Top 9 Online Jobs To Do From Home or Remotely in 2020

The world is changing and evolving all the time, Covid-19’s (Coronavirus) emergence has pushed a lot of people into working from home and remotely or even out of work entirely.

The ripple effects of the COVID 19 Pandemic will change the workplace forever with many people continuing to work online and remotely (Forbes, 2020).

Traditionally people (and Dolly Parton) think of a job as a 9-5 routine. Still, in recent years the shift towards online working was gaining a ton of momentum far before the pandemic. Remote is the New Norm and boasts a host of new job opportunities, and unlike a lot of other roles, you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree.

In the United States alone, millions of employees are remote, with a vast percentage, never going back (The Wall Street Journal, 2020).

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The trend for remote and working from home jobs isn’t a new one; in fact, it's been building for about 5 years and has only been further expedited by COVID-19.

You would be hard-pressed to find an industry that doesn’t rely on having decent internet access, from professional roles to bars/restaurants and the entertainment industry.

Being physically in the office isn’t a requirement anymore, you can be anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Roles that do require full physical presence are few and far between compared to what they were 10/15 years ago.

Workers have a whole host of reasons for working remotely, whether it’s to accommodate flexibility, family, freedom, or freelance. Anyone with an email address can get started.

With this all in mind, I wanted to create a guide for the best online jobs to help you get started and to either help, you make money on the side, work full time, part time or on a per hour / flexible basis.

Table of Contents

The Age of Convenience, How “Working from Home” Works in 2020

The modern world is something sci-fi authors could only dream about in the past century.

Everything is accessible at the touch of a button; our phones are more powerful than NASA’s first computers and we can watch, buy or find anything we want via a Google search (Attaran et al, 2020).

Working remotely makes sense in 2020 because of these factors, everything is at our fingertips, we can make money online, this is the digital age, and the workplace is very much in it.

Experts believe we will utilize VR technology in the workplace, but who knows where we will be in 5 years, as the technology we are using is continuously evolving and becoming more and more user-oriented.

When most think of work at home jobs, they may think of sites like Craigslist, or online customer service or data entry jobs or jobs for college students or a dream someone had in high school, by the reality of it is much more detailed and interesting.

There are so many places to find jobs and make money from home, whether it's per hour, freelance gigs, or full time.

best work from home jobs


Avoid These Types of Work – Low Paying Work From Home Jobs

There are countless sites out there that are selling the dream of working from home, but the jobs they are advertising are low pay and high effort; examples of this could be anything from being customer service representatives, doing online surveys or data entry, or being a call center worker.

Here’s a more extensive list of some of the most common offenders I’ve found:

  • Market Research
  • Coupon Finding
  • Online Surveys
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Paid Research Studies
  • Sales Representatives
  • Anything Commission Based

Yes, you can work at home with these roles, and they can work for many people who want to work at home.

However, they are not going to help you make money online and not the kind of work you’re looking for; regardless of if you do them full time or part time, so avoid them.

Do not do these lines of work if you are looking for the best online jobs, it will take a long time to get paid well. These types of jobs become a “home work” job, not a “home at work” job, so they can become tedious.

Watch Out For Scams and Get Rich Quick Schemes

There is no doubt that working online can be incredibly worthwhile and get you a decent form of income, but be careful of anything that promises you can make ‘x’ amount of money in a questionably short amount of time.

With this in mind, I’ve created a list of viable and safe options.

Best Online Jobs you can do at home!

As mentioned above, you want to find a worthwhile, legitimate job to generate you a good return for your time. Below I will outline 9 of the best online jobs you can do to maximize your time and skills that are lucrative and effective.

We’ll cover everything from freelance writing, to being a social media manager, to search engine optimization to anything that can help you make money from home.

So how do you get started? Well, let’s look at some of the best online jobs.

Best Work From Home Job #1 – Create a High-End Blog

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is creating online articles, these can have a number of purposes, such as: helping your reader learn about a topic, make a decision on a product, or sharing your personal experiences and giving advice.

Content and Inbound marketing have exploded in the last few years, to oversimplify, the goal is getting your customers to come to you, the results tend to speak for themselves, so it seems every company has a blog or utilizes influencer marketing nowadays (Hubspot, 2020).

best online jobs


Who is it for?

