Finding a decent job is getting harder by the day in the post-coronavirus world, and in times like these, a job board like Flexjobs is beneficial.

In this Flexjobs review, I will talk all there is to know about it and help you come to an answer to the question: “Is Flexjobs worth getting?”.

A bit about Flexjobs first: It is a job platform where job seekers come to find curated jobs and employers visit to post all sorts of online job opportunities.

One interesting thing to note is that Flexjobs isn’t just for freelancers. Unlike many other similar platforms, it offers more permanent and long-term telecommute jobs than one-off projects.

Alright, so I will begin to review Flexjobs now.

Flexjobs Review: Is it any good?

Why finding online work can be so hard

There are several problems that you might come across when looking for better business opportunities online.

Like, where do you even begin to find work? When you are just starting, you don’t have many connections, making it a bit hard.

Eventually, you might join a free jobs finding platform, but you will have another issue. Then, older sellers will be highly favored, and an employer may not want to give a high paying job to a beginner like yourself.

After that, what happens? You will have to waste a lot of your time searching for jobs, and at the end of the day, you will get low paying work that may not be that flexible or may not be as you want.

If you want to work a remote job, whether part-time or full-time work, what can you do about this issue?

Flexjobs saves the day.

The issue is solved when Flexjobs comes into the picture. It does so by being a paid platform that weeds out all the low-quality jobs.

It is a big platform with a massive variety of jobs like:

  • Work from home jobs
  • Remote jobs
  • Part-time jobs
  • Full-time jobs
  • Flexible work
  • High paying jobs
  • Entry-level work
  • Home job
  • And more Is it legit?

Since Flexjobs is a paid job search platform, this is a question that might come floating to your mind. Many other job search platforms are free, then why is it paid?

Is it perhaps a scam? The answer is, no, it isn’t a scam at all. The features it provides you are well worth the cost. You will find a significant number of better business opportunities here as compared to other platforms.

Not to mention, there is even a money-back guarantee, so you can always get your money back if you feel like it isn’t worth it for you.

That’s unlikely to happen, though. It is too good not to use. I will explain why in the next few sections.

On another note, I recommend checking out my article on best work from home jobs as it will help to get the best out of FlexJobs.

Some background on Flexjobs

Flexjobs was created by Sara Sutton back in 2007 to make a platform for finding flexible jobs from a wide range of options, like remote work.

Sara Sutton was already a founder of an entry-level employment agency, so she knew the things’ ins and outs, hence why Flexjobs has grown into one of the top-rated platforms for looking up jobs.

A person looking for jobs can search for their preferred opportunity on this platform, say, part-time. They need to enter “part-time” as a criterion in the search, and they will get a tremendous amount of curated opportunities.

The ease with which one can find the jobs is, in part, why it isn’t a completely free platform.

How exactly do you use Flexjobs?

To begin using Flexjobs, you have to head over to the advanced search function. Select all the relevant criteria here so that you can pinpoint what you need.

After you hit the search button, Flexjobs will provide you with a list of results that the search tool thinks are relevant. Just select any job from it to view all the details.

The details include the company’s name, location, job type, background info, expected pay, requirements like education and experience levels, etc.

image2 4

You can also see detailed job descriptions that explain how exactly you would be doing the job, what your work life would be like, and what the company wants from you.

Once you have found a job that you want to apply for, head down to the page’s bottom, you will find directions for posting an application to the company.

How you would be applying differs from employer to employer. Usually, you have to email the company with your resume and portfolio.

Some companies just link you to a dedicated job page on their website, and from there, you can apply for the position.

Companies also make you fill a form before you can send your resume.

You have a few options here like you can save this job for future applications or report the employer as fraud and many more similar options.

Flexjobs will follow up with you from time to time to know whether the company you applied for through the Flexjobs search hired you.

The reason for that is nothing but marketing and internal tracking purposes.

Do note that Flexjobs never stores your resumes or anything and never meddles in your hiring process, let alone overseeing the hiring process or workflow.

Flexjobs’ role is to simply create a platform where employers and job seekers come together and interact with each other.

Everything relating to actual hiring is on you and your employer; this includes the payment.

So yeah, devote some proper time for looking through all the job postings to find the job that’s genuinely the best one for you.

