TL;DR: Here's a brief breakdown of the best Pay Per Lead companies: 👇

And what's my most recommended PPL Affilaite? 

There isn't any “one.”

Why? Because you can make good money with all of the mentioned affiliates, so it doesn't make sense to pick one over the other.

Instead, what's important is picking a niche that matches your abilities.

That said, I make most of my money from ShareASale.


Why? Because I mainly review SaaS products (For example my Grammarly premium review). And most of these affiliates are hosted on ShareASale.

But as I've said, there's a ton of pay per lead affiliate programs, and you need to find what's best for you!

On that note, below I'm going to review some of the best PPL companies with a goal to help you understand what's best for you.

Mostly pay per signup affiliate programs offer a commission of $1. However, there are many other pay per lead networks with which you can earn $100 or even more.

Moreover, at the end of this post, I’ll reveal the best and actionable process with which you can discover other top-rated Pay Per lead Affiliate programs. You just have to follow the steps, and you will get your dream pay per lead program.

In a nutshell, it is a jackpot for maximizing your passive income streams.

So, let’s dive into the content.

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs in 2020

When it comes to Make Money Online, CPA Marketing comes at the top of the list of lucrative and reliable options. You just have to reach out to the right audience with your referral link and all set.

Pay Per Lead referral Programs are considered an excellent opportunity to earn a higher referral commission on every lead. When the lead converts into a sale, you will earn $100 or more as a monthly recurring commission.

Unlike traditional referral Marketing, you don’t have to close a sale to earn your referral commission. Only getting a new lead will bring you a commission. This makes it potentially worthy for Bloggers seeking to make money online.

So, let’s discuss the top-rated PPL Affiliate Programs.

1. ClickFunnels: $1 per lead + residual commissions per sale

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ClickFunnels is one of the most famous and top-rated Marketing and Sales Funnels Tools being loved by almost all marketers. It permits you to create intuitive landing pages, Email and Facebook Automation, and much more.

Aside from Digital Marketers, ClickFunnels is a lucrative sales funnel tool for marketers. It allows them to earn the highest referral commission by promoting ClickFunnels and other products, such as

  • One Funnel Away Challenge – A 30-day training about everything you need to know about online business.
  • 30 Days Summit – A 30 Days Free Summit will bring you $100 on upgrading to One Funnel Away.
  • Books by Russell Brunson – DotComSecrets, CopywritingSecrets, ExpertsSecrets.
  • ClickFunnels Membership

With the 30-day One Funnel Away Challenge, you can earn a 100% affiliate commission. It is one of the best and top-notch trainings that comes with many perks, making it worth the investment.

However, on all other Front-end Products, you will get a 20% recurring commission as a new member as per the policies of the ClickFunnel Partner Program. Once you get your $1000 affiliate commission, your commission scale will be upgraded to 30% from 20%.

To appreciate your efforts, after your 40 active sales, you will be qualified to apply for the approved affiliate to get a recurring commission of 40%.

But, to receive your affiliate income from ClickFunnels, you need to have a Tipalti sign up to set up your tax information. To avail this golden opportunity to earn a good commission, join ClickFunnel Affiliate Program today. Just log in to the button below and fill-up the form with all credentials and start promoting ClickFunnels.

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Moreover, as soon as you get new affiliate sign-ups,  you will become nearer to get your Dream Car from ClickFunnels. Your Affiliate dashboard will show you your progress to accomplish this achievement.

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2. ShareASale: $30 per lead

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ShareASale is the leading Affiliate Network with many lucrative affiliate programs. You will find the best pay per free signup affiliate programs with lead commission ranging from $0.01 to $150. These programs will be of any niche, including Home & Garden, Fashion, Green, Business, and many other popular ones.

There are only five simple, easy steps to create an account. But, to proceed with account creation, you must need a website. They offer a straightforward affiliate payout process that gets done via ACH, Cheque, or Payoneer to complete the $50 Affiliate Commission.

affiliate programs that pay per lead

Enroll in ShareASale Now

Share A Sale is an Illinois based PPL program that has the largest arsenal of affiliate products. What’s more, they offer lucrative commissions for both Sales and Leads—and have one of the best customer support team.

I’ve been using them for almost a year and experience and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Here’s a glimpse into their juice Pay per lead programs—

ppl affiliate program

I particularly love how easy it is to scroll through different merchants as this allows you to easily find hot affiliate programs that would otherwise take several hours to find.

Here are three reasons I love Share A Sale

1. Reputable Affiliate:

Unlike other (shady) affiliates, Share A sale has been around for a long time (and it’s still kicking ass!).

Working with a reputable company is absolutely crucial as they have real policies and stick to it which basically means you’ll get paid on time every time.

2. Free and Easy signup

Unlike other affiliates, ShareASale offers its signups for free. It’s a simple five-step process that can be done in a few minutes. This is particularly great for beginner affiliates and sites that don’t have as much traffic.

3. A whole multitude of Merchants

As mentioned before, I hate joining many affiliate programs. But with ShareASale, you won’t need to as it has one of the biggest portfolios of PPL and CPA programs.