Anyone! Creating a blog is not specifically about writing about your passions, it's about understanding the market, and using your intellect and persuasion to develop a professional and trustworthy online brand.

The majority of people who start a blog will eventually quit before they’ve really got any traction, but that is generally because they are not doing it currently or have picked their area of focus without much thought.

The big positive is that you don’t need to be an award-winning author. Blogging is a conversational style, you are informing your readers, you are helping them, people trust people, you have to be human and real.

How to start blogging?

Step 1: Build a Strong Personal Brand

You want to ensure that you come across as genuine, helpful, and, most importantly, personable. People trust people, so coming across as real and sharing your personal experiences to this point is vital to start off your brand.

The 90s onwards saw a boom in celebrity endorsement, now, you’d struggle to find a big brand without a celebrity who has been attached to their brand.

Now is the age of the influencer, and that is why creating your blog and expressing your unique perspective, thoughts, and feelings are core to developing your personal brand.

Step 2: Pick Your Niche

Reverse engineer your blog: what is a savvy business decision, who is the audience for this blog, why should anyone care, approach it from a business perspective, not a passion perspective.

This doesn’t mean you can’t write about your passions and what you’re knowledgeable about, it just means you’ve got to understand if it’s going to work on paper.

The biggest mistake people make is not finding their focus and picking a far too broad topic area; Instead, start in a niche and expand slowly from there once you’ve become a thought leader and influencer in that category.

Step 3: Find the Right Clients

You want to get started working in the B2B sector, scoring one big client is better than ten smaller ones that will give you much less revenue and passive income.

The business to business (B2B) sector is much more lucrative than direct to the customer or B2C. B2B is where you should be looking for your clients and leveraging your knowledge, using each client or blog as a stepping stone to improve your blog.

Moreover, once done with a project, don't just let go of them without any tracking. Create a client database of your active and previous clients to keep track of their contact information and other necessary details.

Best Online Job #2 – Start Dropshipping

What is Dropshipping?

The evolution of online business models has allowed for many more feasible routes for creating a career for yourself working from home.

The dropshipping model is basically a way of selling products without ever having them in your possession and is one of the best ways to make a passive income as long as you have an internet connection.

You do not get involved in the inventory nor the fulfillment of the orders, you basically are the virtual middle man between the customer and the product. So this can be looked after part-time, full time, or even just a way to make money on the side.

Who Is Dropshipping for?

As the theme goes with an online job, there is scope for anybody to get involved with the right attitude, mindset, and time to set it up.

Dropshipping is a different type of work but can be a very viable way of making money long term or just some extra money per month as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

Dropshipping is a modern take on the traditional business model of wholesaler-retailer-customer, you are just connecting the customer with the wholesaler with your dropshipping store.

online and work from home jobs


How to Start Dropshipping

It is relatively rudimentary to set up your dropshipping store, but ensuring you do the proper research and understand your product and audience is where people fail.

It sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? Pick a product, mark it up, and sell it.

It’s not quite that simple. If you think you’re going to sell something fairly broad or widely available you will find a very saturated market and find it fairly tough to get started on your dropshipping. For example, unlike traditional clothing, if you dropship customized t-shirts or use aesthetic ideas for t-shirt printing, your target market will be selective with a high interest in your product, leading to conversions and revenue.

You want to ensure you find a product that is a bit more niche, such as custom clothing, allowing you to have a more realistic shot being successful in dropshipping.

Test Your Product

One of the most significant issues I’ve seen arise with dropshipping businesses is that they don’t do their due diligence, and fail to test their product.

If you have a great product this will significantly increase your longevity, sales, and reviews, no one wants a piece of junk.

Create Your Dropshipping Storefront

You want to have a reliable and trustworthy storefront for your customers, so they are comfortable buying your products and using their payment information.

I’d suggest using one that you are comfortable with, you can either create a store through an online marketplace such as Amazon or develop your own storefront on a hosting platform like Wix or GoDaddy. They have great systems for creating your dropshipping site.

Promote Your Products

Finally, once everything else is set up, you want to promote your products on different platforms. Your promotion is completely dependent on your product and who the audience is.

If you’re looking at an older audience, somewhere like Facebook is excellent, looking younger, try Instagram. You can try different platforms and see which is the most lucrative for you, and you can always search for your competitors and see what they are doing.

