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TL;DR - A leading software company worked with Mediaberry to grow its traffic by over 2772%!

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The Client 

Just over a year ago, a leading business communication company we call ‘Company X' approached Mediaberry with a dilemma. 


Since 2008, Company X has strengthened the communication of business teams through its Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), Hosted PBX, and communication services. Company X's unified communication systems support over 100,000 companies including several Fortune 500 companies. 


But despite employing over 1,000 people, Company X had no internal team dedicated to winning their website backlinks. That meant that Company X had no manpower and three challenges to address:

  • They needed to increase brand authority with Search Engine Optimized content
  • Link building in their niche is difficult (especially to landing pages!)
  • They needed a high quantity of links to outrank competitors

Naturally, Company X connected with Mediaberry. 


Our Strategy

With a budget of $110,000, Mediaberry devised a plan to help Company X boost its web presence. Specifically, our robust strategy had three key activities (though we won't reveal the juiciest details here!) 


First, we designed a mass link-building campaign to build high-quality links to Company X from other leading Software-as-a-Service brands. Next, we focused our attention on building SEO links to Company X's landing pages and Top-of-The-Funnel (TOFU) content. Finally, we created awesome and engaging content for Company X's blog. 


We designed these activities around a request from Company X: that we focus on inserting links into existing articles (as Company X needed a lot of backlinks).


So how did our strategy work in practice? 


Project Execution

In total, the Mediaberry team worked with Company X for over thirteen months (from April 2020 – May 2021). 


During that time, we focused on creating over 250 SEO-focused backlinks that fit naturally into the articles we placed them in. When we placed links, we strongly considered reader intent and what links readers would be most tempted to click on. We only placed links we knew would win plenty of traffic. 


We also used a link rotation strategy to make sure we gave Company X a range of links from diverse sources (rather than link after link from the same website). 


While many content marketing agencies would have struggled to produce a large volume of high-quality links from unique sources, the Mediaberry team had a secret: data. Throughout our partnership with Company X, we used data to track and plan excellent links for Company X. That allowed us to focus on scale without sacrificing quality.


So what did we do for Company X?


Results with Mediaberry

In the time we worked together, Mediaberry lifted Company X's Domain Ranting (DR) from 75 in April 2020 to 79 in May 2021. 

We also lifted their organic traffic and organic keywords from 218,384 and 120,976 a month in April 2020 …

… to 499,084 and 152,288 a month in May 2020. That's an increase of 220% in organic traffic alone! 

Finally, we grew their referring domains from just 3,572 links in April 2020…

… to 6,709 links in May 2021. That's almost 190% growth in referring domains! 

Of course, you can't measure all of our hard work with numbers. 


The work we did for Company X also boosted their web presence, strengthened their existing content strategy, and improved their digital brand authority.

Client name

Company X


Information Technology & Services 


2008 – Present





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