10+ Best YouTube to MP3 Converters of 2020 (Free and Online)

With the increasing trend of listening and watching YouTube Videos, the desire to keep those audios is also increasing. This is where the Youtube to MP3 Converters comes in.

These MP3 converters allow you to convert & download YouTube videos in the MP3 version to listen to it anytime and anywhere. You can convert the YouTube playlists to MP3 and download them in your device to keep playing it all the time. Simply it means, you can keep audio from youtube video in your device.

There are so many software and tools that permit you to convert the MP3 files of your YouTube playlists. However, you have to be careful about the reliability of the software and the privacy policy of YouTube.

As the most used platform for listening to songs and watching videos, YouTube has strict privacy policies. So, it is necessary to consider those privacy policies before converting a video from youtube to mp3.

Depending upon the quality of software and audio, the ease of use, and security, I have picked a few Best YouTube to MP3 Converters that you can use.

So, let’s dive into the content.

What is the Best YouTube to MP3 Converter in 2020?

1. 4K Video Downloader

best youtube to mp3 converter

4k Video Downloader is one in all kinds of Youtube video downloaders that allows you to download and convert YouTube videos in a few clicks. If you want to download videos from anywhere on the internet, hands down, this is the best choice. Let us get into its key features.

Key Features

  • It provides Premium Quality videos. The quality does not fall when you download the converted YouTube Video video, which is a highly needed feature.
  • We all love hearing music & audio songs on loop. Most pieces are released on YouTube, but they cannot be downloaded on YouTube. This converter makes it easy for you to convert youtube videos audio in any format to listen to them quickly.
  • You can even download the private content for which you have access to YouTube. This feature comes handy when your favorite videos are made private by the content creators. Simply copy paste the link and convert videos to mp3.
  • You can edit the Youtube videos after downloading from Youtube to mp3 converter. This editing feature is beneficial, and it can be used to make informative slideshows.
  • You can download 3D & 360° Videos easily with the help of 4K Video Downloader.
  • You can download multiple videos at once and activate smart mode to ensure the conversion occurs at high speed.
  • It contains in-built proxy settings. Several contents on YouTube have geo-restrictions. With the help of this converter, you can easily bypass such restrictions.


This Youtube to MP3 converter comes in three versions. The free version allows you to do many things like downloading up to 30 videos per day, which are not bad. The downside with the free version is that you cannot download multiple videos at once. This increases the time required to download multiple videos.

It has two paid versions, personal and business versions. The unique version allows downloading three videos at a time. It costs 15$ one-time. Simultaneously, the business version comes with many perks like downloading unlimited videos at once and using it commercially. It costs 45$ one-time.

youtube to mp3 converter


youtube to mp3 converter

SnapDownloader YouTube to MP3 converter is feasible for both Windows and macOS. This cross-platform support is a plus point. One of the things which makes me prefer Snap Downloader is the video quality which it provides. It provides an 8K quality video, which is a massive and brilliant perk.

Key Features

  • The quality range of this YouTube to mp3 converter is super amazing. You can download a video at 8k, 4k, 1080p HD, or any other as per your preference and storage capacity.
  • It offers the facility to download videos from multiple platforms, so while buying its subscription. You get the immense benefit. You can even download Facebook videos.
  • The best thing is that SnapDownloader provides excellent 24/7 customer support, which means that you will always be safe with its subscription.
  • Although you pay once, it gives you updates for a lifetime. It means you do not need to renew your subscription anytime for updates.
  • You can download any audio versions of videos. It makes it easier to play podcasts and songs on loop when you are multitasking.
  • It supports 900+ websites, which includes all popular platforms. Thus, this purchase will be all in one solution for your video downloading issues.
  • Saving time is a priority for all. That is why it offers parallel downloads and high speed downloading, so you do not have to see a long buffering screen.
  • You can put the whole channel or the entire playlist on download with one click. Thus it saves time.
  • You can pass the location barriers and download any country’s content with an in-built proxy set up.


youtube to mp3 converters

All these fantastic features come in only 19.99$ for a lifetime. Yes, you read it right. Currently, there is a 33% sale going on. The original price is 29.99$. So make sure you do not miss it out and grab this fantastic YouTube to MP3 Converter.

2. Wondershare UniConverter

best youtube to mp3 converter

The unique feature of Wondershare UniConverter is its 30% high speed compared to its competitors in the market. It makes it a more compatible and quality service provider. You can access it both on Windows and macOS, which means one subscription will be enough for your devices.

