Starting a new project can be like herding cats. Tasks break up into sub-tasks, then micro-tasks and the next thing you know you’ve lost control of the story. Laying out project steps and tasks in a visual manner can help you stay in control of your project. 

There are several ways to do it – Gantt charts, decision trees, mind maps, etc. A flowchart software can help save you time and make the process building one accessible to all stakeholders involved. 

Let’s dive in to see what is a flowchart software, how it can help you, and the best flowchart software in the market for 2022. 

What Is a FlowChart Maker?

A Flowchart software or Flowchart maker is simply a tool that allows you to build a web-like map of a process.

The process could be anything, including web design, new product launch, content planning, publishing strategy, content marketing strategy, or anything else. A flowchart software provides a customized and easy-to-understand shape to the process.

It makes it quick for everyone to understand the steps of a process with an eagle eye over minute details.

What are the Common Features of a FlowChart Software?

Flowchart softwares comes with many features allowing you to brainstorm, create, and visualize the workflow. However, the standard features of a flowchart software are,

  • Pre-Design Templates
  • Drag & Drop Features
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Data Import and Export

But only a few have some additional quality features to keep the user at extreme ease. The Best Flowchart software comes with extra perks, which makes them different from others.

Why Do I Need Flowchart Software?

Flowchart software helps in giving a visually creative shape to your brilliant ideas. These ideas are the key factors to solve issues encountered in the workflow. So regardless of the length of the process, you can add as many details as you want.

It helps you remember the process details without risking your performance. Moreover, you can create a draft of a business model to represent it in front of your team. You can ask them about the ideas they have and add them to the chart.

Mostly, Project Managers have to deal with the process, including data. So the flowchart tools can be of great importance for them. So, if you are a project manager, you can create data charts more easily and quickly than ever with the flowchart maker.

The 12 Best Flowchart Software of 2022

So, here is the list of the 12 best flowchart software that you can use to enhance brainstorming, creativity, and customization of your project workflow. Depending on your needs, you can select the best one from the following to maximize your creativity.

Cacoo – Best Collaborative Flowchart Software

Cacoo flowchart software

Cacoo is the best online diagramming and flowchart software, which comes with extremely versatile features. From the flowchart to wireframes and project workflow design, Cacoo gives you full control to unleash your creativity.

Moreover, for creative collaborative work with your team, you can add them and brainstorm new ideas with your team. With Multi-User Editing, you will get updates of who is editing. Additionally, for easy communication through the software, you will have access to In-app Chat and can comment on the diagrams.

Aside from this, activity notification updates will keep you updated about the changes in the flowchart. These features make it an ideal flowchart software for large teams.

Moreover, the diverse library of templates, shapes, and designs with a Drag & Drop feature lets you give a creative colorful shape to your ideas. So, whether you want to create organizational charts, wireframes, network diagrams, or life maps, you can make them in minutes.

Additional Features of Cacoo

  • Effective Team Management with Instant Access
  • Easy to organize
  • Revision History
  • Allows import and editing Visio files.
  • Dynamic Charts.
  • Embed diagrams.
  • AWS Importer.
  • Integrated with Productivity Tools.

Cacoo Pricing Plan

Cacoo Pricing

Cacoo Flowchart software comes with the best features in the best price range.

  • FREE PLAN – Free Forever with limited features.
  • PREMIUM – $5 per user per month with unique features.

So, if you are a single user, then you can use the Free Plan as well.


creately flowchart software

Creately is designed for creative teams to collaborate and brainstorm about different brilliant ideas. It lets you draw flowcharts, diagrams, project workflow diagrams, mind maps, and more. With real-time collaboration features, you can interact and ask your team to collaborate in the project diagram.

Moreover, it comes with more than thousands of shapes and diagrams that help you visualize and give a virtually creative look to anything.

Additionally, easy drawing shortcuts let you take your creativity to the maximum levels within a few clicks. You can change the colors, connect different steps, and change the shapes depending upon the task.

Aside from these, Creately comes with more than fifty different types of diagrams, charts, and maps that you can use. From the Templates Library section, you can select the one that suits your needs.

Creately Pricing Plan

Creately plans

Creately offers FOUR different packs of solutions at different pricing targeting different needs of multiple businesses. Including

  • Free Plan – Free Forever with limited features.
  • Personal – Starting from $4.08, perfect for individual monarchs.
  • Team – Starting from $4.08 per month per user, perfect for creative teams.
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing depends on your needs and desires.

Aside from the Free plan, the notable thing is the 30 days money-back guarantee. So, you don’t have to be worried about giving it a try. If it doesn’t suit your needs you can take your money back at any time.


