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TL;DR: Here’s a list of the best paraphrasing tools in 2022 that we shall discuss in this review:

  • Grammarly – Paraphrasing + Grammar checks – $11.66/mo 
  • WordAi – Professional paraphrasing tool – $30/mo
  • QuillBot – Paraphrase + Grammar checker – $9.99/mo
  • SpinRewriter – Professional Paraphrasing tool – $47
  • Spinner Chief – Best paraphrasing tool – Starts from $197 (one-time payment)
  • Ginger Rewriting tool – Decent paraphrasing tool – $13.99/mo

There’s a constant need to stay updated, and staying up-to-date without reading is impossible.

Hmmm! Except you’re a magician. Spooky!

You can say you “listen” to the news, but guess what? The newscaster “reads” it from a script.

Either you’re the one reading, or someone is reading it to your ears. That action has taken place to keep you updated.

Have you ever read something somewhere, and it feels like you’ve read that exact thing in that same location before?

Déjà vu? You could say that.

But have you written something in an article for a client five years ago, and you’ve just rewritten that content again today?

Probably because you need to reuse, rewrite or fine-tune that content or find it hard to get an alternative.

Is this déjà vu? I’ll laugh and say, “No!” “Dude, you just plagiarized!” Big time!!!

How can you avoid this?

Roll up your sleeves as we’re about to dig into this!

6 Best Paraphrasing Tools in 2022

Getting the right paraphrasing tool for writers often depends on the purpose of why the content exists.

With paraphrasing tools existing for writers, contents are said to become better than their previous states.

When you come across search engine-related topics, you probably know that content is a limitless gold mine.

As you keep mining for content daily, the number of visitors determines how successful and relevant your materials are.

The more the content hooks them, the higher you get on the search results.

But to avoid being stale or even being tempted to touch other peoples’ content, the better it is to learn how valuable these paraphrasing tools can be.

Like a Genie in a lamp, I’ll grant your wishes by bringing you the top paraphrasing tools of 2022.

My favorite remains Grammarly over any other paraphrasing tool of 2022.

You wonder why? Well, see for yourself.

#1. Grammarly – the best overall paraphrasing tool

(Free + $11/mo premium 60% off)

Grammarly - the best overall paraphrasing tool

Grammarly is my #1 pick for many reasons.

Firstly, it's got solid paraphrasing software that goes much beyond that. I'm talking grammar suggestions, vocabulary checks, and all that good stuff.

As a content writer, I've used several paraphrasing tools, but still, I'd choose Grammarly because it helps me in other areas such as rewriting, improving my content, plagiarism checks, and a lot more.

Anyways, the best way to try for yourself. So I recommend signing up for Grammarly premium. If you're uncertain, there's an option to try Grammarly for seven days and decide.

Key Features:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Spelling check
  • Writing style recognition
  • Vocabulary enhancer
  • Performance reports
  • World-class thesaurus

Best reasons to use Grammarly?

  1. Fast content analysis

Grammarly holds one of the fastest speeds for analyzing your written content.

Once you import the content, you get your work analyzed quickly within seconds.

With this speed, one would think it to make some errors when breaking down your write-ups.

But Nah! You get to see your punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors—and you even get to see suggestions to replace them to the most suited for their contexts.

  1. Integrated versions

Having a paraphrasing app is good. But having the best writers’ software that comes in various versions and suitable plans is the bomb.

Grammarly has its browser extension, Microsoft Word add-in, downloadable desktop version, and a mobile application.

It makes Grammarly reachable to you in whatever way you want.

Placing your write-ups on the online tool, desktop, or even mobile app keeps you above the rest.

  1. Easy-to-use interface

Although we're in 2022, no one wants stress with anything that pertains to computers.

But with the Grammarly app, you don't have to be a Computer Whiz to get it, use it, and even understand it.

As advanced as Grammarly is, it has an incredibly simple user interface and trusts me, you get to enjoy Grammarly when you use it.

  1. Human proofreading availability:

There's this famous saying; “Two heads are better than one.”

Grammarly even brings you one extra head to your palm with ease.

Aside from working with built-in AI, you can also work with a human proofreader. It ensures a fresh eye catches the wrong arrangement or content agreement in your writing.

Now, three heads are better than two!

#2. WordAI – Runners up



WordAI is our runner-up for various reasons. As the name indicates, the main one utilizes artificial intelligence to reduce the turnaround time, increase your budget, and produce higher-quality content that your audience will like.

The Website UI and user-friendly usability of the application is just another icing on the cake for SEO professionals and academics.

Key Features:

  • Complete sentence restructuring
  • AI Text enrichment
  • No Duplicate content
  • High Turnaround time thanks to the fast AI
  • Supports 1 – 1000 rewrites

Reasons to use WordAI:

  1. Quick result:

Whether you want to reword 10 or 100 articles, this tool will do so with ease with only one click.

  1. Languages:

It supports various languages, including Spanish, French, and others.

Therefore, you should not be concerned if this tool supports only one language.

  1. Tense integration:

This program is extremely grammar-aware.

Therefore I can assure you that it will not make any grammatical or spelling errors, resulting in the original material.

  1. HTML support:

This rephrasing program supports HTML, allowing you to add formatting, rephrase photos, and rewrite videos within WordAi's editor.

  1. Restructure:

It is a rephrasing tool, but it can also rewrite the entire paragraph and reorganize the listing.

That's quite incredible and is second to none in output and performance.

