Looking for the best grammar checker to use in 2020?

As a full-time writer, I’m always using a myriad of tools to make my job easier, and grammar checking tools are one of the many tools I've had the opportunity to use (think: intensive grammar checks).

Because there's nothing more unprofessional than grammatical mistakes.

That said, apart from content writing, grammar checking tools can be used for error-free emails, reports, presentations, and even for social media content.

So, without delay here's a list of the best Grammar Checker in 2020:

    1. Grammarly – Much more than a Grammar checker – $11.66/mo (get 60% off)
    2. ProWritingAid – Budget Grammar checker – $6.58/mo
    3. Hemingway App Free Online Grammar checker

As a digital nomad writer, I’ve been continuously juggling a bunch of client projects while traveling the world — and sometimes this lifestyle can make it quite difficult to maintain productivity.

However, I’ve found that using content tools (think: grammar, plagiarism, vocabulary checks) make it easy for me to delivering a-level content with the highest level of efficiency.

My experience in content writing has allowed me to test and use some of the best proofreading and online grammar checkers common to most ace writers and copywriters. This experience gives me critical insights into what grammar check tool is actually good, and what isn't.

In this article, I will cover some of the best grammar checker program and additionally review it to help you write error-free content (think: emails, essays, reports, social media posts, etc.).

The Best Grammar Checker Software: Online, Free and Paid

Table of Contents

Best Grammar Checkers 2020: Detailed Reviews

Now that we understand what to look for in a Grammar checker, let's apply these features to my recommendation and try to find a verdict, i.e., which of them is the best.

Here is a list of all the Grammar checker tools I will review:

  • Grammarly software
  • Ginger Pro
  • ProWritingAid
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Hemingway App

Note: there are many more free and cheaper grammar checkers, but honestly they aren't as reliable and won't give you the same results as the ones recommended in this article.

#1: Grammarly – Best grammar checker online

Grammarly premium

Grammarly software is an advanced writing assistant that does everything from advanced grammar checks, complex vocabulary fixes, and even runs deep plagiarism checks.

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For more information on Grammarly, I recommend reading my in-depth Grammarly review.

Here’s a brief review based on essential factors:

How is the grammar checker program?

Grammarly software has one of the most comprehensive grammar checkers on the market that has advanced grammar check capabilities that extend beyond the norm, for example:

  • Future real conditional
  • Advanced comma correction
  • Sentence-structuring & Wordiness
  • Synonym suggestions

And many more…

The only feature that isn't there is a predictive learning capability that learns as you write (a feature common to Ginger).

But this feature is still new and quite gimmicky, which is no surprise why Grammarly haven't integrated it.

2. How user-friendly is it?

Grammarly software has a lot of UI customizations that work great towards making this content checking tool user-friendly. Some of them are s follows:

  • Real-time grammar checks: Grammarly software can detect grammatical errors of basic to medium complexity in real-time. You still need to manually run a document through Grammarly (if it's 300+ words), but most of the errors would be already fixed making proofreading a breeze.
  • Color-coded errors: This feature isn't typical among other grammar checkers, but is widely used in Grammarly. Color coding makes it easier to spot and identify the different types of errors in your content that create a better proofreading experience on the whole.
  • Multi-platform functionality: Grammarly grammar checker software is not just limited to the online website software, but also works on mobile and tablets. This cross-platform functionality enables you to write anywhere without having to transfer the content to a grammar checking software manually.

Any Add-on capabilities?

Apart from grammar checks, Grammarly Pro can perform a ton of grammar checks that help users take their content to a whole new level. Some of its features include:

How much does Grammarly Pro cost?

Grammarly Software Pricing

The Grammarly Premium subscription comes in three pricing models:

  • Annual: $11.66/mo (best value)
  • Quarterly: $19.98/mo
  • Monthly: $29.95/mo

Now, what plan you decide to go with will depend on your preferences and requirements. I personally use the Annual plan as it's the most obvious choice for my long-term commitment to content writing.

However, if you’re not sure I recommend going for at least the Quarterly plan as it’s much cheaper than the monthly plan. But again this entirely depends on you.

Grammarly Premium 7-day Trial

Note: If you’re not sure, I recommend going for the free 7-day trial to test out the Grammarly premium subscription before you decide to commit.

