For the last few years, people starting online businesses and working from home have increased exponentially and with the emergence of COVID-19, that trend has up-ticked even more.

There’s a range of factors that could affect someone moving to online work, from seeking flexibility, to a career change, to a side hustle.

Online business has been popularized too because they are not barriers to entry like a lot of different industries and with the increase of social media, it's a great time to be in the online space.

In terms of affiliate marketing, marketers couldn’t run a viable business without utilizing link tracking.

Regardless of the paid advertising you do, whether it’s Google PPC, solo ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, you’ll need to ensure you have closely tracked your performance and make sure you’re using a link tracking software or some form of link tracking software.

Knowing which of your ads are working and which aren’t is the very core of a successful digital marketing campaign and marketing strategies; so if you’re an entrepreneur, a small business, an affiliate marketer, or someone looking to get started, understanding link tracking is essential.

You always want to make sure your links tracking is accurate and that you are able to access your data in real-time and avoid click fraud, but with so many link tracking software out there, it's hard to know which is the best for you…

Everyone is looking for different things from their link tracking software, other than the obvious core functionality, there’s plenty of nuances between the different URL tracking software so hopefully, this crash course will help you decide which works for you.

Simply putting into Google ‘link tracker’ or ‘link tracking software free’ is going to generate you a ton of results, so to help you hone in your search, we’ve looked at them for you, and created a list of the top 15 best link trackers for 2020.

Top 15 Best Link Trackers for 2020

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is among the industry leaders in the link tracking software game and can make a case for being THE link tracker. With an excellent support team, an array of unique features, and a reasonable price tag, it’s not hard to see why it's one of the best link tracker software around.

The features of ClickMagick are really intuitive, from track website click links to fully-fledged link rotators to social media and ad tracking to tracking pixel capability, it really is a great click tracker, that doesn’t disappoint.

One of the best choices for affiliate marketing and social media tracking for a good reason, in addition, ClickMagick helps create email lists with ease and a lot of time saved. With the ability to track every step of your marketing process, track your sales and conversion tracking.

ClickMagick is a link tracking tool that has full compatibility with Facebook ads, Bing ads, and Google Adwords

link trackers best free

Key Features

  • A/B split testing with winner email alerts (You can determine any quantity between 1% and 99% for each link and test more than 2 links simultaneously)
  • Fraud detection and bot filtering and blocking with traffic filtering (ensuring your traffic is legitimate and helping to avoid click fraud)
  • Affiliate marketing tracking tool with smart links – best link redirection/link cloaking tools
  • Track minute data with sub ids
  • The only tracking tool with a unique traffic grading system and traffic quality score
  • ClickMagick is much more than a link tracking software with popup bars and countdown timers to help improve your results
  • Dozens of options for multi-mode rotators
  • Both paid and organic traffic click tracking

Price Point

ClickMagick has three pricing tiers to choose from Starter, Standard, and Pro.

There is also a 14 day free trial with full access to it, which can help you get a feel for the tracking software, affiliate links tools, and its click tracking abilities.

Compared to other link tracking tool software, the price point is very competitive and cheaper than others, while still having great functionality.

  • Starter – $27 USD per month (up to 10,000 clicks/month, 1 funnel, 2 custom domains)
  • Standard – $67 USD per month  (up to 100,000 clicks/month, 5 funnels, 5 custom domains)
  • Pro – $97 USD per month  (up to 1,000,000 clicks/month, unlimited funnel, unlimited custom domains)

2. Improvely

Improvely prides itself on being great for conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring and it excels at both of those areas with ease, making it one of the best link tracking software available.

Improvely has a great source identification feature too that can really help for social media, ad tracking, or as a tracker link. Targeted specifically at marketers and helping with affiliate links, Improvely works great to detect and avoid click fraud and track results.

