19 Best Webinar Software 2022 (Platform Ranks & Reviews)

best webinar software

Webinars are an excellent way for marketers and businesses to prove their credibility. Your target audience gets some real value and starts considering you as an authority in your field.

Several high-profile businesses use webinars to engage their targeted audience and win loyal customers. But not all webinars yield results. Most of the time, it is about the poor user experience.

A high quality webinar software can solve your problem by offering an amazing experience to your audience. We have compiled a list of the best webinar software for 2022. This list considers the limit to the number of viewers, the video and audio quality, and the overall experience.

Which Webinar Software Is the Best?

Before jumping into the Best Webinar ToTools’ details, it’s worth noticing those features that make a webinar software great. Ultimately, this great tool will bring you closer to your goals by letting you know how to host webinars.

The best webinar software comes with an easy-to-use interface and permits you to record and share the webinar. Moreover, you can proceed with the prospects without compromising on the speed.

Good webinar software is absolutely crucial to hosting a hybrid event which has become very common in a post-pandemic world.

Furthermore, the best tool for webinars permits you to upload Handouts or documents, create a live poll in a live event for the attendees to know their opinions, and integrate emails smoothly. You can create a series of valuable yet evergreen content that always remains available for your audience.

So, the details of the best webinar tools that I’m going to share are equipped with unique tools. You can easily pick one of them for hosting excellent webinars for the growth of your companies online.

1. DemioBest Webinar Software Overall.

Demio - Best Overall Webinar Software.

When it comes to having hassle-free video streaming webinar software with which you can get your desired results, Demio comes at the top of the list. Demio webinar software is designed for large companies to help them schedule online meetings, get known by their audience, and generate leads by giving access to fantastic email marketing tools.

Demio gives access to everything that you need for a successful webinar. In addition to the excellent user experience, which makes it amazingly simple, Demio makes sure that your audience will also have an excellent webinar experience.

Aside from these, it also offers 24/7 active live chat customer support and no downloader webinar experience. Depending on these exciting characteristics, ease, and simple user experience, which can give you the best possible results, Demio is me No. #1 pick under the best webinar software.

Key Features

Being one of the best webinar platforms in 2022, Demio includes

  • Access to all tools needed for webinar registration, marketing, and capturing registrations.
  • It comes with a clean and Intuitive browser-based room with HD Streaming, screen sharing, and much more.
  • Automatic Email Reminders to keep registrants updated about the event.
  • In-depth analysis of your webinar which measures its effectiveness
  • Easy integration with popular apps


Being the best platform for webinars, Demio provides three different cost plans and a 14-day free trial. The free plan includes all tools that you can try for 14-days without providing your credit card information. All these pricing plans have a different limit for attendees and session limits. Have a look at the Annual pricing plans which makes it the best webinar software.

  • Starter Plan – $34 per month with Standard Features, 3-hour session limit, and 50-Attendee Room
  • Growth Plan – $69 per month with everything from Starter, 5-Hour session limit, and 150-Attendee Room.
  • Business Plan – Contact for a customized rate if you have a business with a huge team.

2. WebinarJam

Best Event Streaming Webinar Software.


When it comes to having extremely versatile webinar software, WebinarJam comes at the top of the list. Unlike any other webinar hosts, WebinarJam is equipped with those factors that you need to have to present your brand in front of the global audience.

Moreover, it gives the best quality user experience in pixel quality, voice quality, recording options, etc. All these benefits make you and your audience feel important and respected.

Additionally, the limit for attendees in this software is much higher than usual. So, you can build connections with a huge audience. Aside from this, it is comparatively affordable and allows more than one presenter to present the webinar in all plans.

However, after all these fantastic features, placing it in the second option is its higher cost. But, still, it's worth it. The unbeatable webinar experience costs you a Lil bit higher than usual with extraordinarily versatile and advanced features.


  • Registration page & Landing page template library for the customized and personalized looking registration process.
  • 100% Mobile friendly software and give the best experience on mobile devices
  • Let your audience have a voice by bringing them to the virtual spotlight.
  • Flexible Webinar scheduling to run your webinar when and how you need it.
  • Permits recording of your live webinars in a video file.