Verdict: is Grammarly premium worth it?

  1. Grammar checker program — 4/5
  2. User-friendliness — 5/5
  3. Add – on skills — 4/5
  4. Pricing — 3/5

As mentioned before, I personally use Grammarly and will continue to do so as it is one of the most well-balanced grammar checkers on the market.

I particularly love how it balances our advanced content checking features with great user-friendliness, and this makes proofreading a breeze (and sometimes even fun!).

Yes, it is slightly more expensive than other grammar checkers, but for the value, I get in return — I most definitely don’t mind spending a few extra bucks.

#2: Ginger Grammar Review: Online Grammar Checker Software

Ginger software review

Ginger is a Grammar checking software from an Israeli Startup. It is quite similar to Grammarly and offers advanced grammar and spell checks but also a few unconventional add-on capabilities (think: personal content assistant, text-to-speech, etc.)

How is the grammar checker program?

Ginger has an extensive grammar checker program that’s quite frankly as good as Grammarly.

Some of its features include:

  • Advanced grammar check (subject-verb, singular/plural nouns, consecutive nouns, etc.)
  • Spell check
  • Sentence rephrase
  • Detailed content reports

How user-friendly is it?

Ginger has multiple user-friendly integrations, for example:

  • Online grammar website checker
  • Nifty browser extensions for real-time grammar checks
  • Mobile keyboards for Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • Color coding for easy proofreading

Any Add-on capabilities?

Ginger does not just do Grammar checks; it also has a few nifty add-on capabilities:

  • Personal content trainer: Personalized training sessions that allow you to learn from your own mistakes and improve content.
  • Language translator in various languages
  • Text-to-speech for enhancing pronunciation skills
  • Built-in plagiarism checker

How much does Ginger cost?

Ginger softare review

Just like Grammarly, Ginner software is available in three subscription plans:

  • Monthly plan: $29.96/mo
  • Quarterly plan: $19.98/mo
  • Annual subscription: $12.48/mo

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Note: Ginger software is currently offering a 30% off all its plan and additionally offers a 7-day money-back guarantee just in case you change your mind.

Grammarly vs. Ginger: What's better?

CriteriaGrammarly Ginger
Grammar Checker11
Translation, text-to-speech01

I would say Ginger software is one of the biggest contenders of Grammarly as Ginger software offers a wide range of features ranging from grammar checks to add-ons.

However, Ginger offers more add-one capabilities like translation, text-to-speech, and content assistant.

But Grammarly does one thing really well, and that is Grammar check — and also has the most user-friendly interface.

So, I would prefer Grammarly software over Ginger.

#3: ProWritingAid Review: Advanced Grammar Checker

ProWritingAid Review

ProWriting aid is the cheapest Grammar editing software that offers one of the most extensive grammar checking software in the market. It is geared towards proofreading long-content (think eBooks and even books).

How is the grammar checker program?

ProWriting Aid does thing a bit differently by generating extensive reports of errors in your content.

With regards to Grammar checks, the report identifies:

  • Sentence Structuring fragments
  • Misuse of apostrophes
  • Incorrect tense
  • Spell checks
  • Synonyms
  • Wordiness

And many more…

How user-friendly is it?

ProWritingAid is an extensive grammar checker program that can make it quite overwhelming for some users (considering that overwhelming tool-bar.)

But after you get the hang of it, it should be quite easy to operate. It's also important to note that ProWriting Aid uses reports as opposed to real-time checks (since it's used primarily for long-form content like books).

Any Add-on capabilities?

ProWritingAid has an extensive list of add-one capabilities:

  • Advanced content edits (think: transitions, consistency, pacing, dialogue checks)
  • No-limit grammar checks for books, eBook and other long-form content
  • Acronym checker
  • Readability tests

How much does ProWritingAid cost?

Prowritingaid review pricing

ProWriting Aid is available for a low price of $60 per year that makes it one of the cheapest grammar checker program. But it does not have a monthly or quarterly plan.

Note: ProWritingAid offers a two-week free trial which is unheard of in most Grammar editing software.

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid — What's better?

CriteriaGrammarly ProWritingAid 
Grammar Checker12
User-friendliness1Quite complex

The Grammar Checker in ProWritingAid is super advanced and best suited for editors as it is going to be an overkill for most content-writers.