Key Features

  • It converts videos from YouTube as well as from other platforms. The fantastic point is that it offers 1000+ audio and video formats so you can trust it for any type of conversion. Moreover, the mp3 conversion is of excellent quality.
  • It converts multiple files at once, which are compatible with all the devices.
  • It is relatively easy to use and compatible with beginners.
  • At times, we all need some customization and flexibility in videos. Wondershare recognizes this need and provides flexibility to customize the videos with some taps.
  • It comes with handy video tools like video compressors, GIF maker, and screen recorders. These are some essential things in this era of digital marketing.
  • It also has a DVD toolkit, which is a unique feature. With the help of this converter, you can convert DVD videos into multiple versions and edit them. You can also create DVD videos.
  • Personally, the feature that makes me prefer this converter is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to handle conversions.
  • It provides lifetime updates, so you do not need to worry.
  • If you are still confused about whether this amazing YouTube to MP3 Converter is the right choice or not, let me comfort you by telling you that you get a 30-days money-back guarantee.


what is the best youtube to mp3 converters

It has different plans. The lifetime plan costs 59.95$, which is a little expensive when compared to its competitors. It also has annual and business plans which cost 29.95 and 161.91$. Above that, it has a unique plan for students named “Education Plan,” which charges 7.96$ initially.

3. VideoProc

VideoProc is a software that supports premium editing features and helps you to create masterpieces of videography. It is a complete package of all features one can need for videos. It has an in-built video downloader that supports all platforms, including YouTube. Let us have an eye on the specs of this masterpiece.

Key features

  • It converts the downloaded video into any format which you want. You can play downloaded videos on windows, Mac, iPhone, and even android.
  • You can put a whole batch of videos on download quickly and save time.
  • We all have a watch laterplaylist lying in our YouTube accounts. With this downloader, you can easily download that playlist and enjoy it.
  • You can get videos from across the globe with its proxy feature. Geo-restrictions are easy to by-pass when you have VideoProc.
  • You can search and add the subtitles of videos and movies. This feature comes handy when you watch movies in other languages.
  • You can get audio versions quickly and listen to them on the loop. It supports mp3 and m4A versions of audios.
  • It has the best video compressor out there. It can compress size up to 90% with a minimum change in pixel.


It is currently on 49% sale so that you can grab the lifetime version for one PC at 42.95$. If you want to buy for your family, get the family package at 57.95$. If you need it temporarily, go for the 29.95$ annual package.

4. WinX Video Converter

Finding an excellent youtube to MP3 converter for free seems like a dream, but hold on, Winx Video Converter is there for you. It is entirely free and can give you a great alternative if you do not want to spend on converters.

Key Features

  • It can convert any video into 420+ formats, which are monumental because it is free.
  • It supports all popular websites, including YouTube.
  • You can download videos in batches, which will save you time.
  • You can edit the videos easily with its handy video editing tools. You can customize it easily.
  • Even though it is free, it offers 4K Quality video downloads.
  • You can easily compress videos with minimum distortions. It will help you to save space and upload it on platforms easily.
  • It offers high-speed downloads so that you do not have to wait for hours to complete your project.


This incredibly amazing YouTube to MP3 Converter is completely Free for all users.

5. YouTubetoMp3

youtube 2 mp3 converter

YouTubetoMp3 is one of the fantastic free YouTube to MP3 converters that convert free youtube videos to mp3 quickly. The Best thing about this video converter is that it is quite feasible, and you can easily use it online. You don't need to download the software to convert videos to mp3. Got to their site and just past the Youtube Video URL in the search box, and you will be able to download it within a few minutes.

Moreover, you can also select the version of the downloadable file, either mp3 format or mp4.

Key Features

  • Its name shows that it only supports one format, but this is not the case. This video converter supports MP4 and MP3 format.
  • You can download from daily motion as well as 20 other popular sites.
  • You do not need to install it. It is just a click away. Copy paste the video URL and start converting to mp3 in seconds.
  • You can save your files in clouds like OneDrive or DropBox.
  • You can edit the downloaded versions easily. Cut them and add mp3 format easily.
  • Popular devices and operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and even Mobile Devices are all supported So that you can convert video in any device easily.
  • You do not need to sign up or register. The process of converting your video is smooth and straightforward.


For this handy Youtube to MP3 converter, you don’t have to pay anything. You can convert videos for entirely Free.

6. aTube Catcher

best of the youtube to mp3 converter

One of the popular options under the list of quick youtube to mp3 converters, aTube Catcher, comes at the top. It is a popular video converter because of its feasibility and easy to use completely free features. It is an excellent option for beginners as well as experts to convert youtube videos to mp3 files easily. It has all the features one needs to extract audio from youtube. It depends on you how skillfully you use this tool.