What’s more ShareASale has partnerships with some of the biggest brands (perks of having a solid brand presence). In fact, they boast over 40 different niches, that filled with a whopping 4,800 unique merchants!

Join ShareASale Affiliate Network
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3. Swagbucks: $3 per free referral signup

Swagbucks is one of the most famous American online surveys, coupons, and gift cards earning programs. A vast audience is loving it because of the income you can generate. By spending a few hours in a day, you can make a net income of $200 or more net income.

Swagbucks pay per lead Affiliate Program offers a 10% commission on each referral. You can refer your friends and family via your referral link to generate leads. As long as they start making money, you will get a 10% affiliate commission. This is how this pay per free sign up affiliate program allows you to get paid $1 per visitor or more.

Sign Up for Swagbucks pay per lead Affiliate Program


4. Affiliate Manager: $1 per lead

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Affiliate Manager is an agency that helps businesses in running smooth and healthy relationships with affiliate marketers. It allows companies to grow by connecting and managing the best affiliate marketers. You can earn a good commission ranging from $1 to $150 per lead depending upon the merchant you are promoting.

Sign Up for the Affiliate Manager


5. Personal Capital: $100 Per Qualified Lead

Personal Care is another leading affiliate program for promoting offers related to personal finance. You can earn $100 per qualified lead with no limit.

To create an Account, you need to have a website. Aside from this, their team carefully reviews every application to check the standards and reply with results within three to five days. After every successful, you will get the commission after the next 30 days.

You will get access to many promotional materials, including text links, banners, and much more.

Apply for Personal Capital Affiliate Program.

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6. National Debt Relief: $27.50 per lead

National Debt Relief is one of the highest paying debt consolidation affiliate programs permitting you to earn a lucrative affiliate commission per lead. You can promote it to those who need help in managing their debt and finance. On every successful lead, you will earn $27.50, which can increase to $300.

They register their Affiliate Program with ShareASale Network to ensure timely payment of your Commissions. You will get access to all promotional material to get noticed by the targeted audience.

Join the National Debt Affiliate Program as an Affiliate


7. American Debt Enders: $20 per lead–$40 per sale

American Debt Enders helps you in getting relieved from debt. They use ShareASale Affiliate Network to manage their Affiliate Program. As an affiliate, you will earn a commission of $20 on every qualified form fill. On every inbound qualified phone call, you will make $40.

For inbound calling, they will provide you a number besides customized promotional material, including banners and Videos. If you want to use your creative promotional stuff, you can use it with no restrictions.

Create an account only by filling up the affiliate form on their signup page and start earning as much as you can.

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8. Paribus: $2.50 per free lead

Paribus Affiliate Program is designed for online shopping enthusiasts. It works with many top-notch stores, including Amazon and Walmart. The platform works as if you purchase a product from any store, and after some time, if the price of the product has decreased, you will be compensated with the gap.

As an affiliate, people who purchase the products from your referral link will generate the commission for you. Same as pay per free signup sites, you will get paid per lead. The amount you will get paid per sign up will be $2.50 depending upon the store and the product.

Sign Up for the Paribus Affiliate Program


9. Survey Junkie: $1.25 per lead

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Survey Junkie is the oldest and one of the most trusted platforms to get paid for taking online surveys. There is no cost for these surveys showing a great potential to earn money.

Their Affiliate Program is also an excellent opportunity for you to promote it in your audience and earn without asking them to buy something. This way, you will get many free leads and, ultimately, the affiliate commission. The cost you get per lead as an affiliate commission is $1.25 and more depending upon your effectiveness.

Sign Up for Survey Junkie Affiliate Program


10. American Consumer Opinions: $1 per lead

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American Consumer Opinions is another online consumer opinion survey program permitting the audience to earn by completing online surveys. It lets the international audience earn a high cost per survey.

This is one of the decent ppl affiliate programs hosted on ShareASale. On every successful lead from your referral link, you will get $1 cost per lead. As soon as your leads increase, your commission will increase to $10 you will get paid via PayPal. You have to add your PayPal email address carefully in the sign-up form. If you want to change your email address afterward, you can change it easily.

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11. Mr. Rebates: $1 per lead

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MR. Rebates are another online shopping buddy that allows you to get your cash back while shopping online. Their ppl affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn a 20% commission on all successful leads.

Mr. Rebates’ pay per lead affiliates program is also hosted on ShareASale. You can promote your referral link in your friend and family circle, including blogs and other marketing material. However, promotion via PPC search Engine Marketing is prohibited because of the trademark restriction from their merchants.

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12. RankPay: $25 per lead

RankPay is a company that offers Digital Marketing Solutions. An online business without a presence on the top searches has to suffer a lot. This is where RankPay comes in.

With the RankPay pay per lead Affiliate Program, you can easily make money per lead by referring to your audience’s services. This is one of the top-notch pay per lead programs allowing you to earn extra income ranging from 10% to 30% depending upon your performance. Yo9u can generate as many leads as you can to make more money.

Sign Up and become an Affiliate


13. CreativeLive: $1 per lead

CreativeLive is one of the leading platforms for teaching creative soft-skills to the international audience. They broadcast live classes of art, designing, and many other creative skills.