The click tracking software allows you to create a tracking pixel for your web-based marketing and with the great fraud detection tools, it has everything you need to safely track links in one place while looking after the data too.

best link trackers

Key Features

  • Leading sales/conversion tracking – with detail reporting in either worm’s eye or bird’s eye view.
  • Full sales funnel tracking to see any flaws in your strategy
  • Advanced metrics, including, referrer, device type, city, state, country, source, and CLV
  • Click fraud protection and detailed reporting tools (ability to create a blacklist and block similar click types in the future)
  • Ability to generate white-label marketing reports (ensuring you build trust and improve your branding with your clients)
  • A/B split testing with real-time capability
  • Data importing and exporting to and from multiple ad platforms
  • CSV reporting tool

Price Point

Improvely’s price points are broken down into three sections: Freelancer, Startup, and Small Agency and with a free trial period of 14 days, you’ll have plenty of time to decide with the free version.

  • Freelancer – $29 USD per month (10,000 visits/month, 1 team member)
  • Startup – $79 USD per month (50,000 visits/month, 3 team members)
  • Small Agency – $149 USD per month (100,000 visits/month, unlimited team members)

3. ClickMeter

Another popular option for tracking links, ClickMeter has carved out a space in the industry with its high accuracy geographical user data, to be able to pinpoint locations of the site’s visitors.

ClickMeter is favored mostly by those in affiliate marketing, advertising, publishing, and marketing agencies, but honestly, anyone who wants a reliable click tracker.

The Client list ClickMeter has built up is incredibly impressive and its ability to create links in a matter of seconds is definitely a testament to its simplicity.

With over 100 different features it was hard to pick which ones should be showcased, highlighting the quality of this link tracker. Google shows ClickMeter as one of the top options and it's not hard to see why.

Click Meter

Key Features

  • Click fraud and spam detection
  • Real-time monitoring of campaigns
  • Verify data to improve accuracy and remove ambiguity
  • Ability to share public statistics URL with clients or team members
  • A/B split testing to help optimize your campaigns
  • Track conversions with pixels (figure out the good ads and the bad ads, a great option for your link trackers)
  • Cloak your links (to hide the destination URL and improve your tracking links)
  • Hosted by Amazon web services
  • Data centers across the world
  • Almost 100% up-time (99.99%)

Price Point

ClickMeter is in the higher price bracket compared to some of the other click tracking options, again, there are three options: Medium, Large, and X Large.

  • Medium – $29 USD per month (25,000 clicks/month, 2,500 data points, 1 year data storage, 1 custom domain)
  • Large $99 USD per month (200,000 clicks/month, 20,000 data points, 2-years data storage, 10 custom domain)
  • X Large $349 USD per month (2,000,000 clicks/month, 200,000 data points, 3-years data storage, 10 custom domain)

4. is a web-based link tracker that can help you track your links easily and keep you updated on your marketing efforts and strategy.

Popularized due to having social media, affiliate links, and marketing campaigns in one place with a big focus on visual metrics. The dashboard is probably the best in the link tracker space and can help anyone visualize the impact and success of a campaign.

The easy and clean user-interface makes it an industry leader, presenting all the tracking data and links for you to use and adapt in no time. With real-time analytics making adjustments with this click tracker is effortless.


Key Features

  • Social media campaign tracking
  • Great for affiliate marketers with link cloaking technology
  • Effective A/B split testing capability
  • Know exactly where your traffic is coming from with tag-based traffic tracking
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced data point and link tracking metrics
  • Custom branded links and short custom domains

Price Point has two different price points, Standard and Enterprise, with the choice to be billed annually or billed monthly for each


  • Standard – $29 USD per month (1-year data storage, 1 branded domain, A/B split testing)
  • Enterprise – $79 USD per month (Lifetime data storage, 25 branded domains, 25 sub-accounts)


  • Standard – $39 USD per month (1-year data storage, 1 branded domain, A/B split testing)
  • Enterprise – $99 USD per month (Lifetime data storage, 25 branded domains, 25 sub-accounts)

5. Voluum

Voluum is a click tracker that leans towards managing all of your marketing campaigns in one platform, managing your traffic, and utilizing A/B split testing.