Remember that customer service is a core part of keeping your store successful but this can be alleviated by potentially hiring a virtual assistant or customer service representatives when you get big enough, some food for thought.

work at home job


Best Jobs Online #3 – Become a Freelancer

What Is Freelancing?

Freelance is a great way to work from home or remote and having a bit more flexibility on who you work with and your hours, it’s a viable solution for a lot of people and can help improve your income or become your primary source.

One of the major jobs is freelance writing or being a freelance writer and for many people it’s often seen as one of the best online jobs whether this is for social media, creating Facebook Ads, blogs, or anything else, it’s a great way to earn money online.

But don’t worry there is much more than writing jobs out there for freelancers.

working from home job


Who Can Work a Freelance Job?

You! Due to its increase in the last few years, starting out in freelance is no harder than finding a regular job, but you’ve got to know where to look.

You have to be proactive when looking for freelance opportunities, sending off applications, and waiting to hear back might not always cut it.

It’s worth asking your social media followers or getting in touch with companies you want to work with and meeting with decision-makers, this could lead to something down the road.

If you’re a social media manager or freelance writer for example you can work from an email address and with a stable internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

However, if you are looking for a high-paying job from the beginning, you can look into the finance and accounting niche. But you need to put in some effort.

A mini accounting course would be best to get started, but you need to stay familiar with new industry trends and automation.

How to Start – Freelancing

Create a Portfolio

It is always recommended that work towards creating your own portfolio, and even if you’re starting out, there are probably some things you can pull together to showcase your skills.

You want a portfolio that sets you apart from the competition, showcases your knowledge and your expertise in a particular niche or niches.

If you don’t have a portfolio, try doing internships, volunteering, or creating speculative pieces. Small businesses need freelance writers and are often advertising jobs online or remote or home opportunities so you can build a wide range of experience and start earning.

Many businesses need freelancers but don’t always realize the need, so you could make a cold pitch and although it’s hard some will be easy to get, it’s sometimes just the right place at the right time.

For example, many businesses need to send reports to their clients, and the project managers are supposed to take care of it. Though they work really well on deliverables their clients keep asking for easy-to-read reports.

At this point, if you pitch as a personalized PDF reports creation expert, then you will have a high chance of hearing back.

Because they are good at their work but need a middle person who can make it easy for their clients to understand.

Furthermore, creating and building your portfolio can be done gradually. You don’t necessarily need one (or have one) at the start, but just keep track of your work, either as a website, link, or in a fillable PDF.

Know Your Worth

A big mistake I always see is freelancers not valuing themselves correctly, either dramatically underpricing themselves or overpricing. You need to remain competitive but understand what each of those says about you.

If you’re underpricing, people will think you are not professional and have little experience. If you’re overpricing, you could be losing clients, so it’s essential to know where you stand in the freelance rates.

Researching rates in your area or niche is a great way to get a good idea of how much you should be charging. Remember to be flexible, if a client offers more work, it’s smart to haggle rather than losing it over a few dollars an hour.

Quick Tips for Freelancing

Be flexible – try looking outside of a traditional work week or work times

Be honest – make sure you are upfront about your goals and what you can do to help

Be creative – go outside the box to find clients and leads

Be willing – set aside time to work on your freelancing and developing a portfolio

Be available – manage your calendar effectively. Your clients might want work done in a short period of time

Be organized – keep track of your work, your time, your expenses, and your invoices. Get help from tools, such as timer app, financing tools, and productivity apps.

Be active – ensure you’re keeping your eyes out for opportunities

Best Work From Home Job #4 Coding

What is Coding?

Coding the building blocks for our websites, blogs, apps, digital media and is critical to any successful business, with that being said, companies are always on the lookout for coders.

working from home jobs


Who is Coding for?

It’s true, anyone can learn how to code, but there are definitely different levels, which I’ll discuss below.

I know countless people who are working online as coders from the comfort of their own home or remotely in some exotic location.

It’s a practical solution as an online job and pretty much is needed by the majority of companies so isn’t difficult to get paid and earn money.

Although bigger companies usually are looking for people with a lot of coding experience, it’s not necessarily a barrier to entry if you know where to look.

If you’re a talented coder, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing it 5 years or 5 months, there will always be an interest in your skills, you want to aim for the smaller fish and go for SMBs.

Working with smaller companies, you will gain invaluable experience and probably be able to be a lot more flexible than you would when working for a giant multinational.