ConceptDraw flowchart maker

Here is the third pick under the best Flowchart software. ConceptDraw is one of my favorite software that comes with incredible features. However, it is a bit expensive. But if you are a team of creative individuals and want to excel in your creativity, it will be a perfect fit for you.

It comes with a wide range of interactive templates of Maps, Flow charts, and other management or project workflow diagrams. Everything is easy, quick, and simple to create. Moreover, you can add relatable images, maps, and boxes representing different parts.

Moreover, you will be having an extremely versatile control over illustration creation to draw exactly what you think. Whether it is an Infographic for a medical project or something related to summer sports. You can creatively design without thinking about limitations.

Additionally, the uniqueness is the access to Genogram and Kanban Board. These features will help you in the creation of family trees or any informative genograms.

In a nutshell, you can say that it is one of the most incredibly fantastic flowchart software that you can have for your team.

Additional Features of ConceptDraw

In addition to the features mentioned above, ConceptDraw comes with

  • Business Diagrams
  • Business Management Package
  • DOM Tree
  • Class Hierarchy Tree
  • Cisco Networking

And much more.

ConceptDraw Pricing Plans

conceptdraw office plans

ConceptDraw is a bit more expensive flowchart software than others. It comes with different pricing plans with various features.

However, they offer solutions in three different categories with the lowest price of $99. For more details about pricing and categories, you can visit the pricing page here.


Miro flowchart software

If you are looking for a creativity booster for your team, I would suggest Miro.

Miro is one of the best flowchart tools that is specially designed for teams. Whether you are a team together in an office or a remote team collaborating with software and tools, you don’t have to be worried about team collaboration and creativity. Miro got you covered with suitable solutions.

Basically, Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform with additional features. In real-time collaboration, you can brainstorm ideas and solutions to different problems. Moreover, you can give them a virtually creative, customized, and interactive look so that you and your whole team will enjoy working on it.

Being listed in the best flowchart software, Miro has some fantastic features. It comes with advanced administrative controls and multiple creative templates for mind maps, flow charts, and strategies.

Additionally, the versatile infinite canvas and whiteboard permits you to work the way you want to. Integration with management and business apps unleash the potential of your team.

Miro Pricing Plan

Miro Pricing Plan

Miro offers four different pricing plans coming with different sets of features. Each plan is carefully designed for different teams containing members.

The Free Plan comes with limited features but unlimited team members. Other Plans are

  • Team – for more than two team members.
  • Business – For large teams with more than 20 team members.
  • Enterprise – For vast teams with more than 50 team members.

Additionally, if you are working with a client in Miro, you can use the Consultant plan, designed for freelancers and agency owners.

Miro Consultant Plan

Gliffy – The Best Diagramming & Collaborative Software

Gliffy mind mapping software

Gliffy is one of the most creative yet straightforward flowchart software for teams. It made it cool to collaborate with your team to design and brainstorm different workflows without being worried about the location.

Like others, Gliffy comes with many essential features that should be in a flowchart software. However, three basic solutions are designed and served by Gliffy. These includes

  • Diagrams for Business
  • Diagrams for design projects.
  • Diagrams for Software Engineering.

All of these solutions are well-equipped with unique features. Moreover, in each category, you will have access to many different creatively designed pre-made templates. So, you can use templates to make the process quicker and enhance your creativity.

Gliffy is the most customized flowchart software. It makes it easy for you to handle your projects with creativity without being worried about versatility.

Gliffy Pricing Plans

Gliffy offers three different pricing plans that are designed for different businesses.

  • Professional – Perfect for one user at $8 per month (billed annually).
  • Team – Perfect for small teams at $6 per month per user (billed annually).
  • Enterprise – For enterprise and established companies (custom pricing).
Gliffy offers

Aside from these pricing plans, Gliffy offers diagrams for Jira and Confluence. It will help you in better collaboration and team communication.

Terrastruct – For Software Engineers.

Terrastruct flowchart software

Terrastruct is another great pick under the best Flowchart softwares. Like others, it also comes with many exciting features, but these features are specially designed for software engineers and architectures.

It comes with those robust features that allow you to create a visual representation of the software you will deploy or the website you launch without coding. You can create a detailed structure of the app you will launch or a complex tool or software.

Terrastruct gives you complete versatility to go into details of the software. You can add as many details as you want in different layers. Moreover, you can define and explain different scenarios with minute details.

The scenarios can be defined in the step by step details with the help of Sequencing features. For example, you can brainstorm a strategic solution for writing content faster and add relevant metrics along with the steps. Additionally, you will be free to download these data in PDF files or Powerpoint, with the liberty to interlink different files.

