60+ links in 6 months!

A leading AI software company worked with Mediaberry to grow its traffic by over 2772%!

The Client 


Started with

Current state

  • Next to zero quality backlinks

  • Some existing content

  • Very little organic traffic

  • Domain rating increase from 49 to 67

  • Organic traffic increase by 2,772%

  • Ranks competitively


Six months ago, a top-ranking AI software company reached out to us. This Client is a master of content production, as their advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software helps brands improve and edit their content. 


However, despite producing great content themselves, the Client  needed help driving traffic to their website. With a team of fewer than 50 people, the Client didn't have the manpower to step up content production – let alone face challenges like:


  • Ranking against a competitor with a market share so large it's a household name

  • Boosting their organic traffic without producing extra content 

  • Securing high-quality backlinks from other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies 


Naturally, they turned to Mediaberry. 


Our Strategy

With a budget of just $35k, Mediaberry created a plan to help the Client boost their domain authority. Specifically, we developed a two-step strategy designed to secure backlinks for them from top-ranking brands (though we won't reveal all our secrets!). 


Firstly, we planned and placed backlinks to the Client's website from other enterprise software brands popular with the Client's customers. Then, we widened our net to B2B brands in our network with high domain authority. 



During our two-step strategy, we focused our efforts around a key request from the Client: that we focus exclusively on building backlinks that are highly relevant to their AI software. 

So how did our strategy work in practice? 


Project Execution

In total, the Mediaberry team worked with this AI company for roughly six months (between December 2020 and July 2021). 


During that time, we continuously built high-quality backlinks to their Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU) content. While many agencies simply place backlinks wherever and whenever, we took a different approach. 


We used a strategic link rotation to ensure that we placed each backlink we built in top-performing B2B articles we knew would return results. This strategy also allowed us to build over 60 backlinks from a diverse range of websites (rather than link after link from the same 1 – 3 websites). 



Our team also used relationship-based link building to add the Client’s links into fresh editorial articles published by our extensive network. Our writers precisely planned these links to guarantee they fit naturally within the content and provided extra information to readers. 

So what were our results? 


Results with Mediaberry

Here’s what they said about their results:


Domain Rating Dec 2020: 48 

When we started our partnership with the Client, they had a domain rating of 48 in December of 2020.



Domain Rating July 2021: 67 

By July 2021, it improved to 67. That's an increase of nearly 40%! 



Organic Traffic Dec 2020: 9,034

Their organic traffic and organic keywords were 9,034 and 5,086 (respectively) in December 2020.

Organic traffic & organic keywords:



Organic Traffic July 2021: 259,500

By the end of July 2021, their organic traffic was  259,500 and their organic keywords were at 17,351. 


That's an increase of over 2772% in organic traffic alone! 



Referring Domains Dec 2020: 464

Finally, take a look at the Client’s number of referring domains which was just 464 in December 2020.



Referring Domains July 2021: 1,876

And ended up at 1,876 domains in July 2021. That's an increase of over 304%! 



Of course, you can't measure our success with just numbers. 


The work we did for this AI software company boosted their digital footprint, grew their brand authority, and helped them rank against a titan of the SaaS niche.


About the Client

Note: Our client is in a competitive niche and we have an NDA with them. They don’t want competitors to know why their SEO growth is so darn good, so we can’t share their names in this case study 🙂

Client Name

AI Software Company



Growth stage

Early stage

Funding type

Series A

Project budget



2020 – Present



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