Looking at many such postings will also give you an idea about what the global hiring environment is like, and you will also learn to tell which offer is reasonable quickly.

1. Signing up to Flexjobs

First up on your Flexjobs journey would be the account sign-up process, and it’s quite simple.

You only need to enter your name, your email address, and a password. Ensure that you use a secure password as it will be troublesome for you if your account gets stolen.

image3 2

Once you enter the above details, you will be required to select a membership plan. Choose the one that works for you and make the payment.

Remember, Flexjobs gives you a money-back guarantee after one month, so going for a bigger plan won’t harm you.

So it is recommended that you go for the best value plan, that is, the one year plan. You can refund if you feel like it.

2. How do you find the employer that’s right for you?

When looking for a job, what’s the most crucial factor to consider? As you are thinking, the pay, of course.

However, you should consider some other essential factors, which can be just as important as the pay, like where you would be working and how your work conditions would be like and similar things.

To find an employer where your quality of work-life would be good enough is achievable only after doing some extensive research, which will eat up a lot of your time.

Not on Flexjobs, though. Flexjobs makes the process relatively simple. It does so by offering you a dedicated tool that allows you to research companies and view some featured job listings.

image4 1

Featured job listings include the top 100 remote companies for you. A group of experts, who handpick these hundred companies, put together the featured job listings after careful consideration.

The tool shows you profiles of these companies with all the useful information. It also scores companies based on things like the total number of employees and other similar factors.

You can also read reviews and testimonials from other job applicants hired by these featured companies on Flexjobs.

If you are looking for some remote work, it would be best to look for flexible jobs for better work-life and time management.

All these things will give you a complete picture of a featured, that is, the top 100 remote employers, thus helping you decide whether the jobs are actually for you.

3. Why consider Flexjobs?

Well, first of all, Flexjobs is unique in that it’s a paid platform for finding a full-time, part-time, or a remote job.

What separates it from the many free job platforms available on the market is that those don’t have as many legitimate work opportunities with good pays.

In this one, though, you only get curated work. What this means is that you will find better pay provided in these jobs.

Some features help you narrow down your search based on specific criteria to find only those jobs you want.

An additional benefit of Flexjobs is that it has a great many remote work/work from home jobs. I am sure that you will prefer to work from home jobs during this pandemic, especially those that are quite flexible.

The platform shines when compared to the free alternatives in this department: You can find work that’s as flexible and remote as you may want, without worrying about the pay being abysmal.

How much does Flexjobs cost?

If we are getting to know Flexjobs, can’t forget to mention the pricing, can we now?

At the moment, a month of Flexjobs subscription will cost you $14.95. There are other plans like you can get a week’s worth of subscription at just $6.95.

image1 4

You can also go for a bulk subscription, like the three-month one, which costs $29.95 or the 1-year one, which is only $49.95.

I am sure a good percentage of job seekers would have frowned at the pricing, thinking in their mind reasons like “who pays for job search platforms?”.

While it’s understandable where they are coming from, a change of perspective might be needed here. Let’s say, at an average, you earn $15 per hour.

Now, imagine you are out of work entirely and are on the lookout for new jobs. You would spend at least several hours trying to find some excellent opportunities, and then there is the time needed to pitch a project or apply for an open position.

But what if you had a Flexjobs subscription with you? Yes, it will highly reduce the time you would have spent looking for new jobs as you won’t have to filter through irrelevant and underpaying gigs yourself.

If you save 3 hours, thanks to Flexjobs, you have made yourself an extra $45! That’s more than what Flexjobs took from you.

In summary: For just $14.95, you can automate the entire process of looking for jobs. You are saving some good time there, which you can use to improve your resume and prepare for interviews.

Flexjobs pros and cons: Is it worth it?

The pros and cons will help you build a quick impression of Flexjobs, so here they are:


  • Curated jobs only
  • Advanced search function
  • Zero ads
  • Email alerts
  • Extra perks for members


  • No feedback feature
  • No payment guarantee

Flexjobs features reviewed

Still unsatisfied about the price’s worth? Just take a look at the features that Flexjobs offers you:

These are the essential features that Flexjobs offers you:

  • Unlimited access to every job on the site
  • Free skills testing
  • Profile
  • Email notifications for new jobs
  • Job search advice by experts
  • Personalized portfolio

Naturally, you get all these no matter the subscription you choose.