With the AI link tracker software included in Voluum you can track a range of metrics and performance measurables easily, whether its tracking links, affiliate links or click tracking.

If you’re a developer, you can access data through the use of APIs (application programming interfaces) too.


Key Features

  • Advanced API based reporting tools
  • Bucket testing allows you to closely measure conversions
  • Available on iOS and Android for link tracking on the go
  • Traffic can be distributed with link splitting – use custom rules to send clicks to different landing pages
  • Great for affiliate marketers and affiliate links with anti click fraud kit
  • ‘Automizer’ tool integrates all traffic sources to help auto-optimize campaigns

Price Point

In terms of pricing, Voluum is on the more expensive side of the link tracker market and has three pricing plans, Discover, Profit, and Grow.

Discover – $69 USD per month (3-month data retention, 1 custom domain, 20 campaigns)

Profit – $149 USD per month (6-month data retention, 3 custom domains, unlimited campaigns)

Grow – $449 USD per month (12-month data retention, 5 custom domains, unlimited campaigns)

7. Qliker

Qliker is more of a newcomer on the link tracking scene but comes with some great features for tracking your links and clicks.

Aimed at the market as an alternative to the popular ClickMagick link tracker. Free URL tracker software is hard to find, so it’s definitely one to consider if you’re starting out.

Qliker has a great uptime due to being a cloud-based link tracking free software. A good option for newer business, but has slight limitations due to being URL tracking free software.


Key Features

  • Click fraud and spam detection
  • Advanced rotators and link masking
  • IP manager has IP blocking and filtration
  • A/B split testing for your tracking links
  • Integration for custom domains
  • Ability to share public statistics URL with your team or clients
  • Free link tracking software

Price Point

One of the only free link tracking options (with two paid options too) which is great for beginners and small scale operations.

Free – $0 USD per month (500 clicks/month)

Starter – $12 USD per month (10,000 clicks/month)

Advanced – $35 USD per month (100,000 clicks/month)

8. LinkTrackr

LinkTrackr is a very similar link tracker to its competitors ClickMagick and Voluum, with A/B split testing and link cloaking on the surface is pretty identical but has some shortfalls.

Despite this, it is a robust link tracker and definitely in the fight for the best link tracker finals, with a focus on affiliate links and affiliate marketers, in the right hands, this can be a great choice.

LinkTrackr benefits from being highly customizable and you can really make the platform unique to what you need from your link tracker.


Key Features

  • Sub IDs help you track data efficiently and closely
  • Built-in link cloaking helps avoid naked URLs
  • Great for tracking PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns
  • Use tracking pixel codes to precisely track conversions
  • 15-day free trial available
  • A/B split testing (to ensure you are using the best performing ads)
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee

Price Point

LinkTrackr has a great option where you are able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time and only pay for what you need, which is definitely a big selling point.

There are four price points – Basic, Pro, Hyper, and Extreme.

Basic – $7 USD per month when paid annually (100 tracking links, 10,000 clicks/month, no A/B)

Pro – $17 USD per month when paid annually (500 tracking links, 50,000 clicks/month, A/B)

Hyper – $27 USD per month when paid annually (1000 tracking links, 100,000 clicks/month, A/B)

Pro – $47 USD per month when paid annually (5000 tracking links, 500,000 clicks/month, A/B)

9. is very popular with affiliate marketers and media buyers who are looking to increase their venue and efficiency. In addition, if you’re a digital marketer, RedTrack has tools for you to track your PPC campaigns or media buys effortlessly.

The 14-day free trial is great because unlike some other trials, there are no limits on the functionality, so you can get full access to the link tracker platform.