WebinarJam offers 4 different pricing plans with different attendee & host limits. Depending on your needs, you can pick one of the most suitable for your business. All plans come with a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee so that you can cancel your subscription anytime if you find it ineffective for yourself.

The Pricing plans are

  • Starter- It comes at $39/month and includes 1 hos, 100 attendees and 1 hour duration.
  • Basic – It includes two presenters, 500 attendees, and 2 hours duration in just $79/month.
  • Professional – It consists of four presenters, up to 2,000 attendees, and 3 hours duration at only $229/month.
  • Enterprise –  It includes up to 6 presenters, up to 5,000 attendees, and 4 hours duration at $379/month.

3. WebinarNinja

Best Platform for High-End Coaches.


When it comes to having a handy, quick, and straightforward web conferencing, WebinarNinja lies at the top of the list. WebinarNinja is specially designed and used by popular businesses for their growth. The top brands around the globe trust it.

The best thing offered by WebinarNinja is the intuitive interface and ease in the creation of on-demand webinars with the help of professional templates. Regardless of your design and creativity skills, you can still create and publish intuitive and eye-catching web pages for your targeted group.

It is the all-in-one solution for successful webinars bringing you higher conversions and leads with fewer efforts. Moreover, it allows you quick webinar creation in less time that won’t take more than a minute.


  • Access to comprehensive marketing tools to keep track of your webinar results and performance in a better way.
  • Hassle-free and based on cloud, allowing attendees to join via any browser.
  • Permits quick creation, which takes no time, less than a minute.
  • No juggling screens. Everything can be navigated on a single screen.
  • No need for any other software or webinar apps. It got you covered with email reminders, notifications, and landing page building.


WebinarNinja offers 3 different pricing plans with various features. Unlike others, it allows you to keep track of your Facebook Ads. This makes it different from the rest.

Aside from this, with all plans, you will get access to the lightning-fast live chat and support from WebinarNinja’s professionals. Moreover, you will host four different webinars, including Live, Automated webinars, Series, and Hybrid, with ease of use.

Have a look at the details of WebinarNinja plans

They offer a free plan which allows one host, 10 attendees, and up to 20 minutes duration. Apart from that, they have two popular plans.

  • Pro- $99/month It allows 4 guest presenters, 100 attendees, and 4 hours duration.
  • Business- $199/month It allows 10 hosts, 100 attendees, and up to 8 hours per webinar.
WebinarNinja pricing plans


Best for Product Demos and Live Training.


Livestorm is the best webinar software allowing you to connect with your audience with the best online video communication experience. The core value it is focused on is flawless video communication. Hence, it comes with those functions that can make it happen.

Livestream Online webinar platforms free come with many features permitting you to have a successful and leads-driven webinar. You will have extreme levels of versatility in creating automated, on-demand, or Live webinars. The pixel quality makes it possible to arrange product launches, Live training, and more to expand your business’s horizon.

Moreover, you can create successful online courses and video podcast interviews with its features like on-demand webinars hosting. Additionally, to make the process easier for you, you can connect popular business, CRM, and Project Management Apps. You can also integrate YouTube Live or any other live video stream or social media to reach more audiences in your webinar.

Aside from these, their Online Support is one of the best, lightning-fast, and active and helps you resolve your questions. Your webinar participants can join the webinar from any device without downloading the app being friendly with all devices. You can also present pre-recorded videos and screen sharing during the webinar to increase your audience’s engagement.

Key Features:

  • Freedom of hosting as many webinars as you want with HD video.
  • Interact with your audience, build connections, and generate leads via Live Chat, Surveys, and Polls, and multiple presenters.
  • Livestorm allows you to have up to 6 presenters on the stage at the same time.
  • The quick creation process in less time with custom branding, embed forms, and custom registration forms.
  • Access to robust analytics to keep track of your webinar performance with source tracking and participation report.
  • Webinar recording with unlimited replays with storage and analytics.
  • Effective Email logistics to inform and remind the attendees about the webinar.
  • It allows you to integrate popular business apps for better business performance in less time.
  • Multi-Language support with advanced security.