How to Start – Coding

As I alluded to before, coding can be done for pretty much anyone, but there are a few avenues that would be good to explore outside of the traditional bigger postings:

Small to Medium Businesses – These roles will usually be short to mid-term roles or contracts, even leading to permanent services if the coder is a good fit.

Rapidly Expanding Companies – This requires a little research, but if you get it right, you can pitch your skills and get a company that needs help very quickly or very flexibly; maybe they got a new client, or are doing better than predicted.

Entrepreneurs – These are the bread and butter of the freelance coder community as entrepreneurs often need help to build their website or develop a more attractive offering to their investors or potential audience, often they don’t have the skills themselves, so outsourcing.

Note that a successful entrepreneur usually looks to hire a freelance developer because hiring an expert is much better than taking the time it would need to build those skills yourself. In fact, most freelance coders can make a living by looking for entrepreneurs who need their services and volunteering to do the work for them as opposed to just waiting for someone to be on the lookout for a freelancer. Also depending on the programming language needed for the job sometimes it can be harder to find coders who know how to get the job done.

Anyone – Coding is a highly sort after skill and is not something the average person wants to learn when they can hire a professional.

Best Online Work From Home Job #5 Design Consulting

What Is Design Consulting?

There are a few different routes you can take within design consulting work from home roles, whether it’s graphic design, web design or even interior, there is a market for all of them, depending on your skillset.

best online jobs


Who is Design Consulting for?

I guess the answer is in the title, designers. But realistically anyone with a creative flair that can utilize software to further hone their skills and there are job opportunities for a range of people.

Design consulting is a good way to earn money and is great for work from home jobs, normally paid per hour, but can be paid per project or even on a contract.

The world of design consulting is obviously very diverse, as mentioned above, there’s a lot of different types but let’s look at the most popular two, web and graphic.

How to Start – Which Designer are You?

Graphic Design Online Jobs

Regardless of how good you are at graphic design, just being savvy with design software isn’t enough to cut into this market, you need to be great at managing your clients and projects to really get into the big leagues.

Although, unlike a lot of other industries, you don’t technically need to be schooled in graphic or 3D design and there’s no barriers to entry like a bachelor’s degree, so anyone with a creative flair can be successful and carve out a successful graphic design career.

As with a lot of online jobs, it’s important to create an extensive portfolio. You can show your potential clients that you can develop high-quality graphics for them, and you are worth their time and money.

Web Design Online Jobs

Any successful website requires a user-friendly design and functionality to work on a range of different devices, so you’d be amazed by how many sites and companies still lack these basic requirements.

However, this lack of cohesion allows web designers with plenty of scopes.

A website is often your customer's first look at your business, like a shop window. A website is how visitors make a lot of their decisions about a company, so it’s critical to have a good looking, solid digital presence.

Having a diverse and vibrant portfolio is essential to developing your web design freelancing into a full-time career.

Best Work From Home Job #6 – Coaching or Consulting

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is in short, aiding your clients in reaching their goals, whether they are personal, professional, or financial.

The digital consulting and coaching market is growing exponentially, so if you’re a people person who wants to help others excel, then this is the role for you!

online working from home jobs


Who Can Do Online Coaching / Consulting?

There is a multitude of different coaching and consultant roles available, including, but not limited to:

  • Business Consulting
  • Career Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Financial Consulting
  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Wellness Consulting

Obviously, any of these can be diversified and even more niche, but as on overview, these are some of the core areas.

How to Start – Coaching and Consulting

Needless to say, you’re going to need expertise in your area/niche so you’ll have to decide what kind of coach you want to be and the sort of courses, consulting, or coaching you will be providing.

People tend to think that business, fitness, or life coaching are the only routes for online coaching but as I alluded to above there are a lot of creative ways you can start and provide your skills to a potential client, so find your niche and build on it.

Your Personal Brand

Having your personal brand will help you stand out, get clients, and improve your chances of success; your potential clients are looking for an expert, not an average joe.

It’s vital you develop your brand, Instagram marketing, this can be done by blogging or regularly contributing on LinkedIn, cementing you as an expert which will, in turn, create an online following.

Providing some of your advice for free in the form of these posts/blogs will help you get some traction, exposure, and clout.

Create, Market and Sell a Course

One of the end goals of your coaching and consulting is to develop something that you can market and sell to your clients, having something tangible like a course is a perfect way of doing this.