The link tracker software has real-time optimization and controls, so you can stay updated with your campaigns at any stage, to ensure your ad performance is peaked.

Red TrackKey Features

  • Use pixels to easily track your conversions
  • Easily collaborate and share your results
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support
  • Effective at tracking, managing, and optimizing across platforms, channels, and devices
  • Good customer support
  • Notification alerts and updates in real-time
  • Numerous data points to use
  • Advanced bucket testing for comparing and tracking your marketing campaigns

Price Point

RedTrack’s pricing has four very different levels – Basic, Pro, Team, and Agency.

Basic – $49 USD per month (unlimited campaigns, unlimited conversions, 3 custom domains)

Pro – $99 USD per month (unlimited campaigns, unlimited conversions, unlimited custom domains)

Team – $199 USD per month (unlimited campaigns, unlimited conversions, unlimited custom domains, additional team users)

Agency – $399 USD per month (unlimited campaigns, unlimited conversions, unlimited custom domains, additional team users, white-label publishing and reporting)

10. ClixTrac

ClixTrac is primarily used by digital marketers for tracking banner ads but also is popular with keeping track of all of your affiliate links and your affiliate marketing clicks.

Although the focus is more on text ads, you can also track your image ads too. Once you’ve set up your URLs on your site, the system is ready, it’s fairly no frills but it is one of the only free link tracker options.

Despite being a free link tracking option, it has a fair amount of functionality, so if you want to use ClixTrac to track your clicks and affiliate links, then this is a top contender for your free choices.

Clix Trac

Key Features

  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Access to ClixTrac from any computer with internet
  • No scripts or databases needed to run this link tracker
  • Protect your affiliate links with link cloaking and masking
  • Export stats to CSV for easy analysis
  • Use custom variables such as Sub IDs
  • Track clicks and impressions in real-time

Price Point

Potential for being the best link tracker in the free category – ClixTrac link tracker software is free.

11. Bitly

Bitly tracking software is probably one of the most recognized link tracker platforms, formerly known as, its very popular for creating short links for sharing with others, normally for private use as opposed to business use.

Don’t let the reason it shot to popularity fool you, it is a very versatile link tracker that allows you to track your links and traffic in real time.

With a wide plethora of metrics Bitly cements itself in the industry with ease and it has really come a long way since its inception and humble beginnings.


Key Features

Price Point

Bitly has four tiers available, with either billing annually or monthly, and with a customizable solution option, it's very flexible for your needs. The tiers are, Free, Basic, Premium, and Custom.

Annually –

Free – $0 USD (create custom links, 1000 branded links)

Basic – $29 USD per month (1500 branded links, 1 user seat, 1 custom domain)

Premium – $199 USD per month (3000 branded links, 1 user seat, 1 custom domain, mobile deep links)

Custom – Get a quote (3000-500,000+ branded links, 1-1000+ user seats, 1-100+ custom domains)

Monthly –

Free – $0 USD (create custom links, 1000 branded links)

Basic – $35 USD (1500 branded links, 1 user seat, 1 custom domain)

Premium – $300 USD  (3000 branded links, 1 user seat, 1 custom domain, mobile deep links)

Custom – Get a quote (3000-500,000+ branded links, 1-1000+ user seats, 1-100+ custom domains)

12. ClickGum

Aside from the traditional advertising and affiliate marketing routes, ClickGum sells itself as being aimed at publishers and developers, which sets it aside from some of the other competition.

Having a different target market, there are some unique features that lean to those clients more than the other link tracker options.

Regardless of this, the link tracker aims to be useful for everyone with high-quality tools for click tracking.

Click Gum

Key Features

  • ClickGum integrates with most major affiliate marketing networks
  • Helps you centralize all of your PPC ads and campaigns
  • Control your traffic with a range of filters such as click fraud, repeated clicks, and link rotation
  • Industry leading traffic reports and easy export to CSV
  • Bot detection and in-depth analytics
  • Click and event tracking
  • Detailed reporting and click origins
  • Features to help you improve your ROI with the same traffic

Price Point

All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked, which is a great feature to give you the flexibility to try it.

