300+ links in 15 months!

An all-American Ecommerce furniture business worked with Mediaberry to grow its organic traffic by 400% in just 15 months!

The Client 

Started with

  • Solid SEO foundation but needed more to outdo competitors

  • Good backlink profile but wanted even more B2B authority backlinks

  • No resources to focus on niche link building



Current state

  • Has a defined “linkable content” strategy

  • Referring domains increased from 3,879 to 11,261

  • Organic traffic increased by 400%

  • Now part of a high quality backlink cluster


This ecommerce furniture brand has always stood out in its field. Since they disrupted the sleep-science industry in 2010, they've been a mover and shaker that's set industry standards. That's because they sell something no one else does: eco-friendly, memory foam furniture made locally in the USA. 


However, last year their ecommerce site had some digital marketing challenges they needed to address:


  • They found it challenging to get links from B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) brands

  • They needed a high volume of links to compete effectively

  • They needed to win links for multiple niche websites 

  • They were terrified that negative SEO attacks would tank their websites 


However, with less than 50 employees, they didn't have a dedicated team to address these obstacles. 


That's when they connected with Mediaberry. 


Our Strategy

With a budget of $105K to work with, the Mediaberry team designed a thorough strategy to boost our Client's digital profile. 


Our strategy involved: 


  • Creating fresh content

  • Building links to the Client’s existing content 


Technique Used: Link Asset Strategy


First, we built a content marketing strategy for the Client that helped them win backlinks from B2B SaaS companies. Specifically, we focused on creating “Linkable Content” aka “Link Assets” around the sleep and wellness niche (a field this Client has a high degree of expertise in). 


This is called the Link Asset Strategy.



Then, we designed a mass link-building campaign to link to the Client's best work. Within this campaign, we worked to build Search Engine Optimized (SEO) links to the Client's landing pages and Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU) content. We also worked to get the Client PR links to increase their PR foundation. 


So how did our strategy work in practice? 


Project Execution

In total, the Mediaberry team worked with this Client for just 15 months (from April 2020 to June 2021). During that period, we focused on building the Client’s backlinks from B2B SaaS companies, as none of their direct competitors have backlinks from such high-quality sources. 


Specifically, we focused on building natural links that brought readers to the Client's top work. We also used a link rotation strategy to make sure that the Client got diverse backlinks from many different websites (rather than multiple links from the same website). This strategy included three steps that we followed every month.



While many agencies would have struggled to build such a high volume of high-quality links, the Mediaberry team used a data-driven strategy that set us apart. Our link rotation strategy also allowed us to plan out links to their website over several months. This tactic ensured that every link we placed delivered results. 


We also supplemented our linking strategy with a revamp of the Client's content. During this revamp, we made sure their best resources were the easiest to link to. 


Results with Mediaberry

So, what sort of results did our campaign yield? We broke the results down by starting and ending months and goals achieved.


Referring Domains Apr 2020: 3,879

The Client's referring domains were just at 3,879 in April 2020.



Referring Domains Aug 2021: 11,261

The same metric was at 11,261 by August 2021. That's a 290% increase in referring domains.




Organic Traffic Apr 2020: 130,164

We also boosted the Client's organic traffic substantially. In April 2020, it was just 130,164.



Organic Traffic Aug 2021: 544,209

By the end of July 2021 we increased the Client’s organic traffic to 544,209. That's a 400% increase in organic traffic. 



But we can't measure all of our results with just raw data. Brand perception has also seen a significant improvement.


Our campaign helped this eCommerce mattress company boost their web presence, strengthen their advantage over their competitors with high-quality backlinks, and improve their brand authority online! 


Our partnership with them is ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates to come!  


About the Client

Note: Our client is in a competitive niche and we have an NDA with them. They don’t want competitors to know why their SEO growth is so darn good, so we can’t share their names in this case study 🙂

Client Name

Ecommerce Furniture Business


Furniture, mattress sales

Growth stage


Funding type


Project budget



2010 – Present



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