Zero organic traffic growth in one year!

A data-driven SaaS neglects to build a long-term content strategy and fails to grow!

The Client 


Last year, our team connected with a small SaaS brand we call ‘Company T.' Company T helps affiliate websites track their sales by providing a centralized dashboard to integrate data from Microsoft Ads, Google Ads, Data Studio, and Google Analytics. 


While thousands of affiliate websites trust Company T with their sales analytics, Company T has less than ten employees on staff. Naturally, they needed outside help, as they didn't have the workforce to face challenges like: 


  • Building a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) driven content strategy from scratch

  • Creating top-quality blog content that targets potential customers

  • Obtaining high-quality links to their landing pages 

  • Developing content with clear branding 


Looking to face these challenges head-on, Company T turned to Mediaberry. 


Our Strategy

With a budget of just $4K, Mediaberry designed a robust SEO-driven strategy for Company T. While we won't give away our trade secrets, our strategy had two key components. 


First, we developed a backlinking campaign to get Company T a mixture of SEO and PR links. At Company T's request, we exclusively linked to their homepage and landing pages (although we advised linking to their blog content for better results). 


Second, we provided Company T with guidance on building a content strategy to increase their organic traffic long-term. As Company T was looking to grow their customer base, we recommended that their content specifically target small businesses, entrepreneurs, and affiliate website owners. 

So how did our strategy work in practice?


Project Execution

The Mediaberry team worked with Company T for several months. 


During that time, we created many SEO and PR links to Company T's home and landing pages. We placed each of these links in content published by our extensive network of SaaS and B2B brands. We placed some of these links in fresh content while we added others to existing content.


While many agencies would have struggled to place such high-quality links to Company T, our team had a secret that meant we were perfect for the challenge: data. We used a data-driven strategy to perfect the placement of each link. This strategy allowed us to give Company T diverse links from many publications over several months (rather than giving them link after link at once from the same website). 


We also provided Company T with high-quality, SEO-optimized articles for their website. These articles were designed to supplement the blog content that we advised that Company T's team create. 


So how did our strategy work out for Company T? 


Results with Mediaberry

During our partnership with Company T, we placed dozens of links to their website from high-ranking websites. However, the project didn't turn out as we planned. 


Instead of following our advice to create a content strategy, Company T chose not to improve their current blog content. Unfortunately, this meant they failed to attract organic traffic, as they didn't have anything to offer potential readers.


As they didn't improve their content, the backlinks we placed weren't as effective as they should have been. 


While Company T is still growing as a small SaaS brand today, we can't help but wonder how much faster they would have grown if they followed through and improved their content strategy!

About the Client

Client Name

Company T


Information Technology and Services


2019 – Present

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