ClickGum has four options that have monthly or annual billing, including a free plan too. They are Free, Manager, Executive, and Enterprise.

Monthly –

Free – $0 USD (3000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

Manager – $9 USD a month (20,000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

Executive – $29 USD a month (100,000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

Enterprise – $49 USD a month (1,000,000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

Annually –

Free – $0 USD (3000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

Manager – $7 USD a month (20,000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

Executive – $23 USD a month (100,000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

Enterprise – $39 USD a month (1,000,000 clicks/month, unlimited links, unlimited rotators)

13. My Click Boss Pro

My Click Boss Pro is slightly different from the other link tracker platforms as it is a self-hosted PHP based tracker, despite not being industry leading it's a fairly robust option with a lot of useful features and functions.

The click tracker platform has been designed to be very scalable and has a range of click tracking capabilities, from click rotators to pixel tracking.

My Click Boss Pro is designed to work flawlessly on all of your devices so looks clean and easy to use on whatever device you choose to work from, it adapts to make your results simple to access and review.

My click boss pro

Key Features

  • Bot blocking and click fraud detection
  • Compatible with all device types
  • Share public stats URLs with your clients and team on demand
  • Use tracking pixels to keep an eye on your campaign’s performance
  • Click rotators that support infinite numbers of links simultaneously
  • Advanced tracking URLs click stats
  • Map/graph/text view modes allow for extensive reporting
  • Click tracker 404-page designation (send 404 errors to a different page)
  • Maximum clicks to send to a URL (all additional go to a secondary URL)

Price Point

There are three options for this link tracker, Script Only, Subscription, and Script Plus Installation.

Script – $159 USD (instant download, free minor updates, standard support)

Subscription – $199 + $7.50 USD/month (includes script, free minor/major updates, priority support)

Plus Installation – $199 (includes script, free minor updates, standard support)

14. Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that has link tracking and cloaking features, in which you can manage all of your referrals and shrink your links in one platform.

The advantage, as the name suggests, is that you can get custom short links, as opposed to something like Bitly or TinyURL, which shorten the links to their own domain names.

Pretty Links has a fairly nice set up in the free plan and can easily be used without having to pay for the pro subscription (depending on your needs and requirements)

Pretty Link

Key Features

  • Creates randomized 3-4 character slugs or allows you to make custom slugs
  • Easy download to CSV
  • Javascript/AJAX admin user interface
  • Exclude IP addresses from statistics
  • Turn tracking on or off for each link
  • Ability to create simple, clean URLs that redirect to other URLs (301,302,307 redirects only)

Price Point

As aforementioned Pretty Links basic is available for free, but there are also 3 other plans available for this link tracker platform, Beginner, Marketer, Super Affiliate.

Beginner – $49 USD/month (1 WordPress site, auto-create links, advanced redirects)

Marketer – $49 USD/month (2 WordPress sites, auto-create links, advanced redirects, add-ons)

Super Affiliate – $149 USD/month (5 WordPress sites, auto-create links, advanced redirects, add-ons)

15. Thirsty Affiliates

Another WordPress affiliate link cloaking plugin, that works flawlessly with the WordPress content management system (CMS).

Thirsty Affiliates was recently bought out by its competitor Pretty Links (above), but still has a fair amount of differences and is said to be the best link tracker for WordPress.

Thirsty Affiliates

Key Features

  • Geolocation links (have different links for different locations/countries)
  • Automatic 404 checker (proactive link checking avoids these errors)
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • 3rd party link importing (eg. Amazon products API)
  • Autolink keywords
  • Smart uncloaking (for Amazon)
  • 14-day refund guarantee

Price Point

There’s 3 options for TA – 1 Site License, 5 Site License, and 10 Site License.