Pricing Plans:

You get a free plan which allows up to 10 attendees per event. Plus, there are two different paid plans.

The Basic Plan comes with all features permitting you to organize events and meetings with full confidence. However, the Basic plan has no charges at all. It is free for all users. 

The Premium Plan allows hosting webinars with 100 live webinar participants and unlimited on-demand registration at $ 109 per month (billed annually).

The Enterprise plan comes with advanced webinar features needed for large-scale companies to grow online. However, it is a customized plan that requires a discussion with the sales staff. Based on your needs, they will customize the features as well as the cost.


  • The contact list size of the free plan is limited to 1,000 contacts only.
  • Customer Support can’t be reached via phone.

5. GetResponse

Best for Easy Email Marketing Integrations.

best webinar software free

When it comes to having webinar software with a proven and reliable track record in robust marketing automation, GetResponse comes at the top of the list. GetResponse offers extremely versatile webinar software allowing you to host unlimited webinars with a room for up to 1000 participants.

Aside from this, this software makes you capable of increasing your webinar engagement by inviting two guest speakers in your webinar series or sessions. The uniqueness of GetResponse, making it different from the rest, is the robust marketing features. You can customize the URL of the webinar, and subscription settings, and increase reach by using SEO-Optimized landing pages.

Moreover, you can also use the one-click Facebook Pixel Integration to target your FB page visitors with relevant offers. Additionally, you can nurture your leads via email notifications, reminders, and pre and post-attending emails.


best automated webinar software
  • Automatic follow-up emails increase reach and generate leads without taking your time.
  • Increase the productivity of webinars by sharing files, Videos, live presentations, and many more.
  • Polls and Surveys to gather data about the preferences of your joinees.
  • Pre-designed registration and SEO-Optimized landing pages.
  • Run online Training campaigns to train your employees without having a distracting video or audio during the session.


GetResponse is an Email Marketing software that comes with all the cloud-based necessary features required for a business to grow online. 

Apart from the free plan, you can choose from three other plans.

  • Email marketing – $15.58/month
  • Marketing automation – $48.38/month
  • Ecommerce marketing – $97.58/month

You get a 18% discount on buying the plan for a year and a whooping 30% discount on buying for two years.

Start Growing Your Business Online with a 30-day FREE TRIAL of GetResponse.

6. ClickMeeting

Best Tool for Education Features.

best mobile+webinar software

ClickMeeting is another pick under the best webinar software focusing mainly on the growth of the educational business. The Webinar software allows you to start educating your audience, ask their decisions, and promote products to help them.

Moreover, you can create shareable and insightful online courses to help your audience learn new skills while resting on their couch. You can build connections with your students by teaching them via courses from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, it allows you to tackle and handle all the business-related tasks quickly and smoothly by scheduling meetings with your team and collaborating with your colleagues. Moreover, you will be able to set the webinar within a minute or less without any hassle.

In short, you can say that this webinar tool will be an all-in-one platform that you can use to promote, expand, and grow your educational services-centric business around the globe.


ClickMeeting offers a fantastic set of powerful features to keep its tool striking in the market. These features include

  • A quick, handy, and intuitive way to create webinars without taking any moment more than a minute.
  • Extremely versatile, permitting you to create powerful virtual webinars for the success of your brand.
  • This webinar tool Works perfectly fine on all devices allowing your audience to join via any device.
  • Permits you to present Live Streaming on Facebook and YouTube to expand the horizon and chances of being known by a vast audience.
  • It allows you to increase engagement by interacting with your audience via polls and surveys to build a connection with them.
  • Access to powerful analytics tools to measure your webinar’s effectiveness and the efforts you put into making it happen.


ClickMeeting pricing plans

You can opt for a 30-day free trial. Apart from that, there are 3 plans to choose from.

Live – $25/month

Automated – $40/month

Enterprise- Contact for customized plans if you have a large business.

7. EasyWebinar

Most User-Friendly Software for Business.