This can come in a few different forms, anything from an ebook to an online platform, to a video.

You can also offer one-to-one sessions, classes, and courses, to further help your exposure, impact, and reviews. Based on the niche you are in, identify which format will work best for you. Get advice from marketing mentors on how to drive more traffic and increase conversions of your consulting business or online course.

Best Home Work Job #7 – Remote Medical Jobs

The medical field has seen a massive increase in remote and work from home roles in the past few years, so what medical jobs can you do from home?

What are Remote Medical Jobs?

There are quite a few different roles you can do, and you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to do them. I’ve created a list of 4 of the top ones you can try out:

Researcher – Conducting market research for Pharmaceutical companies on various subjects and studies.

Copywriter – Specialized to the medical industry, but similar to our copywriting section in the above roles.

Medical Transcription – Simply typing up doctors’ recorded dictations, transcription is a straightforward and lucrative way to get into the remote medical industry.

Spokesperson / Rep – More for experts in the field and doctors, but companies hire professionals to vouch for their products and supplements.

Who Can Do Remote Medical Jobs?

As mentioned above, some of the roles require prerequisites or qualifications but it completely depends on which position you are looking at.

How to Start – Medical Remote Jobs

To find these roles try looking on freelance websites such as Upwork, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Flexjobs, to name a few places to start.

Best Work From Home Job #8 – Video and Audio Editor

Are you a talented audio or video editor? Then there is potential to make money remotely.

What is Video and Audio Editing?

With the surge in demand for videos in marketing, the demand for talented editors is growing and growing. Companies are looking to create seamless videos at a high clip.

Unlike the actors or the director, the editor of a film or tv series is able to work from any location so this is a perfect role for someone to be remote or working from home.

working from home job


Who Can Be a Video or Audio Editor?

It’s true, anyone can shoot a video, but creating a high-quality end product is a separate thing entirely.

How to Start – Video and Audio Editing

At the start of your career, it can be tough to break into film or TV, so I’d advise looking at doing video content work for companies and brands, this will provide a great income from home and can be very lucrative if done correctly.

To have another revenue stream you can also look into selling stock videos and photos online.

There’s a multitude of different stock sites on the internet which have their own benefits and drawbacks, so work out the best that works for you. Try looking at Getty Images, Adobe Stock, iStock, Shutterstock, Fotolia, DepositPhotos, or Stocksy.

You can also try to break into the virtual reality (VR) market.

In the next few years, we will see leaps in how companies sell their products and how they conduct marketing, getting ahead of the curve, and creating VR videos will give you an edge on competitors.

Best Online Job #9 – Digital Marketing Freelancing

The majority of businesses do not have sufficient workers and that creates a skill gap, a lot of this comes in the form of digital marketing, everything from Facebook Ads and other social media ads, to writing jobs to a business need.

With the huge shift in the marketing industry, you’re in for a great start if you work on your digital skills, you’ll need some to be successful in marketing.

Marketing is one of the world’s largest industries because it bleeds through everything in one way or another.

What is Digital Marketing?

There’s a good reason digital marketing is one of the best online jobs, it’s right there in the title, it’s digital!

Digital Marketing can be broken down into a lot of different pieces, from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Content, to Social Media, to Analytics, to Advertising, to Affiliate, to much more, but I’ll focus on the most common ones that people do remotely.

Good work from home job


Who Can Do Digital Marketing?

You don’t have to have a degree in digital marketing to succeed, in fact, the majority of people come from a lot of different backgrounds. Learning how to use Facebook Ads is a potential option for anyone for example.

Because of its flexible nature, this can often be done ad hoc, part time, full time, or per hour and is viable to add to the list of work from home jobs that are good for earning money.

How to Start – Digital Marketing

As with most remote or outsourced work, it is best if you have a niche or specialization, this will make you much more attractive than a marketing generalist.

You can obviously be able to do more than one area, but having a focus and specific skill set is vital to success. Here are three lucrative paths I’d recommend looking into:

SEO & Content Marketing

The old term content is king is thrown around a lot these days, but for good reason, developing winning content is the basis for a successful business portfolio.

The majority of people are not good at creating content and certain industries are renowned for being very technical and not reader-friendly.