Aside from this, Terrastruct is integrated with different management and business apps & softwares. It lets you take your work with you. Moreover, with advanced collaboration features, you can collaborate with your team in real-time for better results.

Terrastruct Pricing Plan

Terrastruct Pricing Plan

Terrastruct offers three different pricing plans.

  • Free – Free forever with limited features.
  • Company – For growing and established companies (Custom Pricing).

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio flowchart maker

Microsoft Visio is another great flowchart maker that you can use to draw detailed project workflow diagrams. It is the best flowchart and diagramming software that comes with brilliant features. You can easily give a creatively amazing visual look to your ideas and represent them in front of our team.

Moreover, you can brainstorm with your whole team without being worried about their location. Visio gives you access to online collaboration with your team. They can see, visualize, and draw the ideas they have in their mind.

Additionally, to make the process speedy for you, Visio gives you access to many tools, templates, stencils, and other features to reach the level of maximum creativity. Simply open it up, write down the details, and connect the dots to move forward.

Microsoft Visio Pricing Plan

Microsoft Visio pricing plan

Microsoft Visio comes in two different versions, Desktop and Online, with varying versatility and pricing levels.

The pricing starts from $5.00 per user per month without tax. Whereas the Visio Plan 2 cost $15 per user per month with exclusive tax. You can select the one that suits your needs.

Edraw Max – All-in-one Creativity Solution

EdrawMax flowchart tool

If you are looking for your creativity buddy to increase the output of your project workflow, Edraw Max is for you.

Edraw Max is one of those Flowchart makers who come with versatile features and tools to keep you and your team creative. It comes with more than 280 types of diagrams that will cover every detail & need of your business.

Moreover, the user interface and features are easy to use. The drag and drop feature makes it quicker to draw what you think. As you get done with brainstorming and creation, you can download the file in different formats.

Additionally, the software is supported and compatible with all operating systems. So, you can access it on any device. Whether you are using the downloaded software on Windows, Mac, Linux, or using the web version, all features and tools will be the same.

Features That Makes EdrawMax Different

  • 2000 Built-in professional templates.
  • 26,000 drag-and-drop symbols.
  • Intuitive Visuals.
  • More than five different supported formats.
  • You can share on four different social platforms.

EdrawMax Pricing Plan

EdrawMax pricing plan

EdrawMax offers many mind mapping, charts creations, and Flowchart solutions. However, each plan provides solutions to different tasks.

For flowchart making, you can select the Wondershare EdrawMax. It is a complete solution to all of your charts and workflow creation, starting from $99.


lucidchart flowchart software.

LucidChart is my online flowchart and diagram buddy that stays with me. It is a perfect solution for remote teams and people working from their homes.

Lucidchart is a perfect partner for remote teams who need a companion to brainstorm new ideas and give them a visually customized yet catchy look. The team can connect, communicate, think, brainstorm, and draw their creative thoughts on Lucidchart.

Lucidchart flowchart software offers complete solutions to all of your needs. You don’t have to be worried about the limitations, technicality, and creativity. This cloud-based flowchart maker got you covered from every aspect.

The most important thing that people love about Lucidchart is the overlay of important data and files within the steps of a flow chart. If you have a complete strategic process to any step mentioned in the flow chart, you can connect it for easy customization.

In a nutshell, Lucidchart is a perfect buddy of creative teams that allows you to

  • Optimize your business processes.
  • Visualize all of your technical systems.
  • Brainstorm new ideas with your technical teams.
  • Design a consistent user-experience.
  • Plan and deploy new features quickly.

Lucidchart Pricing

LucidChart Pricing Plan 1

Lucidchart flowchart software comes with four different pricing plans. All of which comes with access to professional templates, collaborative features, and integrated with various business and management apps.

  • Free – Free forever with limited features.
  • Individual – Starting at $7.95.
  • Team – Best for creative teams, starting at $6.67.
  • Enterprise – Perfect for growing businesses, custom pricing.

Lucidchart gives complete versatility with robust features.


smartdraw flowchart maker

SmartDraw is my last pick under the best flowchart maker. It is one of the easiest, user-friendly, and quick flowchart software that allows you to hit the height of creativity and elegance.

When it comes to the interface and dashboard, SmartDraw proved to be more effortless than Microsoft Visio. It has a drag and drops feature with which you can add, eliminate, relocate, and adjust the workflow steps.

Moreover, SmartDraw just launched the free Connectors for Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira. It allows your team to connect and collaborate in real-time without being worried about their location.

Additionally, SmartDraw has an updated knowledge base that they keep updating to assist their users. The knowledge base will help you solve and rectify every problem that you might face while using the software.