When it comes to having a user-friendly webinar software that can be operated or used by any of the users with any type of skill or understanding with the technology, EasyWebinar comes at the top of the list.

As its name means, it comes with those features that make it easy for you to arrange, market, and host to maximize your leads, conversions, and sales. The striking part of this process is, you don’t have to work hard to get the desired results. Everything is handy and as easy as it can be without making any trouble.

Moreover, access to powerful marketing features permits you to marketize your webinar and your business to expand your business. Additionally, you can also use EasyWebinar to present and promote your digital as well as physical products.

Aside from these features, the whole process of setting your webinar is lightning fast and quick. It lets you set up each and everything in a couple of minutes. You will also be able to track the results of your webinars via powerful analytics tools. The EasyWebinar tool allows you to integrate amazing apps to get the most out of your efforts. Such as MailChimp, Getresponse, and Aweber.


best software for evergreen webinar
  • Real-Time streaming without any delay.
  • Crystal Clear sound and perfectly fine video quality.
  • Robust features to increase engagements such as Real-Time Chat, Polls, and surveys.
  • Enhance the quality of the webinar by the help and coordination of 4 presenters.
  • Let the participants speak up their voice by making them the presenter.
  • Go live on social media platforms with the help of EasyChat.
  • Versatility to host different webinars such as One-Time Webinars, Recurring Webinars, and Evergreen Webinars.


best android webinar recording software

EasyWebinar offers three different pricing plans for its full webinar tool suite. Depending upon your business and goals' type and size, you can select the one that perfectly matches the standards you want. A fine choice will help you in getting closer to the accomplishments of your goals.

The Standard Plan comes with the unique features permitting you to add 100 live participants at $78 per month. 

The PRO plan comes with all features offered by EasyWebinar, enabling you to add 500 live participants at just $129 per month. 

In the end, the Enterprise plan suits the needs of large scale businesses allowing 2000 live attendees and the EasyWebinar Training programs to get the most out of it, at just $499 per month.

All plans come with a 14-days free trial, which you can cancel anytime if you don’t find it helpful for you.

8. EverWebinar

Excellent Automation Features.


When it comes to having webinar software that can make your process more manageable by automation, EverWebinar comes at the top of the list. Like many other Webinar solution providers, EverWebinar offers a set of features to grow your business by presenting it in front of your audience.

Regardless of what you show to your audience, whether it is a presentation or any digital product promotion or video conferencing, they will get the flawless video. The perfect pixel quality gives you the best experience.

But the thing that makes it different from others is the versatility you get from presenting the pre-recorded webinars that look exactly similar to those who are live.


  • Access to Live-Chat Simulator to increase your conversions.
  • In-Time Webinars that start within a minute of registration to make your audience feel cared for.
  • Increase registration by building 100% mobile responsive registration pages via templates.
  • Email and SMS system to schedule a series of pre and post-attendance emails.
  • Host Hybrid webinars


EverWebinar pricing plans

EverWebinar has excellent automating features in both its plans. You can either pay annually or buy a 2 year plan. The former will cost you $499 and the latter $874.

Try EverWebinar with a 30-days Money-Back Guarantee.

9. BigMarker

Best Interactive Software for Summits and Virtual Conferences.

BigMarket webinar software

If you are looking for webinar software that comes with a combination of robust marketing features allowing you to expand the reach of your webinar, try BigMarker. As its name means, it will genuinely help you in making your company size big.

Besides giving you versatility over powerful webinars, access to Automation and Webinar Marketing helps you get your desired results. Inspire your audience by hosting a powerful webinar with nine presenters to interact with your audience. Moreover, the quality features like the HD quality video conferencing, interactive engagement features, interactive landing pages, and International Telephone Dial-in will change the whole perspective.

Moreover, you can also engage with your social media buddies by streaming the webinar on social sites, including Facebook and youtube. Regardless of the device and operating system, your audience will join the webinar without any hassle.

Key Features:

  • Perfect email automation and marketing tools to increase the reach of the webinar.
  • Extensive range of landing page templates designed to maximize the leads.
  • Access to analytics to keep track of your performance.
  • Automate communications to maximize conversion rates.
  • A built-in translation feature to reach international audiences and build relations by communicating in their language.
  • Integration with robust apps to get your desired results in less time.

