Zero backlink growth in one year

An affiliate website fails to take our advice and suffers the consequences!

The Client 


Last year, a new affiliate website we call ‘Company V' reached out to us for help. The website helped readers navigate the confusing world of Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) services, with a special focus on business VoIP services. 

Although they had already begun publishing content, they struggled to draw traffic to their website and rank in search results. They were also facing other challenges, as they:


  • Couldn't build a good content strategy 

  • Had poor website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Had used Public Blog Network (PBN) linking and had damaged their site SEO


As Company V didn't have a dedicated content or SEO team, they needed help. Naturally, they reached out to Mediaberry.


Our Strategy

With a budget of $50k, Mediaberry developed a strategy to improve the website from the ground up. While we won't give away our trade secrets, our strategy had three key components. 


First, we created some engaging Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU) content for Company V to link to it later. Then, we built SEO and PR links to Company V. Finally, we provided Company V with guidance, tips, and tricks to help them create good quality content for their blog. 


So how did our strategy work in practice? 


Project Execution

The Mediaberry team worked with Company V for several months. During this time, we created content for their website and built links to their best TOFU content. 


Specifically, our writers produced B2B focused infotainment articles that educated readers on tech topics relevant to Company V's target audience. We supplemented these articles with high-quality external links designed to enhance the article's contents for readers and boost the article's ranking in search engine results. 


We also gave Company V links from brands within our extensive network of websites. We built links to Company V on an ‘at scale' basis, meaning we started building links to Company V from low-ranking, low-traffic websites and built our way up. 


For this, we used a data-driven strategy to plan the optimal place for each link. This strategy allowed us to space out links to Company V over several months, ensuring they received links from various websites (instead of link after link from the same source). 

So how did our strategy work out for Company V?


Results with Mediaberry

In the few months we worked together, we created highly-researched content for Company V and placed dozens of links for them. 


However, it was all for naught. 


Instead of following our advice, Company V chose to boost their domain ranking by using PBN links. This black-hat strategy damaged the website's SEO and undid all of the hard work we put into Company V.


Company V also failed to follow our advice and implement a long-term content strategy. As they only focused on link-building, the quality of their website didn't improve. Naturally, their organic traffic failed to grow, as they had nothing to entice readers with. 


Unfortunately, Company V chose to shut down their VoIP website. While we are sorry to see a website go offline, we can't help but wonder where they would have been now if they had followed our advice. 

About the Client

Client Name

Company V


Information Technology and Services


2020 – 2021

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