As you can see, these are some excellent features that will help you find the right job for you, whether it be a remote or work from home job, a flexible part-time job, or even full-time work.

Let’s tackle the main problem now, “What sets Flexjobs apart from the competition?”. For that, I will review all the major Flexjobs features in-depth.

1. Resume evaluation (you get discounts if you opt for their writing services!)

Everyone knows the importance of a good resume. In reality, finding a job is only half the battle. Getting it is way more complicated!

Remember, your resume is your only initial window of communication with your employer. Later, you will be able to communicate through the interview.

And, you won’t be called in for an interview if you don’t have a resume that speaks to your employer, “Yes, I am the best candidate for the job.”

Thankfully, you can get your resume evaluated on Flexjobs by experts who will guide you through the process and make sure you have the best resume possible!

2. Flexjobs skills testing

The skills test is a convenient feature for employers as they can go through their applicants’ scores on one of these skill tests and come to a decision faster.

Job seekers can take a variety of multiple-choice based skill tests, which would make them 30 minutes or so to finish.

Once done with the tests, you can put them up on your profile for employers to see. Also, you can retake the tests if you want to get a better score.

I would say give the tests since most of the applicants would have as well. If you don’t, this can be a huge disadvantage for you, especially when the employer is in a hurry and is only skimming through profiles.

3. Hyperspecific application profile

Flexjobs gives you the ability to create multiple profiles. You can use this feature to your advantage and tailor specific ones for different employers.

It’s pretty helpful since if you had only a single profile for you, obviously not every employer will respond to it, but the issue gets fixed once you introduce multiple profiles into the mix.

Also, you can experiment using multiple profiles as much as you want. Send different ones to different employers and see which one works the best.

4. Email notifications

Nobody likes spam emails, but what about an email from a potential employer? Those are pretty sweet and desirable.

As you know, in today’s job environment, there isn’t any scarcity of job seekers, and most employers don’t want to go through twenty or so applications.

What they do is that they either just select the applicant who sent the application the fastest or they review the top three earliest applications.

Thanks to Flexjobs’s email notifications, you can also react quite fast to new postings and secure the job for yourself.

5. Flexjobs discounts (member perks)

The member perks that Flexjobs offers make the price even more worth it. The extras come in many forms, ranging from convenient features to discounts and deals on certain products.

One perk is the webinars that cover stuff like resume guides. Another is the learning center, where you can go through courses and guides that include a range of topics.

Flexjobs gives you discounts on certain products that can complement your work life. Deals are usually 10% off, but they can be more than even 50%.

The products offered are quite varied, like Grammarly is one of them, a product that checks your writing for errors. There is even a diet manual provided.

Though, of course, not everyone will find a use for these products like say, Grammarly might only be useful to people doing work relating to writing.

Don’t look at this as a downside, though, since a perk is still a perk and who knows, maybe one day you will find a use for it?

Flexjobs also offers you a discounted professional resume and career coaching, which will improve your career by bettering things like your resume presentation.

6. Company guide

The company guide is a pretty useful feature as if you read this, and you will get a decent idea about the company you have chosen.

Flexjobs reviews all these different companies and makes the guides themselves based on what their data.

It includes quite exciting and useful information like what kind of jobs the company has provided in the last few years.

The knowledge will all come in handy during the application and interview process as you will get an idea about what kind of trajectory the company is following and what they would require from you.

You will also be able to make a better judgment about the company based on stuff like if it’s work from home job-friendly or not, how many jobs they post each year, and what kind of positions are usually free.

For example, if a company posts a fair amount of work from home jobs, this means they have an established home job system, and thus they are likely suited for remote workers.

On the other hand, if the company doesn’t free up a significant amount of home jobs, it may mean that they are new with these kinds of jobs.

Your work from home job life may not be as pleasant an experience as you might be hoping for in such a company.

So yeah, I would recommend that you carefully read through the company review before making an application.

7. Advanced job search

Since this is a board for looking up job opportunities, this is arguably the most crucial feature. But, does the Flexjobs advanced search hold up?

The deciding factor for an advanced search function is how many different criteria it offers for searching and how diverse the options are.