Pricing Plans:

They have four different plans.

Starter- It allows 100 attendees and 1 host and costs $99/month

Elite- It comes for $199/month and allows 500 attendees and 2 hosts

Premier- It allows 1000 attendees and 3 hosts and costs $499/month

White label- Contact for customized plans with up to 100,000 attendees.

Try BigMarker 7-days for FREE.

10. GoToWebinar

Best for Large Organizations and Enterprises.

gotowebinar - hassle-free webinar software

GoToWebinar is my top pick when it comes to having webinar software for hosting great webinars for business growth. It has made the process of hosting a webinar much easier than you think of.

Regardless of your skills, you will create a successful webinar within a few clicks in a comfortable, simple, and joyful way. Moreover, it is equipped with extraordinary features that give a professional look.

You can boost audience engagement through videos and share the GoToStage to hear your participants' voices. Additionally, you can make your viewers feel important and cared for by sending them customized email reminders, notifications, and confirmations.

Aside from this, you can present your brand in front of new and quality viewers by publishing it on GoToStage. It will help you in expanding your business.


  • Permits flexible webinar scheduling with easy webinar management.
  • Access to quality templates for a professional-looking webinar environment.
  • Access to the best tools to help you in promoting webinars with invitations, automated emails, and registration pages.
  • Allows integration with GoToMeeting, powerful analytics, and access to 24/7 active Customer Support.
  • Increases engagements with Polls and Surveys, live chat, presenter Webcams, and engagement dashboard.
  • Permits promotion of products and services by adding your brand colors and logo as a theme.
  • Seamless integrations with marketing automation, CRM, and business apps.
  • Attendee reports with source tracking to discover traffic-driven channels.


GoToWebinar pricing plans

GoToWebinar offers four different pricing plans as Lite, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. All these have a different set of features, making them suitable or best for other businesses.

Lite plan is for those who are getting started with their entrepreneurial journey and allows you to add almost one hundred attendees in your webinars at just $49.00. 

The standard plan lets you join 250 participants in webinars at $99 per month following the PRO permitting you to add 500 participants at $199.00 per month. 

The Enterprise package lets you add up to 3,000 participants at just $399.00 per month.

However, all these plans can be purchased in an annual package with up to 23% on the actual cost. They are permitting you to save a considerable amount without any compromise.


In addition to these exciting features that can help you in business growth, don’t forget to notice the drawbacks of GoToWebinar. The notable cons of GoToWebinar are

  • Needs to integrate other third-party apps.
  • The basic plan is comparatively high & permits only 100 participants.

11. Adobe Connect

Best for Large Marketing Organizations and Agencies.

If you are looking for webinar software cloud-based to schedule, create, and present your virtual webinars in front of the globe, try Adobe Connect Webinar software. It is the best webinar software specially designed for marketers and marketing agencies to create impactful webinars.

It comes with robust marketing to increase the reach of your virtual events around the globe. Moreover, it also gives you access to features like marketing that help you in increasing the engagement of the event to impart an impact on your audience.

With Adobe Connect Webinar, your webinars will be of super exceptional quality HD video. Additionally, you will have multimedia support and access to collaboration backstage to discuss anything with your presenters.


  • Helps in hosting optimized events and relevant lead identification to increase ROI.
  • Robust Analytics to track your performance smoothly.
  • High-Quality HD Video and support for multimedia to interact with participants.
  • Allows easy integrations with Eloqua, Salesforce, and other CRM software.


There are only two Adobe Connect Webinar Plans that allow you to expand your business online. Both plans come with unlimited webinars with storage and VoIP. The monthly plan will cost you $120 per month. However, the YEARLY plan will cost you $1150 per year. Both plans come with a 30-day free trial with which you can test their features.


  • The pricing is very high than any other webinar software.

12. Google Hangouts

the best webinar software

When it comes to having an extremely versatile yet free webinar service known by almost 98% of the online users, Google Hangouts comes at the top of the list. It is one of the best free webinar platforms and well-renowned webinar software providers allowing you to host webinars for free.