Key Features

  • The best thing is that this video converter is entirely compatible with all the virtual devices. You can use it to convert videos from youtube and extract the audio files on Windows, Mac, Android, DVD, VCD, and many more.
  • It has a unique feature of multilanguage compatibility. Thus it makes it easier to use and helps you to view content in many languages.
  • This tool supports conversions in all popular and most-needed formats like MP4, WAV, and many more.
  • You can create audio files quickly and hear this audio while multitasking. You do not need to keep your Youtube app open or see an irritating preview.
  • It also has a built-in feature of screen recording. This feature comes handy if you are an instructor or video creator.
  • You can easily convert a batch of videos into an audio file at once.
  • The editor is relatively easy to use because it has a drag and drop interface.
  • You receive regular updates so that no bug or issue can hinder your conversions.
  • It supports many platforms, but it works best with YouTube.


This multi-featured converter is completely free.

7. Any Video Converter

youtube to mp3 converter

Any Video Converter, also popularly known as AVC, is a well-known video converter. It is famous for its user interface and user-friendliness. One of our primary concerns while using converters is that we may not get any virus in our device. AVC is highly concerned about this issue, and that is why it provides an ad-free as well as malware free interface.

Key Features

  • It supports conversions from all popular platforms, including Youtube. So with the help of this converter, you can find one in all solutions for all platforms.
  • It also allows you to extract the audio from youtube videos, burn the downloaded ones to DVD, and to make it much more preferable.
  • It ensures that you get a high speed while downloading the videos. This happens with the help of its high HEVC feature.
  • You can easily edit the videos and adjust their specifications.
  • Along with platform support, it also helps you to convert any video input from your computer into any video output.
  • It helps you to convert many videos at once effortlessly.
  • It gives you a free trial, so you can check it out before buying it.
  • The paid version helps you to record screen videos easily.


This converter has a free plan as well as a paid plan. If you need support for some features, you can use the free version. For premium features, buy the Paid version at 49.95$ easily.

8. Freemake

best online youtube to mp3 converter

Freemake is a quite popular converter used by almost 100 Million users worldwide. It has been recognized as the best YouTube converter for ten years. It has a high focus on providing the best quality of videos to its users, which is the main reason for its popularity.

Key Features

  • It helps you to not only download but easily edit your videos. It supports all handy tools like trimming videos and cutting out clips, joining them.
  • Like most converters, it supports multi-platforms. Thus it can quickly become your go-to go converter.
  • One of the unique features is that it helps you to download subtitles easily. You can watch movies in other languages easily.
  • It supports multiple formats to extract and download audio from free YouTube videos. It includes audio file versions as well.
  • The quality of the audio is high. You can easily download 4k video quality as well as 1080p HD quality.
  • Unlike a video downloader, it converts free youtube videos to mp3 format in a batch of 500.
  • Its speed of downloading a video is unbelievable. It only takes 4 min to convert a 2 hours long video, which is impressive.
  • It has multilanguage support of up to 4 languages.
  • It helps you to get access to restricted content on different platforms.


Freemake has a free version, which is enough if you need a few conversions. The free version includes a watermark.

9. DVDVideosoft

best free youtube to mp3 converter

DVDVideosoft is an easy to use software which is quite popular. According to an estimate, it has been downloaded for almost 1.5 billion times, which is enormous.  The best thing is the simple process for its use. Just paste the youtube video's link and click convert. You are done.

best free youtube to mp3 converter

Key Features

  • The updates are regular, which makes the customer experience impressive as it gets helpful updates soon.
  • You can also download subtitles easily. If you are watching video content to get better in another language, this converter is your friend.
  • You can download videos in many useful formats. You can stream all the YouTube videos into MP4, WEBM, and other structures.
  • This is one of the few youtube to mp3 converters that offer a video quality of 8K. You can also download videos in other quality.
  • You can create an mp3 format of files and play them in the background easily.
  • It offers a high download speed, so you do not need to wait much.
  • You can download multiple videos in bulk from YouTube.
  • The Best thing is that you can even get the converted videos on iTunes.
  • This tool is compatible with multiple operating systems and gives the highest performance.


It has a free version with all the necessary and essential features that you need to convert videos in mp3 format. You can buy the paid version if you need advanced features.

10. YTD Video Downloader

best youtube to mp3 converter

If you are a beginner and get confused with converters’ multi-feature interface, this is the best choice for you. It has a beginner-friendly and straightforward interface, which makes this software very easy to use. This beginner-friendly nature has made it famous, and it is used by many worldwide. It has many necessary features.