#3. Quillbot – is a very close contender


Not everyone can afford expensive applications – enter Quillbot, which is affordable and one of the most effective paraphrasing tools on the digital market.

Despite its low price, this tool is one of the greatest online tools for rephrasing, and I agree.

Quillbot is completely reliable, and another amazing feature of this tool is that it is user-friendly, which means that nearly any age group can use it without any problem; What more could you want from a tool?

Key Features:

  • 125 Paraphraser word limit.
  • Standard and Fluency modes are available.
  • 3 Synonyms options.
  • 1200 Summarizer word limit.
  • Faster processing speed.
  • Advanced grammar rewrites.

Reason to use Quillbot:

  1. Integration:

You can integrate this tool with various places where you’ll actually need to do the paraphrasing, like a Chrome extension or an integration with MS Word.

This is a feature a lot of other tools lack.

  1. Freeze Words:

In this tool, there is an option called “freeze words.” If you want some terms in your material inaccessible, you may use this option.

You only need to enter these words, and Quillbot will not alter them. How cool is that huh?

  1. Two in One:

Quillbot is not only a great paraphraser but also a grammar checker.

It automatically provides you with synonyms and meanings to a word when you hover over that specific word. You can then choose to replace it with another one of your choice that fits the sentence.

If you're a pro writer or an aspiring one, Quillbot can be your aid in achieving blockbuster and breathtaking write-ups.

#4 SpinRewriter – Professional Paraphrasing tool



Spin Rewriter was first introduced in 2011, making it the most seasoned online paraphrasing tool on our list. The release of this tool's most recent version makes it far more effective and superior.

When combined with the Emulated Natural Learning (ENL) technology, the Spin Writer enables the software to write content equal the quality of content written by a real person.

I would argue that it combines every potential function that makes it the greatest tool for paraphrasing in 2022. You should give it a shot, as you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

These come at a $47 monthly or $497 one-time lifetime payment.

Key Features:

  • Stock photo integration
  • Mass export
  • Bulk articles spinning
  • All spintax styles
  • Detailed video tutorials

Reasons to use SpinRewriter:

  1. ENL semantic technology:

This tool features ENL semantic technology, which enables Spin Rewriter to understand the concept and meaning of the text before rephrasing it.

  1. Cloud-based paraphrasing tool:

The main advantage of this tool is that it is a cloud-based software for rephrasing, which means you can use it anywhere, at any time, and it is compatible with all devices to be used on any device.

  1. User-friendly tutorials:

Spin Rewriter is the only online program that gives its customers “extensive video training” and “getting started guidance.”

So that clients may obtain an immediate response to any questions without calling their support staff.

If you have any questions, you may send an email to or submit a support request.

#5. Spinner Chief – Great paraphrasing tool

($197 – one-time payment)

The spinner chief is one outstanding paraphrasing software.

Trust me when I say excellent! It is one of the few software with its desktop and website version.

It uses the latest statistical replacement technology, part-of-speech analysis, AI (artificial intelligence), and other natural language methods that can create quality content.

Key Features:

  • Could based Thesaurus supports over 20 languages
  • Perfect rewording
  • Available in desktop and web version
  • Offers both free and paid version

Reasons to use Spinner chief

  1. Fast use

Trust me. Nobody wants a snail for software.

Like you, I believe that efficient and reliable programs should respond to my commands at the snap of my fingers.

The spinner chief is so superb that it generates thousands of articles within a few minutes.

  1. User-friendly

The spinner chief has an extremely friendly user interface.

Too much tech talk? All I'm saying is that the Spinner chief is very easy to use, and users like yourself and I enjoy a friendly and understanding experience.

The operation makes paragraphing and sentence rewriting very simple.

  1. Cloud technology

Great software like the Spinner chief has to depend on a reliable source of current information.

Amongst Spinner Chief creations is the Cloud technology. And boy, am I glad to tell you that this creation paid off as it supports over 20 languages.

#6.  Ginger Rewriting tool – Decent paraphrasing tool


Ginger rewriting tool

Ginger is a tool gaining ground in the writing sector. Teachers, students, content writers, bloggers, etc., are known to use this tool to ensure they are error-free.

When students and writers work on an article or project, they might get some information online. But rewriting them without being accused of plagiarism could become difficult. This is where Ginger comes in!

Key Features

  • MS Word add-in
  • Cross-platform
  • Translation feature
  • Personal trainer

Reasons to user Ginger

1.     Language translator

If you’re not conversant with English, that’s not a problem with this tool.

It is so powerful that it can translate your texts into over 40 languages.

Does your client speak a completely different language from yours? It is your tool for maximum communication.

2.     Rephraser tool

This feature is what makes the Ginger software stand out.

It can rephrase your sentence! Not just words, but a sentence.

Plagiarism comes mostly with sentences, and this tool will help change that sentence into something completely different.

3.     Smart algorithm

The algorithm of this software is built to make suggestions based on the context of the sentence, not per word.

With this detailed feature, the software is more accurate in its corrections.

So, Which are The Best Paraphrasing Tools in 2022?

I hope this guide helped you to find the best paraphrasing tool for quickly creating content.

In my opinion, out of the provided 6 options, Grammarly is the best overall option as you're not just getting a paraphrasing checker, but a lot more. I'm talking about advanced Grammar checks, vocabulary enhancement, chrome extension, plagiarism checks, and more.

Even though it has various features, they are also very user-friendly and easy to use.

Why wait? Choose the one for your taste and liking now!

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