Moreover, the G-Suite and other SaaS software integration will be more comfortable in Google Hangouts Webinar tools so that you can share Docs file sheets and share the presentation with participants. Aside from this, the video and audio quality are super impressive and won’t make any trouble for you in understanding what’s displayed on the screen and what is being said by the presenter.

Additionally, this webinar software is super easy to use and contains an intuitive dashboard, making it easier for you to increase your event or webinar engagement.


Google Hangouts – the free webinar platform comes with exciting tools like,

  • Simple, intuitive, and perfect cloud-based webinar tool for private and public webinars for small businesses.
  • Offers handy webinar registration via social media accounts or LinkedIn
  • Free training and support from experts
  • Mobile responsive, extraordinarily versatile, and don’t need to download the app. They can be joined without any webinar app from any device.
  • In-depth analytics reports to track the performance.


Google Hangouts Webinar Software is free for everyone but limited when it comes to sales funnel optimization.


  • Unlike other Webinar software, Google Hangouts doesn’t come with features like robust marketing.
  • Needs a Google Account for accessing the Webinar software.

13. Livestream

Best for the Growth of Well-established Businesses

what is the best webinar software

If you are looking for the best webinar software to grow your well-established business, the Livestream Webinar platform will be the perfect choice for small businesses and enterprises. Livestream software gives you access to webinar marketing tools that will help you maximize your business’s growth.

There aren't any limitations to the participants in webinars. You can expand the horizon as much as you want by presenting your values in front of a large group. The host will have all rights reserved to arrange interactive sessions. Without any hassle, you can reach your audience in real-time with the best streaming experience. Moreover, you can share it with everyone following you on any social media platform.

Aside from the flawless adaptive streaming, the webinar features that differentiate others are video management, production graphics and tools, and unlimited storage with the automatic recording option. Moreover, you will get a detailed analytics report of streaming on every social platform.


best video webinar software
  • Unlimited storage and automated webinar recording.
  • No limit for webinar participants.
  • Permits to stream on social platforms.
  • Robust Analytics tools to provide detailed analytics reports.
  • Permits you to share private links.
  • Active and Expert Customer Support.


best webinar and funnel software

Vimeo Livestream web conferencing three pricing plans that come with all prominent features offered by Livestream. Depending on your needs, you can select any of the three plans that suit and help your business in exponential growth. The Live Stream plan will cost you $75 per month on annual billing. You have to contact their support center for other plans to customize the plan, depending on your specifications and needs.


  • There isn’t any free trial of Livestream to test their features nor any money-back guarantee.

14. Zoom

zoom - best mobile+webinar software

Zoom webinar conferencing software is one of the most-used, reliable tools and the best webinar software available to help people scale up their businesses. This intuitive and user-friendly webinar tool is super easy to set up and entirely cloud-based. Moreover, it also offers free webinar services.

Zoom permits 100 to 1,000 view-only participants in the webinar, giving them the leverage to interact with the peers and presenters to get the most out of the session. You can integrate it with Google calendar and Microsoft Outlook allowing you to schedule a webinar based on your schedule and keep your attendees updated about it.


Zoom features
  • Perfectly fine and flawless video and audio with Screen sharing feature.
  • Recording option to keep your data safe.
  • Cloud-based webinar storage permits easy backups.
  • Permits integration to maximize effectiveness.
  • Full-featured hosts with all rights reserved with access over robust analytics reports.
  • Event assistance from Zoom Team to host large events.


Zoom pricing plans

Depending upon the limits for participants, Zoom is offering SIX different plans with different prices. However, every plan comes with the same features.

  • 500 participants – $79  per month per license.
  • 1000 participants – $340  per month per license.
  • 3000 participants – $990  per month per license.
  • 5000 participants – $2,490  per month per license.
  • 10,000 participants – $6,490  per month per license.
  • 10,000+ participants – contact sales


  • Zoom doesn't come with robust marketing tools to maximize its reach.