This is why the demand for experts to set strategies for SEO and content marketing for small businesses is higher. The success of small and mid-sized businesses greatly depends on how they execute their SEO and marketing activities. SEO experts help businesses audit and optimize their existing content to get ranked on the search engines. While Content Marketers help businesses create an effective content marketing strategy to get the exposure they need for growth.


This is where creativity meets data, but don’t be put off by this, you don’t have to be a math whiz to analyze the data, just understand your tools and trackers to optimize website content and metrics.

Understanding the data allows you to suggest and make changes, identify good adverts, pages, and products, making your clients more efficient and profitable.

Paid Advertising

The difference between a well written digital advert and a bad one is imperative to their output and conversion, so ensuring they are created well should be a high priority for any business.

This can come in the form of search engine advertising or social media advertising, so familiarizing yourself with both core forms is a sure-fire way to ensure your success.

I’d recommend looking in a few different places for these kinds of roles, whether it’s reaching out on LinkedIn, looking at a freelance site like Flexjobs, or putting your services for hire on Fiverr.

Do Remote Jobs Pay Well?

One of the best questions I’ve heard, yes, yes they do and they really are a viable way of making money from home. Whether it’s on the side or a full time hustle you can improve your personal finance.

There are plenty of positions and jobs available and there really is no limit to your potential earnings, salary, or fiances.

For example, if you’re looking at being a virtual assistant you might be looking at $17-20 per hour whereas freelance writing might pay nearer $40-50, but you’ll need to put in the effort for a higher paying online job.

Benefits of Remote Jobs

There’s plenty of reasons that jobs work in home environments and online jobs are so popular. Remote jobs have a range of benefits you’ll experience when you’re working online here’s just a few of them:

Flexibility – one of the best reasons is the flexible work schedule, you can work your job around your other commitments and find the best setup that works for what you need

Less Stress – Without having to commute you’re saving yourself a lot of effort that can be invested into your tasks or your relaxation. However, if you are trading it with work without having enough sleep, you are missing out on your productivity.

Work-Life Balance – Having the ability to shuffle your priorities and spend time with family, friends or on yourself is a great benefit

Location Independence – You can be anywhere, most online jobs allow you to work from wherever you want as long as you have a reliable internet connection, which opens countless possibilities

Save Money – Whether its less money on transport, gas, parking, a coffee on your commute or a lunch out, you’re saving money and can shave off a lot of unnecessary spending

Environmental Impact – Having an online job reduces your greenhouse gas emissions, saves on paper usage, and overhead costs too

Customizable Office – One of the best perks is being able to set up your office however you like and whatever suits your work style best

Productivity – Remote work removes a lot of external factors for distraction and background noise, resulting in increased productivity, so you can work better, faster, and more effectively

Easiest Online Jobs 2020

If you’re looking for easy online jobs there’s a whole host of options for everyone to benefit from and you can find jobs fairly easily, here are some examples:

  • Virtual Assistant – Being a virtual assistant is a viable option for anyone with some spare time and basic customer service training
  • Freelance Writing – If you have an above-average command of language freelance writing might be your calling
  • Website Builder – One of the best online jobs, companies are always looking for new and mobile-optimized websites to stay competitive
  • English Tutor – The boom of TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) is very popular for native English speakers and online tutoring pays lucratively with the right client
  • Customer Service Representative – Tons of organizations are looking to outsource their customer service and save money, so this is a good way to find jobs
  • Survey Taker – There’s a multitude of online jobs for this and they are very easy to find jobs in
  • Online Translator – If you speak more than one language fluently your skills can be utilized in translation and roles are often found on different sites and even Facebook Ads.

So What is the Best Online Job for 2020?

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand some of the best online jobs available and helps you find jobs, make money, and increase your per hour rate.

Obviously you want to earn money and get paid, but sometimes the best online jobs are what you believe they are, maybe you need to be flexible to work around kids or commitments.

This guide is designed to help suggest some of the best online jobs but is not an exclusive list and if you lean more to being a virtual assistant or customer service, or working in a remote call center or creating a passive income, or writing Facebook Ads, it’s whatever works for you.

As alluded above the best job is entirely defined by you, your skillset, your commitments, your experience, and your motivation, all of these above roles can be highly successful if you invest in them.

If you’ve got an email address and access to the internet you are well on your way to getting your new remote job, so get out there, do some “job home work” and find jobs!

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