SmartDraw is equipped with more than 4,500 templates for more than 70 different diagram types and more than 34,000 symbols for every discipline. You don’t have to waste your time crafting visual creativity. SmartDraw flowchart software got you covered.

Aside from this, SmartDraw is integrated with many updated management and business apps and softwares. This software helps you use the SmartDraw and expand your creativity without being limited by the format and software.

SmartDraw Pricing

SmartDraw plans

SmartDraw offers the coolest pricing plans than anyone else. You can purchase this jackpot of creativity and have it for a lifetime. Based on users, there are two primary plans

  • Single User – At just $9.95 per user, billed monthly
  • Multiple Users – For more than five users at just $5.95 per month is a drag and drop flowchart building tool which makes creating advanced and complex diagrams easy. Moreover, it can integrate with Confluence and Jira through a plug-in so you can build flowcharts within a specific context and link it back to your task map. benefits

The shape library available is extensive with rectangle, arrows, circles, diamond, etc. which integrates easily with most cloud storage services such as OneDrive, DropBox, G Suite, etc. is fully compatible with other flowchart makers like Gliffy, Vision, etc., too so importing and exporting files to partners who might be using different tools makes the process stress-free. Pricing plans

You do not need to subscribe to a plan to start and can instead begin with a free trial account for the period of 30 days. offers a tiered pricing program plan and depending on your team needs, you can choose one over the other: 

  • Annual
  • Monthly 
  • Server integration

If you have one-time project needs, a monthly plan might be cost-effective over a yearly plan. If you have recurring project needs or multiple projects going on simultaneously, it might make sense to explore their annual or server plans. 


This one is for the pros out there. VisualParadigm is a modeling and programming tool for agile and SCRUM project managers. It comes with an exhaustive set of features such as UML diagrams, UX mapping, wireframing, organizational charts, etc. 

VisualParadigm homepage

It can fit a wide cross-section of needs for those who have been working with project management tools for a long time and are looking for something that’ll match their growing needs. To speed up the flowchart building process, it also comes with more than forty templates to get you started!

VisualParadigm Pricing 

VisualParadigm plans

VisualParadigm offers a 30-day no-obligation trial where you can download the program and get started right away. If you want access to more features, you have the following annual pricing options with Modeler being the most affordable one:

  • Enterprise – $1999
  • Professional – $799
  • Standard – $349
  • Modeler – $99

Factors to Consider while Purchasing a Flowchart Maker

Based on the versatile options and choices available in the market, selecting a flowchart software becomes a tricky process. Moreover, the competition in providing ease and value to the user is increasing. So, you have to keep an eagle eye on every feature that you need.

Here is a simple guide about what things you should consider before purchasing flowchart software. This includes,

1. Ease of Use

While purchasing a flowchart maker, you should consider its speed. Make sure that the software must be easy to use and must have templates and pre-made visuals to minimize the time of creation.

2. Customization

The flowchart-making tool must be customized to align your chart with dimensions to adjust it on a page without compromising the quality. The canvas should be of high dimensions, or it would be great to have an unlimited canvas.

3. User-Friendliness

Make sure that the software you select must be user-friendly and meets the necessary standards. Flowchart software is designed to make the process quicker and creative for you. So, in this sense, the software must be user-friendly and must have an interactive dashboard.

4. Automate Processes

The software must have some automated steps. Automated steps assist the user in creating exactly what they think.

5. Integration with Updated Apps & Software

The flowchart software should be integrated with many business apps and software. Integration with G-suite, Slack, and other software makes it easy to use and share the flowcharts, diagrams, and project workflows without any issue.

6. Collaboration

Another must-have and the most important and notable feature is easy collaboration. The software must have easy collaboration features and allow you to collaborate with your team in real-time.

Aside from the features mentioned above, there are many other things and features that a flowchart making tool has. However, before making a purchase, you have to be clear about the features you want, depending on your needs. Based on those features, you can move forward with selecting the vendor and making a purchase.

Top Open Source AKA Free Online Flowchart tools

Aside from the long list of the best flowchart software mentioned above, here are some additional picks. There are many open-source flowchart software available out there that you can use to express your creative ideas. Once you have charted the task timeline, you can explore how to manage those tasks using task management software. 

Here are some of the best open-source flowchart software to get started with on your journey: 

Get Flowing Today!

There's a good chance your first try at making the flowchart won't work. It may be hard to find the right words to describe your process. Your process may be too complex. But, don't give up! You can always find ways to simplify the process or change it to make it more clear.

This article is just a start to thinking about how to use flowcharts to aid your processes. Pick a tool you like and get started today! 

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