15. AnyMeeting

Anymeeting webinar

AnyMeeting is another great Video Conferencing and Automated Webinars Software, allowing you to create interactive live events with your viewers to generate more leads. It is an all-in-one online events solution enabling you to create interactive, informative, and engaging webinars in a go.

From scheduling, creation, and registration to hosting and analytics tracking, everything is simple, quick, and responsive in AnyMeeting Webinar creator. Moreover, you can present to a broad audience of up to one thousand participants without any hassle.

Along with Cloud Recording, presenters green room, and email customization, AnyMeeting gives you access to tools like creating polls, surveys, and much more to get the most out of your webinars.


best rtc webinar software key features
  • Extremely versatile, allowing up to one thousand participants to attend the webinar and up to 12 presenters.
  • Access to create custom invitations, registration pages, landing pages, and much more to market your brand.
  • Ask the opinions of participants and share results in real-time.
  • Use the generation’s expectations option during the webinar to interact in live events.
  • Detailed analytics and statistics for evaluation of quizzes and surveys.


best webinar software with landing page pricing plans

Three different pricing plans are giving you access to all features with varying limitations of webinar participants. Moreover, all plans come with a 30-day free trial to test the components. 

The WEBINAR LITE will cost you $48.00 per month with 50 webinar attendees, while the WEBINAR PRO plan costs you $128.00 per month with 200 webinar attendees. 

However, the ENTERPRISE plan allows 1000 webinar attendees at just $298.00 per month.


  • It doesn’t support broadcasting from mobile.

16. Webex

webex webinar software

Webex tools is another excellent pick under the best webinar software powered by CISCO, delivering the values to meet today’s generation’s expectations. Webex permits to host live events and webinars in front of the massive crowd with a great experience.

Webex’s prominent tools include product promotion, virtual event hosting with cool tools to increase participants’ engagement, and leads in live events. Moreover, HD video quality with Q/A, online chat, surveys, and polls with the versatility of presenting the event by coordinating multiple presenters.


  • Cloud-based storage and permits 40,000 live webinar attendees.
  • Strong marketing and interactive tools to increase audience engagement in the webinar.
  • Easy integration with useful marketing tools to maximize your reach.
  • Need to download the mobile app for flawless functioning in mobile devices.
  • Calendar integration for effective management.


They have 5 pricing plans. Moreover, a 30-day free trial is available with access to all tools offered by Webex.

webex webinar pricing plans


  • Offers In-house Team meetings centric features rather than webinar software.

17. DaCast

Dacast free trial

When it comes to having an all-in-one secured solution for live streaming, which you can set within a few minutes, with impressive live streaming and broadcasting tools, you will be able to schedule, create, monetize, host, and track the analytics of webinars.

Moreover, you will be able to stream on social platforms to maximize your live and on-demand webinars’ reach. Additionally, you will get 24/7 Customer Support to get a solution to all of your queries. Depending on the ease and quick functioning offered by DaCast, Marketers love it a lot.


  • Permits FTP access and provides detailed Analytics.
  • User-friendly, quick setup, and easy to use, takes no time in event creation.
  • No limits for viewers.
  • Secure Video Hosting with 24/7 Customer Support.


DaCast offers four different pricing plans giving you the versatility of scheduling, hosting, and monetizing virtual events. The details of all plans are as follows.

Starter- $39/month ( suitable for small audiences)

Event- $63/month (suitable for one time or occasional events)

Scale- $188/month (perfect for businesses and organizations)

Custom- Get customized plans for your high-volume needs


  • Plans come with limited data bandwidth limits. On exceeding the limit, you will be charged higher.

18. ZOHO Meeting

Zoho meeting

When it comes to having a lucrative webinar hosting platform with advanced security, Zoho Meeting comes at the top of the list. It is best when it comes to keeping your data secure and safe from threats.

You will be able to host webinars and meetings fearlessly by locking them and increasing the checking via adding moderators. Zoho Meeting Software’s prominent attributes include secure audio and video, screen sharing, and permission to share documents with attendees.


