q: Does Grammarly Premium have a trial?

A: Yes you can try Grammarly Pro for seven days at no cost. I recommend giving it a shot if you're still not convinced.

Q: Is Grammarly a reliable plagiarism checker?

A: Yes Grammarly's collaboration with ProQuest allows its users to perform in-depth plagiarism checks on hard copy and soft copy sources.

Q: Is Grammarly premium worth it?

A: Absolutely! Moreover, if you use content for professional purposes such as univesity or client.

Is Grammarly worth it?

Writing is an essential aspect of communication. Only when you write well, can you convey your thoughts effectively. A well-written message speaks of your intellect and clarity of thought.

But a document fraught with grammatical errors shows you in a bad light. Using Grammarly can improve your writing over a few weeks. To see your writing scale up, you don’t even need the paid version. The free version will do.


Since I have been using Grammarly extensively, I can vouch for the fact that most Grammarly reviews won’t enlist these shortcomings.

Like, its chrome extension is not as elaborate as the Grammarly Editor. It misses out quite a few errors.

Also, one can’t blindly accept all its changes because an IA, unlike a human proofreader, has  (minimal) limitations in deciphering the nuanced text and context.

The best way to go about this, is to pay attention. Read the explanations thoroughly, do your own research if you’re unconvinced with Grammarly’s suggestion and ignore it, if you’re still doubtful.

Click here to get Grammarly premium

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