1 Site – $49 USD/year (automatic keyword linking, csv import/export, geographic redirects)

5 Site – $99 USDyear (automatic keyword linking, csv import/export, geographic redirects)

10 Site – $149 USD/year (automatic keyword linking, csv import/export, geographic redirects)

16. AdsBridge

AdsBridge has found its place in the link tracker market due to its popularity with publishers and CPA (cost per action) companies, it has a huge range of integrations that can be utilized in minutes.

This link tracker leans more towards bigger companies and is less suited for smaller players, and is a little complex for beginners.

Ads Bridge

Key Features

  • Link rotator to maximize results
  • Hide referrer and hide funnel
  • Click fraud guard
  • Ability to install pixel tracking
  • Create landing pages in the builder
  • A/B split testing to optimize your ads
  • Worldwide data centers
  • Operating in 160+ countries
  • Universal solution for all types of businesses

Price Point

AdsBridge has 4 levels of subscription and either monthly or annual options – Starter, Professional, Advanced, and Business.

Monthly –

Starter – $29 USD/month (100,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.07 over limit)

Professional – $89 USD/month (1,000,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.04 over limit)

Advanced – $199 USD/month (4,000,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.038 over limit)

Business – $379 USD/month (10,000,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.036 over limit)

Annually –

Starter – $299 USD/year (100,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.07 over limit)

Professional – $899 USD/year (1,000,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.04 over limit)

Advanced – $2029 USD/year  (4,000,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.038 over limit)

Business – $3669 USD/year (10,000,000 visit limit, free clicks and conversions, $0.036 over limit)

Link Tracker FAQs

1. What is the Best Link Tracker in 2020?

As alluded to in the introduction, all of these link tracking software have their uses and benefits, but the best link tracker software from our analysis is – ClickMagick.

ClickMagick website link tracking software is class-leading and really is worthy of the title of best link tracker, as it has some of the most advanced capabilities and is competitively priced, making it one of the most versatile solutions available.

For reference, we’d say the second best link tracker is probably Voluum, but ClickMagick really is in a league of its own.

We’ve reviewed, researched, and tested the other link trackers in the industry and the 15 shared in this guide, and as we said, they all have their merits and your personal situation and preferences will help dictate your decision.

2. What is the Best FREE Link Tracker Software?

The free ad tracking or free link tracker tool sample size is pretty small, and aren’t really amazing, but regardless, we’d recommend trying out Qliker and see how you, if you’re looking for a low cost or free link tracking software.

3. Why we Chose ClickMagick as the Best Link Tracker

As mentioned above, you can try out the different options on the market and see which one best fits your needs, but from our research, we decided to go for ClickMagick as the best website link tracker.

It has everything you need in a click tracking tool in one place, so you can track links and conversion tracking with ease.

Here are some of the key features of ClickMagick that helped us we decide it was the best link tracking tool for online business:

  • Fair pricing for the quality of link tracker you are getting (also comes with a 14-day free trial)
  • Almost flawless uptime – unlike some of the others which can experience issues
  • Real time statistics and one of the best affiliate link tracker software
  • Short learning curve to get you experienced in no time, due to the massive library of how-to videos
  • Evaluates traffic quality score with numerous metrics and data (you can even use this to evaluate your solo ads quality)
  • Range of content tools allows you to create promotional pop-ups, bars, and countdown timers
  • Easy to use interface and tracking tools
  • Detailed click tracking guide makes tracking a link effortless
  • Sub Id to track a link from different sources which is better than most link tracking tools

Click Magick Footer

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn a lot more about some of the best link tracker tools available for online businesses, whether it's the free version or paid per month, any of these link tracking software will help you build more successful marketing strategies for your web-based link needs.

Did we miss out on your favorite link tracker?  What are the best link tracking tools you’ve used? Which of these link tracker software is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, otherwise happy link tracking and best of luck with your online business.

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