Zoho Meetings software is a fantastic online webinar platform that comes with many tools like,

  • Browser-based easy process of joining that can be done without any need to download the app.
  • Dedicated apps and extensions to make the process easier.
  • Permits you to add co-organizers.
  • Access to analytics to track the effectiveness of your strategies.
  • Customized emails and registration forms.
  • Permits sharing of pre-recorded events and screen sharing with attendees.


Zoho meeting pricing plans

Zoho Meeting offers 3 different webinar solutions and virtual events to promote businesses online. Depending on your needs and attendees, you can select one that suits your needs.

Please note that a limited free plan is also available, to access a few little tools.

Try FREE for 14-days.

19. Webinar Geek

Webinar Geek - the best webinar software

If you want to deliver a smooth webinar experience at a decent price, Webinar Geek is your perfect companion. It comes at a super affordable price.

It is not one of the most feature-rich webinar software. But you will get the options of live and on-demand webinars.

It is also easy to use since you won’t get overwhelmed by a number of features.

Key features

  • Allows both live webinars and pre-recorded videos 
  • Takes care of your webinar marketing efforts


You can choose from three plans.

Starter- $20/month

Premium- $53/month

Advanced- Contact for customized prices 

Webinar Geek pricing plans

What is Webinar Software and How to Choose the Best One?

A webinar software is a tool that lets you conduct online seminars and events. You can use it to host live online events or play pre-recorded videos for your audience.

You need to check some features while choosing the best webinar software.

  • It should have decent video and audio quality
  • It lets you schedule events in advance 
  • It offers an engaging experience to your audience
  • It has a simple user interface 

Don’t forget to check the user reviews before purchasing webinar software. That will help you understand whether it is suitable for your needs.

Why are Businesses Focusing on Hosting Webinars?

With the advent of technology and evolving trends in society, the concept of promoting a business is changing a lot. When it comes to having a strategy that can give a high ROI (Return on Investment), Webinars come at the top of the list.

A webinar’s conversion rate ranges from 20% to 40% based on recent research and data analysis. Moreover, a webinar is also a solid marketing strategy that you can follow to promote your business to get known by a vast population. But the statistics depend on the webinar solution you choose.

What Are the Benefits of Webinar Platforms?

Being one of the essential parts of the digital era, webinars have many benefits and advantages that you can count on.

Here are a few.

1. Webinars Are Cost-Effective.

Unlike seminars, webinars are cost-effective and more likely to give desired results.. For a webinar, you don’t need to have a physical location to host your audience.

You just need webinar software, a microphone, and your perfect webinar script.

2. Expand Your Audience.

Webinars help you connect and engage with your targeted audience across the globe. People can join in from any corner of the world irrespective of the time zones.

Moreover, you can share it on online platforms to increase your reach.

3. Improve Lead Generation.

Webinars let you show your knowledge and expertise to people who are interested in your business.. Usually, the joinees of a webinar are more likely those who already know about your business or have a personal or professional interest.

With the use of the right strategies and tactics, you can generate even more leads and reach out to new viewers. Although not all of them are potential buyers or clients, you should try to know about them, their pain points, and their interest to help them in a more personalized way with your services.

4. Guest Presenters.

Webinars let you invite guest presenters from any part of the globe. Guess the best part? You don’t have to tackle responsibility for their travel and lodging.

You can have experts from different parts of the globe to enthrall your audience with their insights.

5. Enhanced Branding

Webinars help you boost your brand awareness. You can present yourself as an expert in your niche.

When you host webinars and help people with their challenges, you become the go-to-person in your industry. If people love your webinar, they recommend it to their friends and colleagues. Thus, webinars have tremendous potential to take your brand to the next level.

Webinar Software – Final Verdict

Indeed, webinars can take your company’s growth to the next level. But you need to keep a few things in mind.

Apart from choosing the right webinar software and nailing your marketing strategies, make sure you provide value to your audience. Your audience will love your webinar if it solves some of the challenges they are facing.

We have compiled the list of best webinar software keeping in mind the features and pricing. Compare them and choose the one that meets your requirements.

So, why are you still waiting? Start growing your brand by hosting memorable webinars for your targeted audience.

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