Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Review: Is it any good?

Let me get right to it…

If you're reading this, you probably thinking:

is Grammarly a reliable Plagiarism checker? Is it accurate? And bottom line, if you should get it.

And the answer?

Is grammarly plagiarism checker accurate

Yes. Grammarly is a reliable plagiarism checker. In fact, Grammarly recently collaborated with ProQuest (an extensive content database) and can now run both onlinand offline checks.

(That means both hard and soft copy)

What's more Grammarly has some rad add-on features apart from just plagiarism 👇

✔️Advanced grammar and spelling checks to avoid embarassing typos

✔️Vocabulary enhancer to improve your content without being an A-level writer

✔️Thorough content audits to improve tone, style, brevity, etc (thigns that make good content great!)

Point is, Grammarly's a reliable checker and much more.

(Or try it for 7 days)


Grammarly Plagiarism Checker review 2020 

As a professional B2B content marketer, I use a whole bunch of tools. After all, my clients pay a premium, and these tools help me consistently deliver that a-level content they need.

And to be frank, Grammarly is a tool I wholly use to run different tests on my content (think: structuring, flow, grammar, etc.)

But if you're reading this, you already know that and are probably wondering if Grammarly is a reliable plagiarism checker?

The short answer to that is it’s getting better.

Grammarly is suitable for a whole bunch of things, and it used to be terrible at running plagiarism checks, but now it's actually revamped its plagiarism check engine and is actually much better.

Grammarly Vs. Turnitin: A Quick Comparison

Plagiarism CheckersGrammarlyTurnitin
Character Limit100,00025,000 – 30,000 (Avg)
Online Database1.7 billion-plus websites1.7 billion-plus websites with iThenticate
Offline DatabaseYes (collab with ProQuest)Yes (Proprietary database)
Response Time5 stars out of 52 stars out 5
Reliability4 stars out of 55 stars out of 5
Additional Features5 stars out of 52 stars out of 5

Grammarly vs Turnitin: Reviewed & Compared

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker  ReviewGrammarly premium

It’s no surprise that Grammarly is one of the most popular content checker tools in the industry.

I personally use it and find that it is mainly good at one thing —  and that is as a content assistant to make good content great.

It does this using its extensive algorithm powered grammar check system that helps you improve your vocabulary, fix sentence structuring and more importantly, proofread your content for embarrassing grammatical errors.

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So, is Grammarly any good at plagiarism checks?

Well… yes, it is.

Back in the day, Grammarly used to look for plagiarism only against websites. But now, it runs in-depth plagiarism checks that can check for plagiarism against hard copies, like books and publications.

Grammarly achieved this due to its collaboration with ProQuest (a huge database of hard copy content).

Bottom line? Grammarly has wholly revamped its plagiarism checkers — and is now able to perform highly reliable plagiarism checks on your content (or your students ?).

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Wait! Are there any other alternatives?

Yes, Turnitin Feedback studio has the most comprehensive plagiarism checking software in the market. This tool is great for those only looking to run plagiarism checks (think: professors) mainly.

However, if you're looking to get a tool that does both improve the content and run plagiarism checks, then I recommend going for Grammarly Pro.

If you're a content marketer like me, then you'll find more use for Grammarly as opposed to Turnitin.

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Now, for those interested in a Turnitin feedback studio, here’s a short comparison against Grammarly

Wait! What about Turnitin vs Grammarly? What's better? 🤔

Well, Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism checker and used to run one of the most extensive scans. However, ever since Grammarly's collaboration with ProQuest, it's no longer the best plagiarism checker.

Yes, Turnitin is great to run plagiarism scans but that's about it. If you want more (think: grammar checks, vocabulary enhancer, etc), you won't get it.

Bottom line? Pick Grammarly. Period.

Now, if you read further, I'll dive into the nitty-gritty and compare Grammarly's plagiarism checker with Turnitins. First, I'll cover the comparison with a simple comparison table and then finally share my verdict on what's the most reliable plagiarism checker.

So let's get started.

Turnitin Review – A brief overview

Launched in 1997, Turnitin is an American based firm and aims at providing the educational Institutions with a tool to check for plagiarism.

They have around 30 million-plus students using their tool by 50,000 different institutions. Pretty big huh?

Since the internet and storage were a luxury back then, Turnitin provided the institutes a cheaper and simpler solution to check their students' works.

It has an extensive collection of offline database which is focused towards all educational related copies.

All previous articles are stored with them ever since.

Turnitin Pricing: How much does it cost?

There is no official price listing that Turnitin provides.

The only option you have is to contact a sales representative and select a package which best suits your requirements.

But from what the institutions have published, the cost of operation does not run cheap.

Turnitin pricing

Do you see how expensive it can get?

This pricing is primarily because Turnitin is checking for plagiarism extensively from websites, as well as their offline database.

This can get very labour-intensive, mainly because they do not have any intelligence working all the jobs.

Turnitin Plagiarism Checker: A Short review

Turnitin Feedback Studio a good plagiarism checker

Turnitin is a web-based content checking tool that has the most extensive plagiarism checking interface in the industry.

Who is this Turnitin for?

Turnitin is most commonly used among professors and students. After all, this tool's entire interface is optimized towards doing three tasks really well, and that is; to assign, grade, and check the content.

What makes Turnitin the most reliable plagiarism checker?

Instead of ranting about, here are some of the best selling points that make Turnitin’s the most reliable plagiarism checker in the market:

#1 Almost 1 Billion archived student papers

Turnitin plagiarism checker review 1

If you're a professor and review a ton of student papers. You will find a good use for Turnitin as it has a massive database of student archives that will ensure no one gets away with plagiarism.

#2 Over 67 billion web pages crawled

Turnitin plagiarism checker review 2

Search engine plagiarism is a common issue with thin content. Fortunately, Turnitin is continually crawling and indexing web pages to ensure it runs deep plagiarism scans against content.

#3 Over 178 million journal articles and subscription content sources

This tool can further be used to check research papers, thesis and dissertations against both online and offline from over 30 leading aggregators, databases and content providers:

  • Cengage Learning
  • EBSCOHost: 2.7million periodicals, biographies, brochures, encyclopedias, magazines, journals, books, and abstracts
  • Emerald Journals
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Grammarly Vs. Turnitin Conclusion: Who’s the clear winner?

Turnitin has the most extensive database to run in-depth plagiarism checks that beat all of the competition out of the water.

However, I recommend Grammarly Pro to content marketers that need a tool to improve their content and also occasionally run plagiarism checks.

On the other hand, I recommend Turnitin Feedback Studio to professors and teachers that need a tool mainly for running plagiarism checks on their student's papers.

So, there you have it!

I hope this article answers your query on whether Grammarly is a reliable plagiarism checker. Also, do let me know in the comments below, what plagiarism checker you decided to go with.

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