Also, the two tools are created for two very different consumers, so it's not right to compare Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid and say one is better than the other.

Instead, if you're an editor or a content-writer looking for highly advanced grammar checks for long-form content like books, then choose ProWriting Aid.

If you’re a general user or content-writer that wants something that’s simple and easy-to-use then go for Grammarly.

#4: WhiteSmoke Review: Free Grammar Checker Software

White Smoke Review

WhiteSmoke premium is an affordable online proofreading software that has a decade long presence in the industry. Today, it has grown to offer multiple content checking capabilities and nifty features that work great for content writers.

Here’s a brief review based on essential factors:

How is the grammar checker program?

WhiteSmoke premium has decent Grammar checker that’s packed with a lot of grammar checking capabilities:

  • Identifies errors in sentence structuring
  • Advanced punctuation mistakes
  • Standard Spellcheck

How user-friendly is it?

WhiteSmoke’s greatest USP is it's great third-party support. Some of its UI highlights include:

  • One-click instant proofreading for lightning fast checks
  • Great cross-platform support with dedicated Online grammar check apps for iOS and Android, but you'll need internet access for it to work.
  • Additional support and apps for Mac, Windows, Gmail, and Microsoft office.
  • Online grammar corrector for most browsers

As for the proofreading dashboard, I think it still has room to grow if it wants to beat Grammarly premium.

Any Add-on capabilities?

Apart from standard grammar checks, WhiteSmoke has the following capabilities:

  • Language translator (but support for only eight languages)
  • Temples for writing projects (think: cover letters, proposals, messages)

How much does WhiteSmoke cost?

WhiteSmoke Review Pricing

WhiteSmoke premium is perhaps one of the cheapest grammar checking tools in the market but requires an additional charge for other capabilities:

  1. Essential:  Online website grammar checking software: $4.16/mo
  2. Premium: Fully-integrated Grammar checking software for any OS: $6.67/mo
  3. Business: Everything in Essential & Premium plan + automation tools: $11.5 /mo

Note: You have to pay $1/mo for dedicated mobile apps.

Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke premium — which is better?

CriteriaGrammarly WhiteSmoke
Grammar Checker21
PriceCheaperMore expensive with add-ons

I think WhiteSmoke is definitely the right choice for those on a budget as it offers excellent grammar checking capabilities that work on multiple platforms. Furthermore, it has a few add-ons like content templates that can be put to good use.

However, you'll have to pay extra for additional capabilities that make it not as attractive as other competitors:

So, in a Grammarly vs. WhiteSmoke comparison; I will choose Grammarly.

#5: Hemingway Editor App Review: Free Online Grammar Checker

Hemingway app review

The Hemingway Editor editor is built to help you write that true sentence and discard everything else and is also super cheap at $20/year.

Note: Hemingway Editor is the only offline grammar checker on this list.

How is the grammar checker program?

Hemmingway Editor is decent at performing most advanced grammar checks, but it doesn't help you improve your writing style as it doesn't offer contextual suggestion like other grammar checker tools.

How user-friendly is it?

Hemingway editor has a sophisticated proofreading interface, but it uses nifty color coding to make proofreading easy

  • Complex sentences in red
  • Passive voice in green
  • Adverbs in blue

Additionally, Hemingway has a dedicated online website, grammar checker and dedicated desktop/Mac app that works great for cross-platform support.

Any Add-on capabilities?

The Hemingway App is hyperfocused on just rendering grammatically correct content. So, it does not have any other add-on capabilities.

How much does the Hemingway App cost?

Hemingway app review pricing

The only Hemingway web app is available for free, but if you want the desktop app for Windows or Mac, it costs USD19.99.

Grammarly vs. Hemingway — What's better?

CriteriaGrammarly WhiteSmoke
Grammar Checker21

Now, in a Grammarly vs. Hemingway comparison, you might think Grammarly is way better than Hemingway — but this is not the case.

In fact, I use both Grammarly and Hemingway. First I proofread using Grammarly and then self-edit using Hemingway.

So, I recommend Hemingway as a tool that compliments Grammarly (but this is just because I like perfect content).

Comparison Table: Grammarly vs. Ginger vs. ProwritingAid vs. WhiteSmoke

Before I dig deeper, here is a comparison table of all the best grammar, punctuation checker and corrector tools in 2020.