As an affiliate, you can earn money by referring their services to your friend and family. Their pay per lead program allows you to make $1 on every successful lead you send to their platform.

Start Promoting Today, Become an Affiliate


Pay per Lead Affiliate FAQs

1. What is a Pay Per Lead Company?

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business with the lowest barriers to entry.

You can literally build and scale a business to profitability under 6 months (or less). This staggering statistic is unreal!

However, the competition in the affiliate industry is quite intense with everyone and their mom starting up an affiliate site.

What’s more affiliate programs (psst.. Amazon) have been continuously reducing their commissions making it harder and harder to make more money from the affiliate.

Enter: Pay per lead affiliate programs.

A PPL program is just like every other affiliate program but better as it not only pay per sale but also per qualified lead (more on this later). Basically, you get paid to drive a visitor to do simple things like sign-ups!

Let’s say you just signed up for an affiliate program “Shamazon.”

The standard pay per lead offers the following:

  1. You promote products on their site
  2. You drive traffic to their site via affiliate links
  3. You only get paid if they make a sale

(spoiler alert: the conversion rate is usually <3%)

This is where PPL affiliate programs and help affiliate users get a much higher ROI from their users by offering commissions per signups, signing up to their mailing list or even a download.

Basically, you get paid to offer your affiliates qualified leads (which is a much higher conversion rate than 3%). What’s more, these programs usually have a tracking period that extends up to 180 days, so you can make a ton of cash if you have a high traffic website.

2. PPL vs CPA: What’s the difference?

Cost per acquisition or CPA is another form of affiliate marketing where affiliates get paid a commission for every new sign-up they generate.

But wait a minute! That’s exactly the same as a PPL, right?!

Well, yes but PPL is more than just sign-ups.

You see, pay per lead programs are much more “chill” and offer commissions per qualified leads which doesn’t have to be sign-ups. Instead, it can simply be sending a stream of traffic to their site. Basically, a simply click(s) could generate a payout!

3. How to find more pay per lead affiliate programs?

There are many pays per lead programs available out there. Some let you earn by sending leads on their way, and some make you get paid per email submit. Aside from these, there are many pays per lead affiliate programs that pay daily, and some are lucrative pay per free trial affiliate programs.

Regardless of the commission they offer, all of them can’t be a perfect fit for you and your audience. So, you have to think about it wisely before starting to promote someone’s offer. To find the best pay per lead/ ppl affiliate program, follow the steps mentioned below.

Method 1: Look for PPL programs in affiliate networks with the search filter

Affiliate marketing has been around for over a decade. Since then, there’s a ton of PPL affiliate programs that have come up.

But not all of them are as good. And the ones that are good? Are hard to find.

Pro tip: A quick way to tell if a site has an affiliate program is by checking their footer:

pay per click affiliate programs

Affiliate Networks are the hub of all types of pay per lead programs. On a single search, you will have a long list of pay per lead programs. This will make it easier for you to select the best one for yourself.

To search the best options, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Click on Merchants and head over to search.
  • In the search bar, search for pay per lead/ppl affiliate program.

Now, you will get a long list of pay per lead programs to choose from.

Best Pay per lead affiliate programs

You can follow this process on ShareASale to get the most out of your search.

Method 2: Dig into CPA affiliate network methods

CPA Affiliate Networks have the biggest list of the most lucrative pay per leads available online. Either you are looking to get paid by submitting an email address, survey, or form, CPA networks would be the best place for you to find a perfect pay per lead program.

Moreover, it is easier to get a long list of top-notch pay per lead in CPA networks. For example, in Perform[cb] and Peerfly, two of the most trusted and profitable CPA networks, you can search for pay per lead subscriptions with the help of advance search.

4. How to make money as a PPL affiliate marketer?

Most people thing are easily phases by the massive commissions offered by some PPL programs, but they don’t realize the amount of work involved in marketing those products.

Affiliate marketing like every other business takes a lot of hard work, but it most definitely pays off!

Here’s a snippet of my ShareASale commissions for this month—

PPL program ShareAsale

And this is the first month that I’ve crossed 500 dollars!

You see, affiliate marketing is a long game and takes a lot of time in the beginning. But if you keep at it and work towards your goals, you will most definitely start seeing real results.

Here’s a breakdown of the things you’ll need to make a solid profit as a pay per leader marketer:

  • Patience and persistence to work on something without seeing any results for months.
  • A WordPress blog that’s optimized for SEO.
  • Partnership with a single (but reliable) PPL program like ShareASale.

Remember, there are no shortcuts or get rich schemes so make sure to create a system to build your affiliate marketing blog.

Winding up on Pay Per Lead Companies

PPL programs are a great way for both advertisers and publishers to benefit from cost-effective affiliate marketing.

Online marketers love PPL programs because it allows them to maximize commissions by earning as a commission of the traffic they send to their affiliates.

What’s more, since money doesn’t have to change hands, there’s a much higher conversion rate.

However, affiliate marketing is no easy feat, and you’re most likely going to run into problems, So feel free to reach out and get in touch if you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing.

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