Flexjobs advanced search has a total of 11 search criteria:

  • Keywords
  • Job type
  • Location (U.S.)
  • Career level
  • Categories
  • Excluded words
  • Remote work level
  • Work schedule
  • Featured employers
  • Location (International)
  • Whether willing to travel or not

These are a pretty wide variety of options, so yeah, I would say Flexjobs’ advanced search is indeed pretty good.

It is especially suitable for job seekers who provide highly specialized work, and so in most normal boards, they would have to scroll through a lot of work that’s unrelated to you as the search function there wouldn’t be as good.

It is especially significant to writers as there are hundreds of niches in writing, and thus it can be a pain to find the right job on typical job platforms.

With such a set of criteria, you can effortlessly search according to your needs and shortlist the genuinely relevant jobs.

Keep in mind, though, this feature is only handy if you have an idea about the types of jobs that you would want to work.

Give it some time and thought. Decide out of the many parameters which one you want. Is it remote, part-time jobs that you want? Work from home job full time? Or perhaps you are looking for traditional employment?

Once you get those straight in your mind, you will have zero trouble finding your dream jobs with great pay.

Again, if you look at some of the free alternatives, you will find that the search function isn’t just up to the par. You may even have to look for remote jobs in some of them manually!

Flexjobs Reviews FAQ

1. Is Flexjobs a scam?

No, Flexjobs isn’t a scam. It’s a legitimate job board where the Flexjobs team curates every single job posting.

2. Is there a Flexjobs refund policy?

Of course, there is. You have a money-back guarantee so you can refund if you feel dissatisfied.

Though do note that you can only avail the money-back guarantee after one month of starting a new subscription.

3. Does Flexjobs offer career and resume counseling?

Indeed, Flexjobs members can purchase exclusive sessions with experts regarding career and resume help.

4. How to join Flexjobs?

First, follow the link I have posted here. Second, simply fill in all the necessary information and create a new account.

And finally, choose a subscription and pay for it. You can buy the one year sub as it has the best value. Even if you planned to get a shorter plan, don’t worry, you can always refund it if you are dissatisfied.

Otherwise, you can continue with the best value subscription.

All done!

5. How are you paid on Flexjobs?

Unlike some of the other job boards, Flexjobs doesn’t handle the financial side of things.

Once a company selects you for a position, you will be directly hired by them, and so, the matter of pay will be between you and your employer.

6. How to cancel Flexjobs?

Cancelling Flexjobs is easy, simply head over to the subscriptions section in your account settings, and from here, you can choose to lapse or cancel your membership.

7. Is a Flexjobs promo code available?

At the publishing time of this review, there is no Flexjobs promo code is available. You can use the link I have given you to sign-up an account and get a 30% discount, though.

It might be worth checking every day to see if a Flexjobs promo is available now or not, but I would recommend that you register an account as soon as possible so that you can quickly start with your jobs find.

Is Flexjobs worth it?

Flexjobs can be a great job board for getting some quick, legitimate new jobs. While it isn’t a free platform, the subscription fee can be worth it.

The search function is potent, and if your work is highly specialized, this will be especially useful for you as you can quickly narrow down what you are looking for, which means that you can find, say, entry-level remote or work from home jobs rapidly.

The extra perks it provides can be pretty sweet, depending on your industry. Also, if you are a writer, Flexjobs can be incredibly convenient for you, thanks to the search function, which can help you narrow down your niche results.

The customer service is also pretty friendly when compared to some of the other jobs platforms. You can quickly get your queries sorted out and continue with your pleasant website experience.

All these features enhance your experience and make it easy for you to get the best jobs.

Then there are also its apparent flaws. Like it doesn’t provide you any payment guarantee since Flexjobs itself don’t overview these talks.

Also, Non-US residents might not find the board as useful since many jobs require you to work according to U.S. based time zones, so that will result in awkward work life.

Some jobs are also strictly for U.S. residents only, so you lose out on those opportunities if you are from outside the U.S.

There is also the lack of a feedback system, which is a massive downside compared to the competition.

Though, in the end, I would say Flexjobs is a pretty good job platform with some excellent features that make the cost worth it. Sure, there are a few flaws, but the benefits far outweigh the weaknesses, in my opinion.

Conclusion: So, should you join Flexjobs?

If you are looking for a quality job board that will save you tons of time and provide some terrific worth for the money, then yes, definitely go for Flexjobs!

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