Grammar CheckerPriceKey USPProduct Link
Grammarly ProFrom $11.66/moFix advanced Grammar issues in real-time and provides   reports
Ginger SoftwareFrom $7.49/moFixes advanced grammar issues and uses prediction analysis to improve the writing style
ProWritingAid$60 per yearAn extensive plagiarism checker tool
WhiteSmokeFrom $4.16/moNifty all-in-one grammar, spell, style checker tool
Hemingway App$19.99 (one time)A user-friendly content writing assistant that aims to improve the writing style

Buyers Guide: What makes a good Grammar Checker?

Before I dig deep into this review, let’s look at what factors to look for in a good Grammar editing software.

This section will help you understand why exactly you should pick one tool over the other — and ultimately help you make the most informed decision.

So, here's a list of essential factors you have to look for in an online grammar checker:

Factor #1: Grammar checker program

Now, if you want a tool to correct the grammar of your content, this is obviously going to be the #1 feature you need.

Now, when I talk about grammar checking, I don't just mean the basic spell check that Microsoft word is capable of doing. Instead, I'm also talking about advanced grammar checks (think sentence structuring, passive voice, etc.).

Here’s a list of features you should look for:

  1. Advanced comma correction (introductory clauses, splices, and missing commas)
  2. Passive verb correction
  3. Wordiness detection (for better readability)
  4. Missing verbs
  5. Future real conditionals

Note: This is NOT an exhaustive list, but it is some of the more essential features that make an excellent grammar check tool great

Factor #2: User-friendly interface

I don’t know about you, but I use my grammar check tools for professional work (read: content and copywriting). So, I spend a lot of my time in the proofreading dashboards of these tools as I have to check every error manually.

This is where having a user-friendly interface can really save the day and help you swiftly get time intensive proofreading out of the way.

Here is a list of UI essentials that make a grammar checker app user-friendly:

  • real-time editor capability that fixes grammatical errors as you write
  • Nifty proofreading dashboard
  • Color-coding for easy identification of errors
  • Cross-platform support (browser & multiple devices)

Factor #3: Additional capabilities

Apart from grammar checks, there's a lot of other tests you'll need to do — and having these features in your grammar checker app itself will save you the hassle of having to do another check manually.

So, here’s a list of add-on capabilities you need to look for:

  • Deep plagiarism checker (both hard and soft copy)
  • A content assistant that can help you improve your content as you write (yes this is possible!)
  • Writing style modifier
  • Vocabulary enhancement

Factor #4: Cheap pricing

Should Price really be a factor?!

No, it should not.

Think about it, why would a legit company with real people working hard on software offer it for cheap (or even free?!).

As consumers, we tend to save our money and end up getting cheap or free grammar checker apps that barely work.

Let me ask you a question:

What will High-quality, 100% grammatically correct content do for you?

I don’t know about you, but to me, this will make my clients happy and ultimately result in better projects (more moolah!).

So, do you want to save a few bucks and end up with subpar content that turns a few heads (and not in the right way)?

Obviously not.

Thus I make my case and recommend spending a tad bit extra to get yourself a premium grammar checker app over free or cheap grammar editing tool.

What makes a good Grammar Checker great?
  1. Advanced Grammar checking capabilities
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Additional skills

Grammar Checker FAQs

Before I end, here's a section that includes all the essential questions regarding Grammar Checkers.

Q: Who needs a spelling or grammar checker?

A: Almost anyone can find a use for a spelling or grammar checker. Especially if you are a non-native English speaker.

Moreover, if you're a professional content writer that writers for clients, then you most definitely need to have grammatically correct content which is challenging to achieve without a grammar checker tool.

Q: Is there any grammar checker that doesn't require a monthly fee?

A: Well, this depends on what you mean by good. There are free versions available from Grammarly and Ginger software, but they aren’t as advanced as their premium counterpart.

If you want basic grammar checks, then the free version should suffice. But your editor will hate you as they most likely use a premium Grammar checker tool that detects far more grammatical errors

Q: Why aren't there any grammar checkers that works offline?

A: Most grammar checkers are powered by software that either connects online or through the cloud.

Pro tip: Write your first drafts offline and then run proofreads when you have access to the internet.