Key Features

  • It gets updated periodically so that its functionality is smooth and advanced.
  • It offers multiple formats of audio and video so that you can go with the preferred one smoothly.
  • This tool has a unique feature. It has a control panel with which you can see all the videos being downloaded at a glance.
  • It supports many platforms, and the best thing is that you can download high-quality versions of their videos.
  • This video converter also has a video player, which makes it easier to watch videos as well.
  • If you face any internet trouble, you can easily pause and resume the video download.
  • It has an ad-free interface, which is a blessing.
  • If you buy the paid version, you can easily download many videos at once by simply clicking on the download button.


best youtube mp3 converter

It comes with a free version that contains many exciting features permitting you smooth youtube to mp3 conversion. You can buy the paid versions if the free version does not fulfill your needs. The monthly plan offers this tool at 4.99$. It also has six months and yearly plan which can be bought at 17.94$ and 29.88$

11. ClipGrab

 best youtube 2 mp3 converter online

If you are looking for an easy to use YouTube to MP3 converter or video downloader to convert and download videos, this one is perfect for you. You just need to install it to convert, and you are good to go. It is ideal for both personal as well as business use. You can go with it for its user-intuitive interface.

Key Features

  • You can easily download free youtube mp3s independently of your browser as it has an application.
  • It is a fast video downloader that converts all videos fastly. You can use it efficiently, even if you are a beginner.
  • This video downloader offers multi-platform compatibility as well as it is also compatible with many file formats, including mp3. This can quickly become a great choice when you are always looking to download and convert videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • The best thing is that you can choose the video quality easily according to your preference.
  • It detects a link when you copy on your clipboard, which makes it relatively fast and efficient.
  • It has excellent customer support. You can check out its FAQs page and get all the necessary guidelines.
  • You can get a dedicated user forum. This will help you to control what you download.
  • For your flexibility, it asks you about formats and quality before the download starts.
  • You can easily download audio formats if you do not need videos.


This easy to use and fast YouTube to MP3 converter is entirely free and does not include any paid version.

12. Converto

online youtube to mp3 converter

If you are the one who is tired of installing converter software, try Converto. It is an online tool for converting videos into MP3 as well as MP4 format. It is a fast and efficient free tool for video conversions.

Key Features

  • You can edit and rename mp3 files easily. ID3 tags can be added, and it helps you to personalize your downloaded videos easily.
  • It comes with video editing tools, so you can also adjust video and cut your favorite clips.
  • It has a simple process. Paste the link and click the convert option to get the mp3 version.
  • It does not require you to install any software.
  • It helps you to get high-speed video conversions online.
  • The best thing is that this tool is ad-free, so there is no disruption in your task.
  • It is compatible with more than ten languages, which makes it highly preferable.
  • The tool is comfortable and straightforward, but it is not visually appealing.
  • You can download all public videos, but you cannot download the private ones.
  • You can easily adjust the video quality before you click convert. Thus, you can monitor and control quality.


This youtube to mp3 converter allows you to convert youtube to mp3 for free in a straightforward way.

13. Offliberty

best youtube 2 mpr converter online

Offliberty was initially being made for the ones who suffer from constant internet interruptions. Thus this website helps them to download and manage the content they need quickly. This website offers an ad-free interface, which makes it easy to convert youtube to mp3. It does not display annoying adult ads like other websites, which is a plus point.

Key Features

  • It is one of the best Youtube to MP3 Converter, which allows you the speedy conversion of youtube to MP3 to hear them later.
  • It helps you to extract videos, audios, and even photos from youtube.
  • It is excellent for those who do not have continuous internet availability.
  • It is a quality audio and video downloader which can offer you to download unlimited content in mp3 and mp4.
  • It doesn't even need registration. Still, you can easily access your content offline.
  • It is straightforward to use. You can just place the link and save it.
  • You can access your content without giving it any personal information.
  • It is much better than other converters when it comes to offline availability of content.


Offliberty YouTube to MP3 Converter works on donations. If you are a needy person, you can use it for free. Anyone can donate money to the platform if they want to help people with fewer internet facilities.

Final words

All the YouTube to MP3 converters included in this list convert videos of youtube to mp3 on a few clicks. You don't have to learn about how to youtube to mp3 conversion works. All these youtube to mp3 converters include free versions, including top-rated mp3 converters such as Winx Video Converter, YoutubetoMp3, aTube Catcher, CllipGrab, Converto, and Offliberty.

You can get online youtube to mp3 converters in the form of Youtubetomp3 and Converto. If you are looking for 8K youtube video downloaders, you can get SnapDownloader or DVDVideosoft. This guide contains many youtube to mp3 converters for everyone.

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