Q: Is this grammar checker safe to use?

A: Grammar checkers are entirely safe. However, exercise extreme caution when proofreading confidential data.

Q: Do grammar checkers also run plagiarism checks?

A: Yes, some premium grammar checker tools like Grammarly and Ginger have in-built plagiarism checkers that enable you to run in-depth plagiarism checks against online and offline content.

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I’ve written a comparison article on Grammarly plagiarism checker vs Turnitin check it out for more information.

Q: Which is the best good punctuation checker app?

A: There are many options. But I recommend going with either Grammarly or Ginger for a user-friendly tool that can run advanced grammar checks.

Q: What's the best grammar checker for writers?

A: Now, this depends on the type of writer, as each tool has different capabilities.

For example, for someone like me who writers short-form content and values user-friendliness, Grammarly software is a more compatible grammar checker.

However, for a long-form content or writers that write books, eBook and fiction, I would recommend Prewriting Aid.

On another note, Ginger is better for non-English writers that want to improve their English.

Q: Is Microsoft Word grammar checker accurate?

A: I would say Microsoft Word is a useful spell check tool. But isn't recommended for advanced grammar checks that fix complex grammatical errors.

Q: What is the best online grammar checking website?

A: I would recommend using a browser extension of a premium grammar error fixer like Grammarly to integrate grammar checks in your browser. Similarly, the Hemingway editor has a great free web-based grammar checking tool.

Q: I'm looking for an online grammar checker that's not Grammarly. What should I pick?

A: There are many other content checking looks like Grammarly; in this article, the most comparable grammar checker tool is Ginger.

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I recommend reading my article on the best Grammarly alternatives for more information.

Q: What are the best grammar checker apps on a mobile?

A: Most of the tools I've recommended in this article work on mobile. Premium grammar checkers like Grammarly and Ginger have dedicated mobile apps and also replace the portable keyboard.

Q: What is the best online English grammar checker website for blogging?

A: If you’re writing directly into WordPress, I recommend installing JetPack. But don’t expect it to perform advanced checks.

In fact, I recommend most bloggers ( I am one) to use browser extensions when proofreading their content on the blog. Or even better, write the first draft on MS Word or Google docs, manually proofread it and then optimize it for A-level content.

Q: What grammar checkers work with MS Word?

A: Most of the grammar checker tools have great third-party integrations that include MS word. For example, Grammarly, Ginger, and WhiteSmoke are grammar checkers that work great with MS word.

What is the best grammar check app?

If you’re reading this article, that’s probably the first question, right?

After all,  if you’re going to spend money to buy a grammar checker you would obviously want the best.

So, what’s the top grammar checker?

Well, the answer to this question has no straightforward answer. Why? Because every grammar check tool has its own pros and cons. So, it’s unfair to say one is better than the other.

More importantly, tools are overstated. In fact, the human mind is the best tool for any content checking task.

That being said, there are a few grammar check tools that are pretty reliable, and I will get into that shortly.

Note: Most of the spell check tools have free versions, but they are quite limited and will miss out most of the tricky grammatical errors.

Winding up on the best Grammar Checker in 2020

Phew, 4000 words!

This was a loooong article, but I covered literally everything there is on premium grammar checker tools (let me know if I missed anything).

Now, before I go I’d like to leave you with one thought, tools are overrated. In fact, there is no better tool than a human proofreader.

However, it's best practice first to proofread your first drafts using a grammar checker and then reading out the document.

Note: I manually perform every correction using Grammarly, as you need to exercise some caution when using a tool to proofread.

Bottom line? You cannot remove a content writer from the whole proofreading process, no matter how good or extension your tool is.

That said…

These are the tools I recommend for performing advanced Grammar checks:

  1. Grammarly software (for most writers, bloggers, and general users)
  2. Ginger Software (for non-native English speakers)
  3. ProWritingAid (for long-form and fiction writers)
  4. WhiteSmoke (Budget grammar checker)
  5. Hemingway App (free online grammar checker website)

Now, if you’re not sure about what Grammar checker tool to pick, it’s a good idea to test them out using a free trial.

Additionally, some grammar checkers offer a 7 to 14-day refund (like Ginger software and ProWritingAid)  that make it risk-free to buy a Grammar checker tool.

Anyways, that’s it!

So, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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